The Sandhills Files: Seriously attacking DEI, or merely changing the name and keeping all the associated nonsense?

With UNC-Chapel Hill’s recent courageous vote to defund their DEI operations, I thought there might be a chance at an outbreak of common sense at our other public institutions of higher learning.

I’ve been hearing from senior administrative sources at Sandhills Community College that DEI on their campus was gasping its last breaths of air.  All four told me new college president Sandy Stewart was more than eager to rid the college of this putrid legacy of the tenure of former president (and left-wing extremist) John Dempsey.  

DEI is based on the idea that white males have been responsible since the beginning of time for “oppressing” basically everyone else.   The philosophy advocates for reparations and other means of getting-even on behalf of the alleged “oppressed.”  DEI infects everything from hiring practices, to administrative policies, to curriculum content.

Moore County is a very conservative area.  Wiping out the marxism- and reverse-racism-riddled DEI on our local college campus would be received well by most residents.

College officials I spoke with told me that the college’s most recent “strategic plan” laid out the intention to rid the campus of DEI within four to five years.  (The alleged “strategic plan” is not available online and we’re having a tough time obtaining a hard copy. )

This week, we found that the page on the college’s website devoted to DEI has been taken down.  A new page, however, identifying a “Community & Cultural Engagement” office has been added.  The DEI name has been removed, but the office still appears to be the same damn thing.  (None of my college sources could explain the difference between the “old” DEI office and this “new” one.)

Shenika Ward is still the director of this “new” office.


Check out how Ms. Ward identifies herself on LinkedIn:

It’s still all about “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.”  The new marxism that replaces the bourgeoisie with “white males” as the main enemy.

NOTHING happens at Sandhills Community College without the blessing of Larry Caddell and George Little.  This looks a lot like trying to fool us by changing the name of the office, but keeping every other aspect about it the same.

Students will still be peppered with essays and other assignments about how insensitive Thanksgiving and The Fourth are to “people of color.”  A bigger deal will still be made over ethnicity and gender and sexual orientation than what is actually being taught in classrooms.

UNC-Chapel Hill acted boldly and defunded this garbage.  WHY can’t we see even a wee bit of courage by the board of trustees — folks from our own community — at Sandhills Community College?