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NC-09: WHO hid the Robeson County ballot harvesting evidence?

  Jay DeLancy and Raleigh’s Voter Integrity Project really want to know: Earlier last week, I was able to ask State BOE Director of Investigations, Joan Fleming, about the disparity between the Absentee Ballot Request logs used by two counties in their investigation into alleged criminal behavior by McCrae Dowless in Bladen County.     Last week’s post only offered an attachment of the Bladen documents, but not images of the forms themselves….

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Dallas Woodhouse, the “gift” that keeps on giving

  It was awfully sweet for those darlings over at McClatchy to illustrate yesterday’s proceedings at the state bar with a pic of Mark Harris bawling his eyes out. The only thing that could top that?  Video and / or photos of McClatchy employees crying their eyes out as they’re handed their pink slips and escorted out of the office by security.  (*If you have anything like that.  Hit us,…

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NC-09: Kangaroo Court is in session

    The Alinskyite effort by the left to steal a congressional election in North Carolina opened a new chapter Monday.  State elections board supervisor Kim Strach was posing and preening like an innocent bystander to the whole thing. Hillary Clinton’s white-shoe high-dollar DC lawyers are leading the charge against a few members of the Bladen County bar.  The Raleigh and Charlotte drivebys are on-scene dutifully taking dictation and acting…

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NC-09: Getting those stories STRAIGHT ….

  Do they want a new election or NOT?  Is the appearance of Republican cheating more significant than the more abundant and much-better documented evidence of Democrat cheating? The circus to allegedly and finally bring the congressional election to an end kicks off this coming week in Raleigh.  While the media fawns over if or when McRae Dowless or Andy Yates shows up, we’re going to give you a few…

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NC-09: At SBoE, Malcolm OUT and, um. Woodhouse IN?

It looks like the guy who started this whole fracas that threw the Ninth Congressional District race into limbo won’t be around to make any  more trouble.  Josh Malcolm of Robeson County does not appear to have been  reappointed by Governor Cooper. Malcolm was besieged by all kinds of controversy, which included: (1) early knowledge of election shenanigan  allegations and failure to act on them, (2) covert discussions with key…

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NC-09: State election chaos upends Columbus County sheriff’s race

State efforts to block certification of local races in the Ninth Congressional District have bled over to a local race in the neighboring Seventh District.  Apparently, the state board of elections is asking for a de-certification of the disputed November  2018 sheriff’s race in Columbus County, where incumbent Democrat Lewis Hatcher was upset by Republican Jody Greene by 37 votes.  Greene was sworn in on December 3.  There have been…

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#ncga: Blinkin’ Chris strikes AGAIN?

I happened to stumble across a Blinkin’ Chris commentary on WRAL radio while driving around today.  Of course, the blinkin’ one was in his typical ‘damn the republicans’ mode.  But in this case, he was clearly playing fast and loose with the truth. Fitz-cryin’s thesis was that the mean old, crooked Republicans on Jones Street have been bleeding the state board of elections dry so they can’t bust all of…

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We get an answer (KINDA) on our pal Fletcher

We’re approaching September 2014.  Way back in January 2013, the North Carolina state board of elections announced an investigation into the campaign finances of state senator Fletcher Hartsell (RINO-Cabarrus).  THIS news report from January 2013 cited info from the state board of elections suggesting that the  “process could take a couple of weeks.” Well, here we are 18 months later and there has been no resolution to the Hartsell matter.  Contrast that with…

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The more things “change,” the more they stay THE SAME

We’re riding out 2013’s last gasps from The Haymaker’s Watauga County outpost.  I happened to catch a local news report about the Watauga board of elections’ two-front fight with the AppState-based liberal lynch mob and the state board of elections: The State Board of Elections rejected the petition to oust Republicans Bill Aceto and Luke Eggers from the Watauga County Board of Elections at a meeting on Friday, according to…

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The Establishment Strikes Back: Beaufort County edition

Beaufort County has become quite the microcosm for the civil war between the GOP establishment and The Tea Party.  We’ve written extensively about some of the controversies there previously on this site.  This week we learned that Beaufort elections board member Delma Blinson had been removed from office by the state board of elections — thanks to a complaint filed by Beaufort resident William Buonanno.  The offense?  The board bought…