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Raleigh-based CaptiveAire CEO Bob Luddy is not mincing words in his open letter to Governor Roy Cooper:

An urgent appeal to North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper:


For every COVID-19 case in North Carolina (4,500 estimated), 125 people have lost their jobs (500,000 unemployed across the state). You created this tragedy.


Your executive orders have quarantined healthy individuals for the first time in American history. Small businesses can no longer operate, and their employees are jobless. This may be a solution for your medical advisers, but the results are now devastating nearly every facet of our society.


You have also effectively denied religious freedom, a God-given and constitutional right. Now you are in the process of stripping all our freedoms, purportedly to protect us from ourselves.


COVID-19 is a serious virus, but North Carolinians are intelligent and practical. Each person is very capable of avoiding COVID-19 by practicing social distancing, hand washing, and refraining from face touching. The vulnerable and those with COVID-19 must stay home, but healthy individuals need to return to work and sustain our economy.


It is important to put this virus into perspective. In 2009–10, 60 million Americans had SARS, and 18,000 died, but few remember this event because the government did not restrict freedoms.


We are grateful and thankful to medical personnel and the health-care industry for scaling up quickly and caring for those in need.


Your executive orders have inflicted severe pain and suffering on our state:


    • The 500,000 who have filed for unemployment are just the beginning; soon there will be millions pleading for support.


    • You vetoed the state budget, which means many agencies do not have the financial resources needed in this crisis.


    • Because businesses cannot survive very long without revenue, thousands of small businesses soon will be permanently lost due to bankruptcy. The dreams and aspirations of their employees and families will be lost, as well.


    • We now have widespread shortages of critically needed products such as paper goods, masks, and some food supplies. Since you have shuttered many producers, these shortages will become worse every week.


    • Economies are fragile and interdependent; people and businesses rely on products and services provided by those shut down by your executive order. We are now witnessing a domino effect as more businesses close due to lack of supplies.


    • Healthy people have been paralyzed in fear by the media and your health advisers to the point of great distrust and hysteria. Every citizen is now considered a suspect who may carry the virus, and even family members don’t trust one other. In calmer times, this may be referred to as (state-sponsored) paranoia.


    • Your orders are creating lines to buy critically needed food and supplies at grocery stores. Your shutdown mandates may soon lead to food riots and violence.


    • Child abuse, domestic abuse, and suicide and depression rates are spiking. Special needs children are floundering, and children who depend on school lunches are hungry. Cardiac disease and cancer (the two leading causes of death in the U.S.) patients are not receiving the critical care they need to survive.


    • Hospitals are losing revenue and laying off medical personnel because they are not treating most patients and instead are waiting for COVID-19 cases, which are well below projections.


    • North Carolina Certificate of Needs (CON) laws prohibit adding new hospital beds or equipment without state approval, which makes hospitals a state-sponsored monopoly, driving up costs and reducing care. You could call a special session this week and end CON, expanding medical care and lowering costs.


Your plan is to save us from COVID-19 based on virtually no data and death projections that were wildly overstated and are now being revised downward by the medical community. In the process, quality of life as we know it is rapidly declining, and thousands are without jobs. Every week you make life more difficult with more onerous regulations.


This is an urgent appeal to consider the destruction your orders are causing compared to the purported benefits.


You should allow all healthy workers and businesses to resume their roles as producers of critically needed goods and services for our families. Remember, economic destruction and job losses are measured in hours as your team talks in terms of months.


Your claim that your restrictions have slowed the virus may be valid, but the virus will not disappear because we stayed home. It is clear we have experienced almost a complete loss of freedom. By the end of this quarantine, our jobs and our way of life will have been decimated. No amount of government money or programs can repair a fragile, interdependent network that took hardworking people decades to build.


Most Americans want our products to be manufactured in America, but this is not possible because you have shut down our economy.


In truth, government interventions lead to trouble, cause further problems, and create more interventions.


Gov. Cooper, it is time to lead by following the example of many governors announcing this week the return of our freedom of association and our ability to support and feed our families.


All healthy individuals in North Carolina must return to work immediately, before our state economy and jobs are destroyed.



20 thoughts on “ReOpen NC gains a powerful new ally

  1. WOW!!! This puts it straight to the heart of the matter. I have shared this with friends and I have personally emailed Cooper, my local representatives to the NC Legislature/senate and to US Senators Burr and Tillis. I strongly urge all NC citizens to speak out directly to the ones that can make a difference, not just post on social media, reach out to all elected officials a push them to reopen our economy NOW.

    1. My senator said GA not convening until 4/28. Says nothing can be done, ALL Cooper. Can they NOT put pressure, appeal to him? Anyone heard any state reps CALLING FOR reopening NC?? Anybody? It’s as if nobody wants to OPEN NC back up? I’ve had it with NC politicians and federal politicians. Feds ARE HOME, doing NOTHING to open USA back up. But, oh betcha, Ole McConnell has kept Senate ‘in session’…..thus, we don’t want Orange Man doing anything ‘we don’t approve’….

      1. The GA can do nothing as the house is controlled by the democrat party. They are not going to go against Der Furher Doofus Cooper as they are also enjoying destroying the economy under the false impression it will help them come November. What is clear is that Doof is not really in charge….look at the narratives he has used such as “dimming switch” and you will see that is a narrative handed down by the democrat handlers.

        Rembember in November

        1. The state house is not controlled by Democrats although the Republicans often act like Democrats.

  2. As a small business owner with no income now for 30 days, by my estimation it will take us 60 days to start Ramping my business back up and it will cost at least $2000 in marketing dollars that I don’t have. I am now short two employees who cannot support their families. My retail space landlord threatening me to pay my lease and no way to pay my personal bills on top of all that the mental and emotional stress. It’s simply more than we can bear any longer. We are begging you to open North Carolina so we can get back to work, paying taxes, paying employees, paying bills, paying attention to what matters and not the constant deluge of fear and anxiety.

    1. I hope you are penning a ltr to GA, EVERYONE of them, to Gov, to newspapers and to social media. TELL YOUR STORY. Far too people need to hear and see the impact. Tell your story, it is what America is about. My wife and I have made very effort to support and patronize every small biz (the few that are open) we can during this period. The big boxes will survive and making big $$$. Know how many little league jersey’s have the big box names on them during the summer: NONE. Know how many have small biz, ALL. If I were in your town, when you do re-open, we would be there. Hopefully, your fellow neighbors and community citizens will do just that. Why it is important to tell you story. Oh, and hope you saw the fundraising email Cooper sending out. 500,000 in NC OUT OF JOBS and some of those, NO INCOME and he wants political dollars and capital…..

  3. I strongly urge, all of you, that want to go out, please do so. Kill yourselves off, so others can be safe to roam NC when the time comes. What’s holding you back? I say go for it!

    1. Doing JUST that….Stay home, forever. Don’t care. SEE THE MODELS>??? Understand the models???? Suppose your income isn’t affected or your economics. THOSE that are unaffected the most, are the ones that scream the loudest to keep everything shut down…

    2. If you want to hide indefinitely in your home Marline, ” I say go for it”. The rest of us need to make a living. We “essential” workers lives apparently aren’t as precious as yours, as we are out making sure you are comfortable in your home. The numbers do not justify what the government has done to our civil liberties. More people are being devastated and financially ruined, which in turn will result in even more tragic loss of life. Poverty is a huge factor in mortality rates. We need to keep people working. Where do you think the money to help comes from. Covid cases are not an automatic death sentence. I think we can be responsible in how we reopen. and we need to start working on that. Check the facts about recent past pandemics, and what we did not do.

  4. Germany has 1,651 cases per million, 49 deaths per million. For Kansas, the numbers are 551 and 28. Wisconsin, 671 and 34. Utah 881 and 7. And so on. Do you believe there should be a national shutdown covering them? As of April 16th In NC there have been a total of 131 deaths, 5,465 confirmed with the virus, 452 currently hospitalized in a State with over 10.5 M…”Experts” predict NC will have a total of around 500 deaths.. Why the panic and shutdown over the entire State…where is the backbone in the NCGA?

    1. And *asterisk those that were in very poorly managed nursing homes, and those rates/numbers/percentages spiral every further downward.

    2. My senator has no backbone nor any desire to do anything but make excuses. And he’s not a Dem. He can find excuse after excuse after excuse. I won’t find an excuse to not vote for him.

  5. Hopefully we will have more protests like happened on Monday. That was a good start and it needs to become regular and increasing participation. Reopen NC needs an actual website rather than Fakebook to help organize so those of us not on can see what they are planning. The bad thing is Doofus really is not calling the shots. He has his orders to not go too far in front of what his democrat overlords have decreed. Notice that he has said we need more testing to identify more cases….well that came right after Trump put criteria up that cases are decreasing….so Doofus is going to “find” ever more cases to keep adding in so we cannot open up.

    1. By their words and by their actions, you can tell that neither have ever been in uniform. Other individuals who’ve already put their lives on the line, understand that liberty must come first.

  6. Mr. Luddy IS mincing words. Much of his letter has little to offer beyond standard issue, politcal rhetoric, and gratuitous swipes at the Governor.He claims emergency orders stand on incorrect data, yet offers no data himself to substantiate his claim for corrections. I did not see a suggestion that he, and the business community he claims to represent, meet the Governor, or other officials to find common and reasonable solutions with everyone’s interests in mind. Lastly, he ignores the asymptomatic nature of Covid-19 transmission. Presuming his demands are met, and business resumes, what responsible plan will HE have to supress transmission in his community? Is he going to provide protective equipment and paid sick-leave for his workers, accommodate their families and others if they fall ill? If Mr. Luddy really wants a return to normal conditions, he’ll have to do a whole lot more than shake an angry rattle at the sky.

    1. The Luddy family is all about money. Even his so called schools. Any employee of CaptiveAire who would get COVID-19 would be screwed. He does not provide sick time and starts new employees with very little vacation which they must use for their sick time. Trust me I know. Also, remember that the majority of restaurants are closed and this is eating his profits. If he didn’t manufacture restaurant products, he would not make a word.

  7. I’m no expert on public health so I won’t comment on when the state should be reopened, but I will note that the so-called “Trump Economy” has turned out to be a joke. You would think in a strong economy, businesses and families would have savings that could carry them through an emergency period.

  8. May God richly bless Bob Luddy! He speaks the truth. It is refreshing to see businessmen take a stand in opposition to ridiculous job-killing edicts from Raleigh. I hope we see more of this as the economic shut-down is perpetuated with no relief in sight. Now, his was a superb letter that, for some reason, attracted an unusually large number of left-sympathizing trolls. Wonder how they got across the normally formidable and troll-proof drawbridge at The Daily Haymaker. Haven’t seen this much apologizing for our present chief executive since the last time I read comments on the News & Observer’s political Op Eds.

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