TWO MORE YEARS of Speaker Timmy

He’s at the center of concurrent state and federal probes.  But that didn’t stop his colleagues from reelecting state Rep. Tim Moore to another term as Speaker of the North Carolina House. 

We had heard from a number of sitting House members that a senior GOP House member was putting out feelers about a potential challenge to Moore for the speaker position.  Apparently, that didn’t pan out. 

Apparently, the House GOP caucus is fine and dandy with two more years of self-serving, intimidation, and score-settling.  Moore has the ties to the big money. And we’ve seen time and again that the special interests with the fat wallets are much more important than the folks back home (or the state as a whole). 

The House GOP campaign strategy was centered around boasts about spending MORE on stuff than the Democrats did when they were in charge.  THAT kind of crap – coupled with the appearance of political corruption — turned off the base and just about cost the GOP its House majority.

Moore’s reelection is a BIG win for business-as-usual in Raleigh.  Something we were promised an end to waaaaaaay back in 2010. 

2 thoughts on “TWO MORE YEARS of Speaker Timmy

  1. Power has been concentrated at the top under the Marc Basnight / Jim Black model used by our current top GOP leadership, and that has a lot to do with why there are no leadership challenges.

    Under the Basnight / Black model, the leadership Hoover’s up most of the PAC money, and then makes deals with the PACs on what legislation is passed. That way, the PAC’s deal with the legislature on a wholesale rather than retail basis. The leadership then uses control of all that money from PAC’s to control the votes of individual legislators. If they deviate from what the leadership wants, they risk being cut off or cut back on campaign assistance..

    It was a corrupt system when the Democrats invented it, and it is a corrupt system now that it is being used by Republicans.

    The voices of the people are not being heard when power is concentrated like that. Instead, it is the voices of the special interests that are being heard in Raleigh.

  2. Moore simply has no conservative political or moral philosophy. That is his basic problem and the root cause of his current problems. This will become more obvious as time goes on.

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