McClatchy Gang continues with Operation Evisceration




A Tea Party-aligned Missouri congresswoman and the new North Carolina Department of Transportation secretary are the latest Republicans to get knee-capped by the mainstream media — courtesy of McClatchy Newspapers.

NCDOT Secretary Tony Tata served as Wake County schools superintendent until lefty board members — angry with him for cutting costs and making bureaucrats actually work — threw him under the bus.  The Raleigh News & Observer, which worked overtime to aid the Democrat overthrow of the school board’s GOP majority that hired Tata,  stepped in this morning with ONE MORE cheap shot on Tata.  The Raleigh-based rag ran with some emails from Democrat board members and unnamed parents who complained about Tata’s administration of school transportation issues while he was superintendent.  Hmm.  Kinda strange to be digging into this AGAIN two and a half months into his tenure as DOT secretary.  Don’t ‘cha think? 

The N&O transcriptionist neglects to tell you that the schools transportation chief cited in the story was an old friend and supporter of Tata’s predecessor — who fought the GOP majority on the board tooth-and-nail.   They also neglect to tell you that school buses and their routes are micromanaged from the Raleigh offices of the NC DPI (run by Democrat June Atkinson AND the NCAE AND the NEA).  They have a formula that determines how many buses, running x number of routes, that you need.  This is why you see school buses still on the road at 4:30 and 5 PM.   I hate to break this to you — but decisions made by faceless, nameless bureaucrats far-removed from a situation tend to not work very well.  The scrutiny for the bus mess in Wake County needs to be turned on Atkinson and her cronies. 

The other McClatchy hit was against Missouri Congresswoman Karen Hartzler (R, of course) for voting against the renewal of the federal Violence Against Women Act.  The article suggests that she must be some kind of fool, or hypocrite for daring to vote against what McClatchy sees as the interests of her own gender.  Never mind that the Supreme Court already killed a lot of this stuff — basically saying that the federal government has no business policing domestic violence.  Never mind that the new legislation expands the definition of domestic violence to include rude, hurtful comments.  Nope.  McClatchy wants us to believe that this woman , The Tea Party, and the GOP  are IN FAVOR of men slapping women around.  

This McClatchy crowd is getting angrier, more vicious, and more biased as their circulation numbers and ad revenues continue their freefall.