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RINO rage over DPI’s Johnson

I was a little lukewarm about Mark Johnson when I first met him during the 2016 primary campaign.  But since he’s been in office, he’s done a bang-up job of getting on the last nerve of all the right people. Here’s the latest: The fight over who is running North…

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#ncpol: Cut, baby, cut.

I don’t know about you.  But it boils my blood to see stuff — that,if it disappeared, NOBODY would notice — get routinely funded with our tax dollars.  For instance, about half of the stuff under the jurisdiction of the state Department of Administration.  The NC Department of Public Instruction…

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Screw quality and performance. Give us “Diversity.”

Lefties like to paint those of us on the right,who resist the dark side, as bigots. But they should take a good hard look at themselves.  Ever notice how they stereotype all blacks, Hispanics and women as thinking and behaving alike?   (Notwithstanding various and sundry OB-GYN related topics, WHAT…

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School crime in North Carolina: Readin’, ritin’, robbin’ and rumblin’

It gets downplayed in the drive by media, but the public school are required to report annually to the legislature on the crime situation within the state’s public schools each year. We’ve heard a lot about teachers leaving due to low pay.  We’ve heard leftists complain about Republicans ”cutting education.”…

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#ncga: Tillman says make NC DPI top job appointed

Democrat June Atkinson has been elected multiple times to administer the state of North Carolina’s public education policy. State senator Jerry Tillman(R) — a former educator and currently that chamber’s majority whip — says he will be filing legislation this session to transform Atkinson’s job from an elected position to an appointed one:…

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#NCGA: MORE money for public education? Try being smarter with what you’ve got.

Just try to implement some kind of frugality in public education budgets.  You’ll get all kinds of teeth-gnashing, wailing and crying about starving tha lil’ chil’ren.  The Round Rev and his Moral Monday rabble have hollered about the alleged starvation and destruction of the public schools by budget-cutters and conservatives….

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Teacher turnover totals TRICKERY

It appears something sneaky may be going on at NC DPI and the state board of education with this teacher turnover report. The sycophant mainstream media in our state has lapped this up and regurgitated it to us — without doing ANY kind of digging / verification. Those mean ol’…