Tillis polling worse than in 2014




Thom Tillis has been sitting in Washington for nearly six years now. But if you look at his polling, it appears the man is — like one Marty McFly — going ‘Back in Time.’


In the 2014 GOP primary, Tillis topped the field with 45.68 percent of the vote.   In the November 2014 general election, he barely topped incumbent Democrat Kay Hagan  with 48.8 percent.  


In the latest Civitas poll,  Tillis is topping  Democrat Cal Cunningham 38 – 34 percent (with 23 percent undecided).


The Civitas crowd — as well as the NCGOPe — are citing that polling as good news.  That’s in spite of the fact that there is a 4.38 percent margin of error,  and that four-point lead is being held by a one-term incumbent over a virtual unknown.


Granted, it’s early.  People are thinking about a lot of other things besides politics.  Perhaps, Tillis may be learning a hard lesson — possibly the one his buddy Pat McCrory learned in 2016 — about thumbing one’s nose at key elements of your base.




7 thoughts on “Tillis polling worse than in 2014

  1. Mr Tillis came out against this President early on in this Administration.

    He has built a reputation of desiring to be a life long politician.

    He knows that to win re-election, he has to appeal to both conservatives and liberals, as his area in NC is strongly divided on politics.

    I’m hoping e will be re-elected, but not because I like him. I have never liked establishment conservatives,

    as they always forget who they work for, and in NC, they always go MIA after they win an election,

    not to be heard from again for 6 more years. Tillis winning the primary did not set well with me, but here we are, now backing a man that

    we do not feel we can trust. This is like everything I post, it’s only my opinion.

    If you are on the fence, maybe do a search on him and read some…jmho

  2. one – half of a Jesse Helms type candidate could have beaten Tillis in the primary if one would have tried. I aint voting for him. Or Burr, if Burr runs again.

  3. No loyal Republican lawyer I know in eastern NC is voting for Tillis after he tucked tail and ran away from supporting Tom Farr for the federal judgeship. Instead, he allowed U.S. Senator Tim Scott to pick a liberal for that judgeship–in our state no less! Tillis has no moral courage, no political courage and no loyalty to conservative principles. Never again will conservatives in NC hold their noses just to vote for the lesser of two evils. Never again.

    1. I completely understand the sentiments of those who criticize our junior senator’s inconsistent voting record with respect to illegal immigration, constructing and funding the border wall, and stonewalling Presidential appointments, as well as celebrating CAIR (a known terrorist sympathizer). However, my recollection is that Senator Tillis has ALWAYS supported President Trump’s nominees to the bench in federal courts, never wavering. I believe he has an impeccable record supporting the President on judicial nominees, including Thomas Farr. I recall that Tillis promoted Farr in his senate committee, highlighting Farr’s exemplary record and endorsement from the Bar Association.

  4. Mr. Womack: it took no courage for Tillis to promote Tom Farr in the senate committee. But when Farr’s nomination proceeded to the full Senate, both Tillis and Burr caved to Senator Tim Scott and the Rev. William Barbour. Those are the simple facts.

    1. I don’t know Tom Farr but I once worked with his wife, one of the better pre-2010 District Chairs to come out of Wake County, way better than the self-important primadonna they have now. I remember her as gracious to a fault and conservative to the bone so I’m gonna guess he’s of the same stripe. If Scott ever even thinks about the White House, I’ll do my part to remind NC Conservatives what he did to one of our own.

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