The SCC Files: Chairman Larry & El Presidente circling the wagons

It appears that “massive complex dedicated to the Neo-Marxist agenda” known as DEI isn’t leaving the Sandhills Community College campus without a fight.  Never mind the Republican-appointed majority on the college’s board of trustees.  Never mind the solid conservative bent of Moore County, the jurisdiction the college claims to serve.   

Diversity.  Equity. Inclusion.  Those are the three words that compose the acronym DEI.  They sound nice, don’t they?  DEI’s components match up quite nicely to the ideologies created by and implemented by Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin.  Marx and Lenin believed the struggle to be about defending the “oppressed” — the workers — from the “oppressors” — the landowners, business owners and others who have money.   DEI proponents also believe there is a struggle between the “oppressed” and “oppressors.”  To these modern-day folks, however, the “oppressed” are women, gays, and people-of-color.  The “oppressors”, of course, are white, conservative and/or religious, men.

People get equity and equality confused.   Equality means everyone plays by the same rules. Equity is a marxist term that focuses on identical outcomes.  How do you achieve that?  You have a bureaucratic overseer of some sort manipulating the system to make it happen.   Neither merit nor productivity matter.

To DEI proponents, diversity means more people with darker skin and fewer people with Y chromosomes.  It’s not about including more conservatives or religious people. It’s not about rewarding merit and productivity.  It’s about having the “right” skin tone and chromosome combination.  It’s a line of thinking Martin Luther King railed against quite a bit. 

Inclusion pairs nicely with diversity.  If you are missing some members of a group the DEI cabal approves of, you better come up with some quick.  If the DEI cabal thinks you don’t have enough members of one of their approved groups, you better get MORE.  Again, merit and productivity take a back seat to far-left ideology. 

To DEI proponents, white men have caused all sorts of problems for the “oppressed” — even some that happened in previous centuries.  Even though modern-day white males had nothing to do with those events, DEI proponents believe they must make amends  and reparations for what their white male predecessors may have done decades or centuries earlier.  Reparations may take the form of hiring or promotion quotas.  (We reported earlier about the antics at the RDU-based Red Hat tech company.) 

They can take the form of admissions quotas.  White males may find it even harder to gain admission to colleges or certain college programs.  Of course, it’s not based on merit.  It’s all about whether you fall into the “oppressed” or “oppressor” category.

DEI affects culture too.  It’s behind all of the efforts to remove certain historical names from parks, schools, and military bases.  It’s one of the biggest reasons you rarely see a white male on a television commercial anymore.  It’s also likely one of the biggest reasons your kids are taught so little about The American Revolution and other proud moments in the founding of our country.  To DEI proponents, stuff like the Revolution was just more misbehavior by the “oppressors.”  (*The Founding Fathers were merely slave-owning bigots not worthy of study.*)

So, that brings us back to the “symposium” scheduled for Sandhills Community College in August.  College President Sandy Stewart wants us to believe DEI is gone from the campus, and the event for August is not about DEI.  (In fact, El Presidente said he and Chairman Larry are dead-set on pushing forward with the August event.)

The department that was, until recently, known as DEI is now called Community & Cultural Engagement.

The name has been changed.  The web page has been jazzed up a little.  It’s got the same department head, who – btw- advertises herself all over social media as a “DEI advocate.” Here’s a screenshot from the new jazzed up web page:

All DEI stuff.  Every bit of it.

El Presidente also tries to tell us the August program has nothing to do with DEI.  Never mind that the speaker, Raven Solomon, markets herself as a ”DEI speaker.”  Examining her own web page and other writings across the Internet might lead you to believe she is ALL about race.

Here’s one of her presentations where she makes the “generational” case for DEI.  (Honestly, it sounds a lot like what she and the planners for the Sandhills August event have in mind,)


Here’s a promo for a podcast where Raven frets over the state of Florida’s ban on DEI:

Here she is promoting a “conversation” among DEI “enthusiasts, advocates, professionals and practitioners.”

Here she is promoting a talk on a topic straight out of the DEI playbook – “unconscious bias.”  *In other words, you are so prejudiced that you don’t even realize it.* 

This is very similar to the term. “systemic racism” that DEI fans like to throw around.  According to that crowd, we could all suddenly love everybody unconditionally.  And there would still be a racism epidemic.  Therefore, we need people like dear sweet Raven to come in and save us.

What can we all do about this?  Take a look at this page.  Here are the college’s trustees.  See anybody you know?  Contact them and tell them to WAKE UP.  Stop allowing Larry Caddell, George Little and Sandy Stewart to run the place themselves.  Stewart works for the trustees. You were appointed to the board for a reason.  You answer to your taxpaying friends, family and neighbors.  (Not George, Larry and Sandy.)

Stop being the “Amen corner” and start asking questions and leading.