Tubby little guy seeks cover for himself AND his Medicaid-expanding RINO pals

With visions of DC dancing in his large misshapen head, speaker Timmy twisted arms super-hard last week to get his caucus onboard with expanding Medicaid.  At least, that’s what some of my Jones Street moles have told me. In fact, here’s one now:

“He got in each of our faces and told us we needed to bite the bullet and vote for it.  He said he did not want this bill to pass with all Democrat votes and a handful of Republicans.  He said he wanted the names of a lot of Republicans in the ‘yea’ column along with all of those Democrats.

Moore also said the state is going to get big money from the feds once we expand the system.  Money from the feds?  Where does he think they get their money?

The speaker said we might as well just vote for it, because it’s going to pass with or without us.

This bill that passed is exactly what Roy Cooper wanted. Why give that man what he wants? What kind of opposition party are you if you cave in to the Democrat governor at the drop of a hat? The Democrats would never do something like this for a Republican governor. Never.

By voting for this travesty, we’re getting absolutely nothing to show for it. Roy Cooper is going to look like The Man. “

There are a total of 71 Republicans in the North Carolina House.

Only 22 House Republicans were brave enough to resist Tubby Lil’ Timmy’s arm-twisting.  They were: Adams; Balkcom; Biggs; Blackwell; Brody; Cairns; Elmore; Howard; N. Jackson; Johnson; Kidwell; Loftis; Riddell; Saine; Setzer; C. Smith; Strickland; Torbett; Tyson; Warren; Willis; Zenger.

If any of these legislators represent you, be sure you thank them for their courage to resist the tubby one and stand with the people who sent them to Raleigh.

(Thank you, Neal Jackson.)