From lawyer to superintendent: insiders changed rules so inexperienced Moe Green could get his school admin jobs

Lefties are having a grand time mocking Republican DPI nominee Michele Morrow‘s background as a nurse and a home school educator.  They like to compare her background to their guy Moe’s administrative jobs with Guilford and Mecklenburg schools.

Funny — they don’t mention the fact that Moe’s law firm work got him the inside track on his Charlotte-Mecklenburg post.  (The Charlotte firm, at the time, was apparently representing the local public school system.)  Relationships ol’ Moe made in Charlotte got him on track for the Guilford County job.  Rules had to be altered — laws had to be changed – to allow someone from outside the public education sector to be hired to run a public school system.

Moe Green tells us all about it in this 2018 interview with a PBS show called First In Future:


SO, it was A-OKAY for the folks in Guilford to ignore Green’s lack of classroom experience in their decision to hire him as county superintendent?   I guess — now that we know wheels had to be greased and favors had to be called in so Green could get his big public school jobs — the leftist howler monkeys can finally shut their mouths about Michele Morrow. 

It’s amazing how so many public school central office elitists think what they do is some sort of mystic art that so few people can understand or undertake. *Give us your money and STFU.*

Most of us have been through the K-12 experience.  Many of us have sat through PTA meetings and / or school board meetings.  It’s not the Sanskrit or rocket science that so many of them want us to believe it is.  Most of us could do the job better than the current central office (or DPI “Pink Palace”‘) occupants at a cheaper cost to the taxpayers.