#ncga: House GOP going wobbly on HB2?

MOOREHOUSE04-NE-080515-TELThe magic 8-ball tells me: ‘It appears so.’

While Speaker Tim Moore was putting on the fundraising hard-sell, he also happened to brief his caucus on an alleged poll that reportedly shows 60 percent of North Carolina Republicans want HB2 watered down.

(*SNIFF*.)  Methinks I doth smell Art Pope and John Hood in the vicinity.

Sources in the room tell me that Moore appeared to be setting the table for some kind of retreat on HB2.

NEWS_shitin_jennamackeySince I actually talk to real people outside the Raleigh beltline, I have serious doubts about the integrity of said poll. Grassroots conservative voters are incredibly unhappy with a lot of Republican leaders — from Pat McCrory on down.  HB2 is about the only thing keeping A LOT of conservative voters from sitting out the November vote.  That’s something neither McCrory nor the rest of the ticket can afford.

McCrory and legislative leaders have actually won a lot of brownie points for standing strong on HB2 amid the uproar from the driveby howler monkeys and their leftist brethren.  To paraphrase Margaret Thatcher, “Now is not the time to go wobbly.”