Tillis’s co-honorees at LGBTQ fundraiser help usher sweeping LGBTQ rights bill through US House. Will Thom help in Senate?


Remember how we told you about senator Thom Tillis being honored at a Tuesday night fundraiser in DC as a  “pro-LGBTQ Republican member of Congress”?   In drive by media reports, organizers of the fundraiser stressed the importance of passing “The Equality Act” through Congress, and insinuated they expected Tilli$$$ and his five co-honorees — three from the House, two from the Senate — to help.


Well, it looks like Thom’s three co-honorees from the House accomplished the mission:


The Democrat-led House of Representatives passed H.R. 5, the so-called “Equality Act”, this afternoon by a vote of 236-173, with eight Republicans joining the Democrats voting in favor.


The Act – widely panned for its laissez-faire approach to men using women’s restrooms or changing areas, as well as the broader attempt to legislative leftist morality (or lackthereof it) – was passed with the support of eight Republican congressmen and women.


Today, we name them: the GOP’s ‘Equality Act’ Gang of Eight:


Rep. Susan Brooks (Ind.)


Mario Diaz-Balart (Fla.)


Brian Fitzpatrick (Pa.)


Will Hurd (Texas)


John Katko(N.Y.)


Tom Reed (N.Y.)


Elise Stefanik (N.Y.)


Greg Walden (Ore.). […]


Stefanik, Katko and Fitzpatrick all benefited from Tuesday’s LGBTQ fundraiser like Tillis did.  And it appears their votes all got bought.



So, what does this bill do?  Here’s what:


[…] Terry Schilling, executive director of American Principles Project, told Human Events today: “Let’s call this bill what it is — the ‘Inequality Act’ — one of the most hateful bills to ever pass the House of Representatives. This is a direct attack on the rights of hundreds of millions of Americans. Parents, women, people of faith — almost every American stands to lose if H.R. 5 becomes law.

“Today House Democrats voted to eliminate women as a protected class under the Civil Rights Act. They voted to effectively end Title IX. They voted to abolish conscience rights. They voted to end religious freedom as we know it. They voted to strip parents of their fundamental right to direct the upbringing of their children. This is wrongheaded policy on every level.

“In addition, the eight Republicans who joined the Democrats today in supporting this bill have especially betrayed the people they were elected to represent. They should now expect electoral consequences.”


According to The Hill, Diaz-Balart said while the Equality Act includes language he doesn’t agree with but he voted for it anyway.

Katko told the Hill: “Currently, states have different standards, presenting challenges as employers work to comply with a patchwork of conflicting laws. In New York, this bill is already law”.



Make the WHOLE country just like New York.  *Great.*



Senators Susan Collins (R-ME), Cory Gardner (R-CO), and Tillis were the senators honored at Tuesday’s fundraiser.  Some observers are suggesting that opposition to the bill from The Trump White House may keep it from getting a vote in the Senate. That may end up being true.  But knowing Washington like I know Washington — don’t hold your breath.


In DC — like in Raleigh — cold hard cash produces miracles.

7 thoughts on “Tillis’s co-honorees at LGBTQ fundraiser help usher sweeping LGBTQ rights bill through US House. Will Thom help in Senate?

  1. Every Republican I talk to is in a state of shock with these revelations about Tillis. Where do we go from here as a party going into the crucial 2020 elections? This needs to get sorted out–and fast.

    1. Voting him out in the primary is the only direction and replace him with a social and fiscal REAL conservative that is going to fight for the Judeo Christian moral ethic of the founding fathers to strengthen this nation again

      1. The two RNC votes at my house plan to vote AGAINST Tillis the Trader in the Primary. I understand National leadership’s rhetoric about “eating our own.” But, experience has taught us that a slithering incumbent or GOP Party pick can actually HURT in a National Election. We will not be holding our noses and gagging this one down. A strong RNC Senate candidate will help President Trump in North Carolina. That is NOT Tillis the Trader.

    2. Well then, I guess you’ve not talked to the NC federation of Republican women. I understand they regard the backstabbing, two-faced weasel as a prince among men. ?

      1. Not all of us who are members of the NCFRW will vote for Tilli$$. A lot of us are happy Garland Tucker has entered the race & we will work hard to help him beat this despicable phony. NC deserves so much better!

        1. I realize that I generalize here, but did not want to ad hominem an individual and I think you can guess the NCFRW person(s) to whom I refer.

  2. Susan Collins is a liberal who survives on money from Republicans.
    Why criticize her now? Stop your funding of the GOP until they get their act together.
    Why count on the vote of a total airhead to get republican agendas passed? Cut the cord!!!!!!

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