#hayesscandal: NCGOP vice-chairman candidate cites ROBIN HAYES as her role model


And she DID IT on Facebook 24 hours before he got slapped with five criminal indictments.  (Talk about timing.)



Mrs. Reidy-Jones (Oh, it is sooooo hard to avoid saying “Rodham-Jones” there.) is vice-chairman of the hapless, disastrous Mecklenburg County GOP. I believe they had ONE legislator, ONE local judge, and ONE city councilman survive the Democrat romp there in 2018.  They’re about to lose the legislator.  Dan Bishop is going to Congress.


Yet, she and the county chairman got inexplicably reelected.


Reidy-Jones is honestly campaigning on doing for North Carolina what she did for Mecklenburg County.  (Um, NO thanks?)


Back to the whole “baby bird” thing.  With this Facebook post, it’s clear that either Reidy-Jones was (1) in on what was to happen the next day and wanted to help Hayes with damage control, or (2) was clueless and got played for a fool like so many others did.



If you’re looking for “change” in Raleigh,  Sarah Reidy-Jones is probably not your girl.   I mean, take a look at who else she hugs up to.




15 thoughts on “#hayesscandal: NCGOP vice-chairman candidate cites ROBIN HAYES as her role model

  1. I can’t believe she’d even have the moxy to run considering what a mess the Meck GOP is….

  2. Inexplicably? A $25K promised donation to the MeckGOP if the current leadership was re-elected might explicate some things.

    1. on top of that she was not “re-elected” in Meck they elected a slate of people she was on. She did not even have to address the meck delegates during the convention and make her case for why the delegates should vote for her. Their was no vote just for her position thus it should not be called a re-election

      The Republican party should be against using slates during our convention. Everyone running for party office should have to stand in front of the delegates and make their own case for why they should be trusted for what ever leadership position they are seeking

      1. I agree totally with you Patrick. I hope we all understand how important this year is for the election of GOPNC Party Leadership positions. NEW Leadership blood is imperative for North Carolina . We are in dire need of updated ideas and Leadership that has a mission statement geared toward working hand in hand with the National Republican Party for the re-election of President Trump. Our mission is to grow GOP membership here in our SWING STATE for President Trump. The GOP eyes of the Nation will be on North Carolina in a very short period of time. We need Party Leadership with fresh eyes, with National experience, understanding of issues that require immediate attention in our state, backbone to clean house, willingness as well as know how to SUPPORT GOP STATE CANDIDATES and LEADERSHIP that can immediately start pushing out educational information to District Chairs as well as County Chairs for this upcoming crucial election. Every Delegate from across our state should be actively researching individuals who have declared that they are seeking election to a leadership role. Please do not wait until time to vote at the Convention to make this crucial decision. It will be a huge injustice to NCGOP, if the planners of the Convention have NOT set aside time for everyone seeking an office to stand and state their background, qualifications and mission plan to move the NCGOP into a successful future.

      2. Great idea Patrick. Let’s get everything out there up front. Nothing hidden behind a paper.

        1. I would not claim that to be my idea. When it comes to Mecklenburg this is the way things were done 20 years ago. A new Chairman would be elected and they might nominate people for positions one by one but nominations would be open for others to have a chance to be nominated and the ones nominated would have to at least get up and speak to the delegates. This made for a much more open and fair process and even if everyone you would vote for lost you at least left understanding the will of the delegates to go in a different direction

          Over the last 20 years the party has gone more more and more away from debate among ourselves and any one that raises challenges to how things are done are attempted to be silenced. Fairness, Openness Transparency and Ethics should be foremost in all things republican

          we have people in the party today that all the want to do is Win Win Win and they are willing to change the parties values to reach new people to Win Win Win no matter what the party ends up standing for in the end… While they push many out of the party by doing this exact thing. To many people in the party worship the party the R on their voter card but they have no real conservative convictions deep inside their soul. The R after their name is like a membership in a social club and they want to be liked by everyone and want to feel the power of a title and of the little power the position holds

          Some people are alcoholics and others are partyholics they are involved because it is their addiction and if feeds their ego

  3. She is selling Delegates on the fact she’ll be the marketing director? She’s done a horrible job for Meck, losing almost everything on the ballot. Included in those losses were heavy losses for Voter ID, Barbara Jackson, Commissioner Ridenhour. She’s the epitome of what’s wrong with the Party. ALL TALK with no results. Not to mention, ask her a question as a voting Delegate, even in a polite manner…and she’ll screen shot the conversation and blast it on Facebook, make fun of you and your legit question. How dare you question the chosen one? I guess she assumes we all should be cutsie, laugh and giggle while Republicans fall and Dems de elected. She’s a terrible choice for the NCGOP. IF YOU WANT MORE OF THE SAME losing, more arrogance, more doors closed in your face, more back room deals, then vote for “Baby Bird” if not, find a candidate that’s actually got some wins under her belt. One that works with everybody, listens and gives EVERYONE a chance/voice in the Party……maybe check out Moore County’s election results for 2018 vs Meck…

  4. HELLO…(knocking on a head) this is all about, both races Chairman and Vice Chairman about who will be on stage at RNC Convention. AFTER ITS OVER.. you will never see them working grassroots or elections. ITS ABOUT EGO…well from some who worked a few RNC Conventions, it be lucky if even new chair will be stageside with the black eye we had with Hayes…ITS ALL ABOUT THE CONVENTION…HOWEVER, there are some running where the heart was for party before megalomania

  5. Sarah Reidy Jones was kicked out of Kentucky GOP for her so called “Marketing” and Chased out of Guilford GOP for her crasy ways and the only home she could BS into was Mecklenburg GOP and Dallas Woodhouse SMH. Brent more on her from Greensboro…call around…they will tell you the TRUTH

  6. While my wife and I will not support SR-J at the state convention, my better half has graciously offered the candidate some free wardrobe advice.

  7. Got an invite from her for a get-together after tomorrow night’s Rumble in Raleigh. I wouldn’t dream of supporting anyone from Mecklenburg-Gaston-Cabarrus so I think I”ll just skip that portion of the night.

  8. Truth Sayer, I support Miriam Chu because of her creativity, dedication, proven success, and hard work from the beginning. She is, without doubt, the best experienced with great team building skills. However, I called my high school friend Al Bouldin who is active in Guilford County and actually chaired the Guilford County Republican Party who states Sarah Reidy Jones was NOT chased out of the GOP. Feel free to prove me wrong. -Sherry Womack

  9. SRJ for vice chairman? Will bring what she did for MeckGOP to the State GOP? Hayes is her mentor? Seriously? Well if Republicans want to continue to lose races, fail to raise proper funding for basic campaign needs, fail to recruit talented candidates who can actually WIN vs. the same lazy old white men, keep the biggest joke in NC Politics around in her BFF Dallas Woodhouse, and continue to bring disgrace and embarrassment to the state party (I mean, really, have you seen the way this chick dresses, talks, and presents herself) then by ALL means elect the wanna be popular mean chick. And for all that is good, could someone please give this chick a some SPANKS and basic wardrobe advice? She is a prime candidate for WHAT NOT TO WEAR! It is one thing to have a less than perfect figure but is quite another to wear ill-fitting clothing allowing ALL your Rolls to just be out there for the world. If you want to be taken seriously then dress the part (not the part of a back street hooker), speak professionally, know what you’re talking about, and be respectful of others even when they disagree with you. This chic fails on all counts! Such a joke that she is running for a state role in the NCGOP. Does she even know how many counties are in the state? Anyone from MeckGOP that thinks they are worthy to do anything beyond picking up trash left behind by the Democrats who continue to kick their butts in the county should be ran back down to the rocks in Charlotte they crawled out from under. It is time for serious leadership in NC IF republicans are to maintain control of the legislature and win back governors office. If Republicans want to go back to pre-2011, higher taxes, worst state to do business, high unemployment, low job creation, etc . then continue to support losers like SRJ and the Woodhouse crowd. If that happened then Republicans in NC deserve everything they get.

    1. Now I personally do not like her but your post is really harsh and not the kind of positive message that the party needs moving forward either

      For one not everyone from meck is bad
      Secondly It is true that the meckgop has run off good conservatives with county club style leadership that put social club actives over real conservative activism

      In terms of weight most republicans in america could probally stand to loose some pounds me included but and going #NoSugar #NoProccessedFoods #LowCarb and #IncremintalFasting could help provide slimmer waistlines and mental clarity that could help the whole party to be better fighters. As some would call our normal but maybe we should not go back to the normal eating biscuits and doughnuts at our gatherings. But your attacks on the persons looks and weight in your post is uncalled for and does not help the cause for conservatism based on ethical behavior and both social and fiscal conservative policy

  10. I believe people need to stop quoting conjecture as facts or evidence. SRJ was not “kicked out” of anything. She moved for her work. She also DID do a lot for candidates in Meck, and I know for a fact she was a workhorse in the background because I was a candidate, and have run for State Senate for four cycles in the WORST leaning Democrat district (87%+ against us) in the state. Mostly because I won’t see a race go unchallenged.

    We have made inroads. Anyone who wants to label her efforts as failure because we had loses in a very deep blue county is not focusing on what she accomplished in candidate calls, cards, online support and other items.

    It is very easy to look at an overview and say, we know what went wrong, after the fact. For those of us who put ourselves forward, we know Sarah was a blessing and you need to stop denigrating her. I don’t believe this party will succeed with negative attacks on each other. If you support someone else, tout their positives.

    I didn’t see any of the people posting here run for office. In the offices, on the streets of Mecklenburg. Were you there? She was. As far as weight issues or anything like that please abstain from posting if you are going to make attacks on someone’s physical looks. We ALL have flaws. My goodness.

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