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Backdoor moves to swell the ranks of the dependent, implement ObamaCare in North Carolina?

In 2013, the General Assembly swatted down federal money to help implement ObamaCare in North Carolina. That may have appeared to be a setback for the statism crowd, but recent events have me — and others — thinking it was just a bump in the road. Have you noticed the…

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NCDHHS: a big government mess decades in the making

The liars in the remnants of our state’s mainstream media would have you believe state government was working like a charm prior to the January 2013 inauguration of Republican governor Pat McCrory.  *The seventh seal has been opened.  The Prince of Darkness and his four horsemen are walking the Earth,…

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Did I say Witch? Pardon me. I MEANT “Bitch.”

You’ve gotta love this civility, peace and love crowd.  When they ran things into the ground in Raleigh, they frequently shut down GOP and conservative protests by lecturing about the need for “civility.”  The GOP takes over in 2010 — and solidifies control in 2012 — and ALL that civility…

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McClatchy now doing HR work for DHHS?

I’m generally not one to argue with scrutinizing the government bureaucracy.  However, it DOES tick me off when our lazy, shiftless legacy media monopoly runs all of these “horror stories” about a Republican administration in Raleigh when the same types of stories earned yawns while Democrat governors were in office….