NC-03: Wow. Taylor Griffin IS being bankrolled by Wall Street & K Street.

We’ve written extensively about this heightened environment of influence-buying in American politics.  Over in the Third Congressional District GOP primary, we’ve got a clear example of deep-pocketed influence-peddlers in DC and New York trying to buy a congressional seat.

We took a look at the Griffin campaign’s October 15 quarterly report to the Federal Elections Commission (FEC).  Here are some of the interesting things we found:

Okay.  That’s the big picture.  Let’s drill down a little further:

The report includes FOUR — count ’em — FOUR billionaires:

Another interesting facet of the Griffin campaign report is the number of people with no employer identification.  We found seven large donors who were marked “information requested.”  Well — thanks to Google — we can supply the information:

Last, but not least, let’s look at the donors with ties to John Boehner:


Brant Clifton :