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Tillis: No mandate for congressional GOP

Seriously? Unfortunately, I think he is quite serious:  Sen.-elect Thom Tillis is already hitting the Sunday morning talk show circuit. Appearing on CBS’s Face The Nation on Sunday, Tillis said the new Republican majority in the U.S. Senate doesn’t represent a mandate. “I think that the American people did not…

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#ncsen: Tillis campaign internal poll says Hagan 44, Tillis 42, Haugh 6

A month ago, the SAME pollster had the race at 44-44-8. How can this be viewed as good news for Tillis, you ask?  National Journal has the 4-1-1 on this latest leak:  Thom Tillis narrowly trails Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan in the North Carolina Senate race, according to an internal…

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Analyst: Tillis doing worse with white voters than Dole in 2008, Romney in 2012

Over at the conservative web site Ace of Spades HQ, we’ve got some more eye-opening analysis on the Senate race:  […] Senator Hagan’s thin lead suggests a close race, much like what we saw in Alaska, Colorado, and Iowa, but unlike her collegues there, she has managed to stay ahead….

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#ncsen: 80% chance of Hagan victory, Tillis “uninspiring”

And the beat goes on.  The Five Thirty-Eight blog, maintained by election projection whiz Nate Silver, is seeing things coming up roses for ol’ Kay:  When FiveThirtyEight launched its Senate forecast almost a month ago, Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan had just a 46 percent chance of winning re-election in North…

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#NCSEN: The charge of the clothespin brigade

Some Republicans and Tea Partiers in and around Moore County are launching a “Clothespin Challenge.”  One of the organizers posted this on her Facebook Page: All you disconcerted or apathetic voters out there, your guy didn’t win the primary? Well, it is time to get with it and join our CLOTHESPIN…

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#NCSEN: A trip back in time to recall the “old” Kay Hagan

One of our allies out there jogged our memory with a very helpful piece from The Daily Kos about the 2008 version of Kay Hagan: In the race to replace Elizabeth Dole (R-KansasD.C.-NC)The North Carolina Senate race pits an entrenched corporate Democrat who is right about some of the things…

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#NCSEN: The ad war & the $500 million lie

So far, the 2014 US Senate race is looking and sounding a lot like one for governor or General Assembly.  We’re hearing a lot about education.  Kay Hagan and the Democrats are running some highly-dubious testimonial ads from teachers and parents talking about the alleged damage Tillis and the General…