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#ncpol: A Berger-Tillis split on gay marriage?

The past legislative session was marked by the GOP-dominated House and the GOP-dominated Senate often taking different paths.  It appears that trend is continuing here out-of-session as the leaders of the two chambers appear to have different approaches to the newly-discovered “right” to gay “marriage”…

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#ncpol: Guilford, Alamance boards to consider resolutions opposing jury trial right waiver

It’s pretty obvious a lot of people are fed up with lying politicians and staying away from the polls.  THAT actually helps us end up with the motley crew of scoundrels we have in government. You may not be enthused about the choices for US…

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The Speciale matter

It made me sick to my stomach to read about and hear about the arrest of Michael Speciale, Jr. this morning.  First off — the allegations against him are horrific.  (We still believe in the old innocent-until-proven guilty thing here, so we will withhold judging…

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Liberal use of the word “conservative”

The N&O is excited.  They are trumpeting a new arrival on the political scene:  A North Carolina chapter of a national network of conservatives that wants to put the brakes on — if not outright abolish — the death penalty has become active this year….

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Study: Immigrants (legal & illegal) accounting for all net job growth in NC

A new study has found that new arrivals to North Carolina and the United States have been enjoying the most success in landing jobs in The Tar Heel State.  The Center for Immigration Studies says the net job growth within our state since 2000 has…

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Judge’s voucher ruling helps statists tighten their grip on our kids

I am still shaking my head in disbelief at Judge Hobgood’s ruling that school vouchers are “unconstitutional.”  It was more disheartening and appalling to see photos and footage of lefty activists jumping up and down, hugging, and crying tears of joy in reaction to the…

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How many illegal aliens did Barry dump in your county?

We posted earlier about the secretive effort by the feds to dump all of those border-crashing kids from South America in various US states — without bothering to inform the governors or other leaders. As of July 31, the feds report that 1429 illegals have…

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Feds dumping border-crossing kids in the Carolinas

The Department of Homeland Security is pretty much ignoring the flood of illegals pouring across our southern border.  But they have PLENTY of time and manpower to go raid the home of THIS Statesville couple and seize their car — over EPA emission standards.  There…

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#NCGA: No reasonable expectation of privacy while on public street? (Um, Fourth Amendment?)

I am seriously #SMH on this one: […] Sen. Tamara Barringer, a Cary Republican who is also a law professor, said there is a right to privacy but not always a reasonable expectation of that privacy. “I abhor government intervention, but I will support the…

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VIP’s DeLancy: OKing ballots from dead folks NOT COOL

We posted earlier about a bill — inspired by Mark Harris’ late father — allowing ballots cast early by people who die before the actual election day to be counted.  House speaker Thom Tillis — and two other GOP legislators — introduced the bill.  Jay…