NC-09: Getting those stories STRAIGHT ….


Do they want a new election or NOT?  Is the appearance of Republican cheating more significant than the more abundant and much-better documented evidence of Democrat cheating?

The circus to allegedly and finally bring the congressional election to an end kicks off this coming week in Raleigh.  While the media fawns over if or when McRae Dowless or Andy Yates shows up, we’re going to give you a few more things to ponder:

  1.  Ignoring documented Democrat mischief in Robeson, while raising cain about gossip in Bladen.  It’s pretty clear that Democrats laid down AT LEAST $126,000 for get-out-the-vote (GOTV) activities on the streets of Robeson County (one of the few places in the state where you apparently HAVE to pay campaign workers).  GOTV is how McRae Dowless describes his line of work.There is pretty good information out there that Dan McCready and forces aligned with him laundered six figures in cash through several local Democrat campaigns and Democrat-leaning entities within the Democrat stronghold known as Robeson County.  A trickle-down and trickle-up effect was hoped for, I’m sure.  But WHAT were they paying FOR?


    In 2018, Bladen County had 23,318 registered voters  .  About half of those were actually IN the Ninth District.   Robeson, however, had 77,624 registered voters (all of whom were IN the Ninth District.  There were a whole lot more opportunities to cheat in Robeson County.  Democrats outnumber Republicans 5-1 in Robeson County.  (Democrats outnumber Republicans in Bladen County 3-1. ) 

  2. Do they want a new election, or not?   Dallas Woodhouse and his Grandpa over at NCGOP HQ  initially told the driveby media there needed to be a new election in the Ninth.   After much hollering from our site and many folks across the fruited plains of our beloved state,  Dallas and his Grandpa escaped from the dark side and started talking more sensibly.Dan McCready says ALL mail-in ballots in Bladen and Robeson were tainted and need to be thrown out — thereby necessitating a new election.  Well, there’s a District Court race hanging in limbo in Robeson.  Democrat Vanessa Burton apparently accrued a 67-vote lead over Republican Jack Moody, the apparent winner on Election Day, during canvassing. If all those mail-in ballots get thrown out, this race would have to be rerun.  As would any and every close race listed on the ballots in question.  (Burton disagrees with McCready on the need for a new election.  Though, if there is a new congressional election, there would almost HAVE to be a new judicial election.) 

Lefties seem to have this great gig:  Don ‘t like the election results?  Scream fraud and demand the results be overturned.

Al Gore got the ball rolling with the 2000 presidential race.  Lefties have been trying it on Trump since November 2016.  What’s being done here seems right out of the Saul Alinsky playbook.  If something is not going your way. sabotage the hell out of it.  Lefties are angry that North Carolina left Obama in 2012, and are out to bring us back into line.  And they don’t care if they have to agitate rioting on the streets or turn us into another Mexican province to get it done.  

If people are serious about clamping down on dirty electioneering, I’m all for it.  The problem?  Most of it happens in Democrat strongholds.  So, the people currently doing most of the hollering aren’t going to be in the mood to crack down on their own people.

There’s little seriousness out there.  “Election integrity” stops right at the line of “protecting my party’s  / campaign contributors’ interests.”

Special interests everyday are showering our polticians with cash to kill sensible election reforms as well as efforts to crack down on illegal immigration and social welfare fraud.  Three things that help drive the appalling behavior that turns many of our elections into travesties that would have The Freedom Riders of the 60s rolling over in their graves. 

It’s up to us to stay in these people’s faces and demand that what needs to be done GETS DONE.