Tillis: No mandate for congressional GOP

waitSeriously? Unfortunately, I think he is quite serious: 

Sen.-elect Thom Tillis is already hitting the Sunday morning talk show circuit.

Appearing on CBS’s Face The Nation on Sunday, Tillis said the new Republican majority in the U.S. Senate doesn’t represent a mandate.

“I think that the American people did not give Republicans a mandate,” Tillis said, according to a transcript released by CBS. “They gave us a chance. They gave us a chance to lead.” […] 

WHAT? Every Republican who defeated an incumbent Democrat — ol’ Thom included — ran on a platform of stopping Obama.  Not compromise with him.  STOP him.  Everyone I encountered who said they were voting for Tillis said they were checking his name on the ballot as a way to STOP Obama.    Not to seek a slightly watered-down version of ObamaCare.  Not to offer up a slightly different flavor of amnesty for illegal aliens.  But to STOP BARRY.   If Barry wants it, tell him HELL NO.  (How much more crystal clear can we make it for these people?) MORE: 

[…] Tillis said President Barack Obama should ask Congress for a new use-of-force authorization to fight Islamic State militants. “I think that would be a show of good faith from the president, and I think it would give Congress more confidence that they’re a part of the process,” he said.

If part of that process involves giving a credible explanation to the American people why this group is a threat to our national security and why we need to invest our national honor and our troops’ lives in that fight, I’m all for that.

Tillis also criticized Obama for taking executive action on immigration. “I’m afraid that the president’s unilateral action is going to set us back,” Tillis said. “I believe that what we should do first and foremost is seal the border.”

Pretty hollow words coming from a guy who, while in Raleigh, cheerleaded for giving illegals driver licenses and watering down the thompointcitizenship check requirements for migrant workers. 

ObamaCare is setting us back.  New taxes and regulations are setting us back too. Complaining about unilateral action by the president is one part of the equation.  The really important part is demanding that existing immigration laws be enforced and that the Constitution be respected. 

Now that Mr. Big Boy Pants is in DC, I think conservatives can expect to see bigger and better things from the General Assembly.  Sadly, I think the crowd in DC is setting us up for one more disappointment and screwing-over.