US Rep. Chuck Edwards hires Trump-hating, Beasley-endorsing, gay rights activist onto district staff

US senator Thom Tillis knew what he was doing when he set state senator Chuck Edwards up to primary then-congressman Madison Cawthorn.  It’s looking more and more like Edwards is as well-versed as Tillis in the art of political treachery and treason.

You can talk all you want about Cawthorn’s personal life.  But at least he voted for — and advocated for — conservative stuff.  It appears we’re going to see very little of that from Edwards.

Let’s meet Brittney Lofthouse, shall we?

Sources in that neck of the woods tell me that Lofthouse was recommended to Edwards by state senator Kevin Corbin (R).

We’re also told that Lofthouse runs five of Edwards’s district offices.

Lofthouse was voting as a Democrat as late as 2012.  She is currently registered as Unaffiliated and has been selecting the GOP primary ballot ever since. That’s an interesting registration choice in an overwhelmingly GOP congressional district, and when you’ve been working for TWO elected Republicans.

In 2021, Lofthouse used her personal blog to level an attack on some folks who had problems with a Gay Pride display in an area public library:

[…]The first speaker said that the people who would support such a display at the library are always obnoxiously loud. And while I am no doubt obnoxiously loud — Its because I support loving and accepting everyone regardless of their shortcomings — even if those shortcomings are being narrow-minded and attempting to ostracize a community of people because you disagree with how they live their lives. I can guarantee that my 8-year-old son was more traumatized by listening to a grown man scream anal sex during a commissioner’s meeting than he would have been by walking by a rainbow-colored table at the library.[…]

No one… and I mean NO ONE… should ever be made to feel lesser than because someone else holds themself in such high regard. While one speaker claimed that the majority of people in Macon County shared his views, I think the response from last night’s meeting will show quite the opposite to be true. Because it doesn’t matter what your political beliefs are — it doesn’t matter if you celebrated Pride or not — the majority of the people that I know, put love first — put respect first, put understanding and compassion first. And even if they don’t agree with that lifestyle choice — they certainly don’t look down on and degrade others because of it. 

And to claim it was for the children — or to save the children… right here in Macon County we have lost young children to suicide because they struggled with their sexuality. If that display made one person feel accepted… it was worth it. […]

On October 18, 2022, Lofthouse posted her endorsement on Facebook of Cheri Beasley for US Senate.  At this point, she had been receiving payments from senator Corbin for about two years.

Here’s Ms. Lofthouse being celebrated on a transgender-oriented podcast.

And here she is at a drag show in Charlotte.