While Rand filibusters for freedom, Burr gets wined and dined by Little Barry



After weeks and months of watching congressional Republicans roll over like submissive pups, it was refreshing to see the filibuster led by Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky.  Paul led an interesting discussion about the utter disregard for The Constitution by Little Barry and his friends.  His effort was supported enthusiastically by at least a half dozen other senators, including Tim Scott (R-SC) — picking up right where his predecessor Jim DeMint left off.  

Wait.  You ask: Where were our other two elected Republicans, Lindsey Graham and Richard Burr?”   Why, they were at their usual positions — at the right hand of John McCain — being wined and dined by Little Barry at a posh downtown DC hotel. * Why bother with that boring, troublesome loyal opposition stuff when you can get a killer free dinner?*

Not exactly Profiles in Courage, huh? 


8 thoughts on “While Rand filibusters for freedom, Burr gets wined and dined by Little Barry

  1. With Burr’s association with the liberal Ripon Society, the fact that he, Obama, Grahamnesty, and McCain were having a skull session is not surprising.

  2. I couldn’t help but notice that of two North Carolina freshman congressmen, one (Richard Hudson) showed up in the Senate Chamber to support Paul (according to Paul) and one (George Holding) did not.

  3. Burr is a Shumaker puppet. He wants another one in Congress in Tillis. The story The Morgan-Black Clique Rides Again is relevant to the whole nest of snakes.


    Burr is counting on voters not remembering his support and vote of ending Don’t Ask Don’t Tell for U.S. Military troops.
    Read the account of the fish flip flopping on the pavement in a Ralph Cramden, “homina, homina, homina” moment


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