#ncga: House GOP going wobbly on HB2?

MOOREHOUSE04-NE-080515-TELThe magic 8-ball tells me: ‘It appears so.’

While Speaker Tim Moore was putting on the fundraising hard-sell, he also happened to brief his caucus on an alleged poll that reportedly shows 60 percent of North Carolina Republicans want HB2 watered down.

(*SNIFF*.)  Methinks I doth smell Art Pope and John Hood in the vicinity.

Sources in the room tell me that Moore appeared to be setting the table for some kind of retreat on HB2.

NEWS_shitin_jennamackeySince I actually talk to real people outside the Raleigh beltline, I have serious doubts about the integrity of said poll. Grassroots conservative voters are incredibly unhappy with a lot of Republican leaders — from Pat McCrory on down.  HB2 is about the only thing keeping A LOT of conservative voters from sitting out the November vote.  That’s something neither McCrory nor the rest of the ticket can afford.

McCrory and legislative leaders have actually won a lot of brownie points for standing strong on HB2 amid the uproar from the driveby howler monkeys and their leftist brethren.  To paraphrase Margaret Thatcher, “Now is not the time to go wobbly.”

24 thoughts on “#ncga: House GOP going wobbly on HB2?

  1. Maybe the strategy is for the House to do the watering down so it doesn’t appear to be PatMc’s doing. If it can be easily traced to PatMc – He will be TOAST in November. …. No one likes Tim Moore and his little gang of henchmen anyway…. the NCGA is better off without Tim and his 4-5 cronies.

  2. Get rid of McCrory and all the House leadership. They are not conservatives and stand for nothing. Tim Moore is just a lapdog for McCrory anyway. The rank and file is fed up with them.

  3. On the plus side if they do go wobbly and Pat goes down. It will be easier to get it back than to try and keep it with Pat being there.

  4. Jesus Christ, the worst is over. Why cave in now? This will backfire on them politically. It will appear to be just another RINO move against the public will.

  5. They should hold the line on hb2. If Pat caves it will cost him the election. Pat will not get one LGBT vote, period! No matter what he does.

  6. You folks are preaching to the choir with me. I have been telling the caucus the same thing. When you have done the right thing, never back down from it. Don’t show your adversaries any crack in the armour. If there is any actual effort to weaken HB2, there will be a noisy revolt in the caucus.

    1. Larry Pittman is right in saying, “When you have done the right thing, never back down from it.”

      The General Assembly needs to use every means possible to sustain HB 2. This includes nullification. It includes withholding tax money from the feds, and use it for things they stop sending us money for (as a punishment for HB 2). In fact, that’s not a bad idea. We need to move toward paying for needed government functions ourselves to avoid federal strings and controls. The truth is they often cost more to implement than we receive in “federal” (read, “taxpayer”) funds anyway.

  7. Preemptive Mode. Time to turn up the heat, because they need to see the light. Start hammering on Jamie Boles; let’s all give him a call on Saturday evening – Sunday afternoon. Ditto for Senator Tillman. Make it damned clear that life can get exponentially more complex from there. Their choice.
    In fact, let’s right here and now ask that they register their positions and their plan to sustain HB2 RIGHT NOW.

  8. Smell Richard Burr also. He is so worried that the NBA/others might pull out of Charlotte that he wants the GA to cave for the sake of Charlotte. Never mind that Charlotte created the problem in the first place. He has no use for BH2 anyway, so why not?

    1. The best thing for charlotte would be for the NBA to pull out. Professional sports has helped to ruin this city. World class city = World class problems

  9. This makes me self identify as a “get me the hell out of here” person. Don’t know which bathroom to use. Lookin at some trees.

  10. It is time for conservatives to Take No Prisoners on this issue. That means that if they screw us by watering down HB2, we vote against Tricky Dick Burr, the girly man whose fingerprints are all over this cowardly Quisling act, and we vote against ANY legislator who votes to water down this legislation. Better to have a Democrat than a Benedict Arnold Republican. It sounds like our liberal House Spaker, Tim Moore, the John Boehner of North Carolina, is pushing a fraudulent poll. It must have taken some real twisting to get the result he claims. The Civitas poll showed North Carolinians almost three to one in favor of bathroom privacy. Of course, I guess you could word a question on the lawsuit protection aspect in a way that someone would not understand the issue and give an uninformed answer.

    What does Speaker Tim Moron want to do? Let men in some but not all womens restrooms? Sell out our small businesses to the homosexual lobby by opening up our state courts for harrassment lawsuits by homosexual activists that could easily bleed a small business so badly as to put them out of business?

    Tell your legislator that unless they committ to removing douche bag Tim Moore as Speaker, you will not support them for reelection. Moron Moore needs to be ousted as Speaker, no matter what.

    If this legislation did get watered down, it is an open question which bathroom Timmy Moore and Tricky Dick Burr would chose for themselves. We do not need girly men like that pair.

    Selling out our NC small businesses by removing their lawsuit protection to mollify despicable out of state corporate bullies from leftwing big business would be an abomination.

    Take No Prisoners! If they screw us on this issue, they are not fit to hold public office.

    1. Tricky Dickie lost my vote a long time ago. At this point it is only a matter of who will join him.

  11. If this actually happens, I may be voting democrap for all offices except governor…where I will vote libertarian. Backing off this thing will force us to send a message….and is likely the exact thing the dems want because it will get them back in power.

  12. As has happened before, I suspect the Senate will be the conservative firewall to keep H.B. 2 intact. Tim Moore may embarrass himself on this issue, but that will probably be as far as it goes. I hope conservatives in the House are working on a challenge to Moore as Speaker next year. He is a disaster on issue after issue.

  13. Doubt they are working on a challenger for Mr. Moore. And, if so it will be the Paul Ryan flavor who is worse than Boehner. It’s horrible what these no good Rinos are really about. The US house freedom caucus threw Boehner out only to replace him with Boehner on steroids. The Rino Ryan is worthless on Obama Care, illegal immigration and will not even hault Muslim immigration who are committed to destroying this country.

    1. At least Boehner’s district replaced him in the special election with an anti-Boehner conservative, Warren Davidson, who has joined the House Freedom Caucus.

      Paul Ryan has a well financed primary challenger, Paul Nehlen who is running against him from the right.

  14. True, but to put in Paul Ryan as speaker should be a black eye for the house freedom caucus. Just today THE RINO RYAN stated he would sue Trump if he tried to temporarily ban Muslims from entering the country. Which by the way the president had the power to do.
    RYAN is more in line with Hillary than Trump. Look no further than the TPP.

  15. Nutjobs who want to see boys and men in the shower rooms with young girls are sick and have probably never voted for a conservative in their lives. They are badly screwed up in the head.

    This law represents privacy and common sense, and protecting our small businesses from vindictive homosexual activist lawsuits. It does not have a darn thing to do with ”discrimination”. Mere behavior, such as sexual behavior, should NEVER be the basis of a protected class.

    Homosexuals went way past just being able to do their own thing in the privacy of their bedrooms, as they long told us. Now they want to impose themselves and their way of life on the rest of society and that is just wrong. Their activists are anti-Christian bigots who want to stamp out freedom of religion. They tried to give Muslims a free pass, but it looks like Muslims hate them so much that hasn’t worked. Most Christians are happy to leave the homosexuals alone if they will leave us alone, but the homosexual activists simply refuse to do that. They are trying all over the country to make Christians bend to their will by participating in homosexual marriages by providing services to them. Many Christians and other religions believe that a homosexual marriage is an abomination before God and facilitating one is a sin.

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