9/11: Why we should never forget. Why we should keep fighting.

The alleged mainstream media (MSM) is beside itself — pretending to be patriotic — as it commemorates the 10th anniversary of the 9/11/01 mass murders in New York, DC and Pennsylvania.  They talk about the event like it was a terrible storm, like Hurricane Katrina.

Barry-O tells us we need to commemorate the events of that day by planting a tree, working at a soup kitchen, or some other kind of community service.  The media is full of reports about kids who don’t even know what all the fuss over 9/11 is all about.  Shyster lawyers are lining up to represent Taliban dirtbags captured by our soldiers on the battlefield.  These shysters and some equally horrible judges are extending the protections of The Bill of Rights to these foreigners who were caught while trying to KILL Americans. We have wet-noodle Republican politicians like Walter Jones, Howard Coble, and Ron Paul trampling on the GOP’s strong-on-defense identity by calling for complete troop withdrawal from the Middle East.  Jones — who represents Camp Lejeune — is by far the biggest disgrace in that group.

SHOW THE VIDEO. PLAY THE AUDIO. EVERY DAY.   Did you notice how quickly the video of the planes crashing into the Twin Towers disappeared from the airwaves?  Same for the audio.  Glenn Beck played some of the audio from that day on his radio show Friday — conversations from the air traffic controllers, snippets of phone messages left by terrified passengers on those planes and inhabitants of the towers, saying goodbye to loved ones as they awaited their horrible, impending deaths.  It was an awesome moving experience that sent chills up and down my spine.

This stuff has been off the air, because it was inconvenient to the MSM and their masters in the Democrat Party.  While those images were fresh in the minds of the American people, public support for George W. Bush and his policies was high.  Once they disappeared from the airwaves, it was much easier to revive those banal 1960s era chants like “Hup, Two, Three, Four, what the hell are we fighting for?”

  George W. Bush HAD to be knocked back down a few notches.  Never mind the mass murder of 9/11 and the presence of our troops on a foreign battlefield.  The attacks on Bush and “Bush’s War” kicked into gear, and public support for the president and the war on terror began to plummet.  Mission accomplished for the left.  Get rid of that inconvenient audio and video, take advantage of the public’s short attention span, and you knock George W. Bush for a loop.  The media stopped sending correspondents into the battlefield, and started only reporting on American casualties.  With the horrifying images of that day out of sight and out of mind, people began to openly question what we were fighting for.  

Get the video and audio from that horrible day back on the air.  Play it loud. Play it proud. Play it every day.  A big reason there has not been another comparable tragedy on American soil is that we have TAKEN THE FIGHT TO THE ENEMY.  If we pull back, if we cut back on our military might, we will send a message of weakness.  Then, they will come back for more.

 LEAVE THE WAR STUFF TO THE PROFESSIONALS.   The Constitution says the president is the commander-in-chief.  It says the Congress authorizes and appropriates funding for national security.  During the Nixon era, highly-aggressive liberals in the Congress began encroaching on the powers of the executive.  You have  535 President-wannabes on Capitol Hill.  Congressmen are traveling abroad, meeting with foreign heads-of-state, as though they are the secretary of state, vice president or president.  You have members, like Walter Jones — a lawyer and career politician from Farmville — believing they are so much smarter about foreign policy and defense matters than those admirals and generals.  

Politicians love to talk tough and be seen ordering the military out to flex its muscles.  The problems arise when DC pols practice their love for micromanaging on our nation’s security apparatus.   Lawnmower salesman (and nominal Republican senator) Richard Burr thinks he knows better than our military commanders when he beats the drums and leads the cheers for allowing open homosexuals to serve in our armed forces.

The rules of engagement that bureaucrats and politicians have forced on our fighting men are to blame for quite a bit of American deaths in Afghanistan and Iraq.   For instance — our soldiers are not allowed to fire on a hostile who happens to be within a certain distance of women and children.  EVEN IF THE DIRTBAG IS UNLOADING BOTH BARRELS AT OUR GUYS.    Bureaucrats are also trying to get our soldiers to follow the same procedures and rules of evidence that hamstring law enforcement here at home.  Foreign combatants must be mirandized.  Evidence must be catalogued for use in a possible trial in a U.S. court.   

The pols and bureaucrats have also subverted the original vengeance / counter-terrorism mission and turned into a twisted nation-building, social welfare experiment.  Our soldiers are babysitting Afghan kids and building schools for girls.

A message to wet-noodles like Burr, Coble, and Jones:  Instead of perpetrating your peacenik whining, fight to have these rules of engagement dropped. Let our guys do what they do best — what they’re trained to do:  Kill Hostiles, blow up stuff, and capture territory. 

IT’S ALL ABOUT NATIONAL HONOR, AND DEFENDING OURSELVES AGAINST SAVAGES.   You can’t hold hands and sing “Kumbaya” with maniacs who would hijack passenger planes loaded with people and crash them into buildings full of people.  Nor can you do it with people who take to the streets and dance for joy after watching the video of those planes crashing into the buildings.  

The pols and bureaucrats have whined about interrogations of prisoners that have involved dunking heads repeatedly in water.  REMINDER:  The people we are up against celebrated when those planes crashed into the Twin Towers.  They also like to butcher prisoners like hogs on videotape. They don’t play nice. 

The culture we are up against is thousands of years old.  What they understand most is VIOLENCE.  That is how they have achieved their goals for CENTURIES.  You win their respect by making them believe you can — and will — wipe them from the face of the Earth if provoked.  

9/11 is our generation’s Pearl Harbor.  Just like America in 1941, we have learned that we are not as safe as we thought we were.

We have a great thing in this country.  We are freer than any other spot on the planet.  People can move here, play by the rules, and work as hard as they want to be as successful as they want.  People continue to flood into our country from around the world to get a taste of the freedoms we too often take for granted.

We can’t change our enemies in the Middle East.  The American way is special — it is unique.  No one else has been able to replicate what we have.  Instead of nation-building and playing politics, we need to use our military might to punish our enemies for murdering innocent Americans and attempting to soil our national honor.

Washington pols need to step aside and let the boys and girls in uniform do the work they were trained to do.  This war has not been pretty, and never will be.  But it is necessary, and needs to be seen through to the end.

Never forget 9/11/01.  God Bless The United States of America.