#hayesscandal: NCGOP vice-chairman candidate cites ROBIN HAYES as her role model


And she DID IT on Facebook 24 hours before he got slapped with five criminal indictments.  (Talk about timing.)



Mrs. Reidy-Jones (Oh, it is sooooo hard to avoid saying “Rodham-Jones” there.) is vice-chairman of the hapless, disastrous Mecklenburg County GOP. I believe they had ONE legislator, ONE local judge, and ONE city councilman survive the Democrat romp there in 2018.  They’re about to lose the legislator.  Dan Bishop is going to Congress.


Yet, she and the county chairman got inexplicably reelected.


Reidy-Jones is honestly campaigning on doing for North Carolina what she did for Mecklenburg County.  (Um, NO thanks?)


Back to the whole “baby bird” thing.  With this Facebook post, it’s clear that either Reidy-Jones was (1) in on what was to happen the next day and wanted to help Hayes with damage control, or (2) was clueless and got played for a fool like so many others did.



If you’re looking for “change” in Raleigh,  Sarah Reidy-Jones is probably not your girl.   I mean, take a look at who else she hugs up to.