Tillis: No mandate for congressional GOP

waitSeriously? Unfortunately, I think he is quite serious: 

Sen.-elect Thom Tillis is already hitting the Sunday morning talk show circuit.

Appearing on CBS’s Face The Nation on Sunday, Tillis said the new Republican majority in the U.S. Senate doesn’t represent a mandate.

“I think that the American people did not give Republicans a mandate,” Tillis said, according to a transcript released by CBS. “They gave us a chance. They gave us a chance to lead.” […] 

WHAT? Every Republican who defeated an incumbent Democrat — ol’ Thom included — ran on a platform of stopping Obama.  Not compromise with him.  STOP him.  Everyone I encountered who said they were voting for Tillis said they were checking his name on the ballot as a way to STOP Obama.    Not to seek a slightly watered-down version of ObamaCare.  Not to offer up a slightly different flavor of amnesty for illegal aliens.  But to STOP BARRY.   If Barry wants it, tell him HELL NO.  (How much more crystal clear can we make it for these people?) MORE: 

[…] Tillis said President Barack Obama should ask Congress for a new use-of-force authorization to fight Islamic State militants. “I think that would be a show of good faith from the president, and I think it would give Congress more confidence that they’re a part of the process,” he said.

If part of that process involves giving a credible explanation to the American people why this group is a threat to our national security and why we need to invest our national honor and our troops’ lives in that fight, I’m all for that.

Tillis also criticized Obama for taking executive action on immigration. “I’m afraid that the president’s unilateral action is going to set us back,” Tillis said. “I believe that what we should do first and foremost is seal the border.”

Pretty hollow words coming from a guy who, while in Raleigh, cheerleaded for giving illegals driver licenses and watering down the thompointcitizenship check requirements for migrant workers. 

ObamaCare is setting us back.  New taxes and regulations are setting us back too. Complaining about unilateral action by the president is one part of the equation.  The really important part is demanding that existing immigration laws be enforced and that the Constitution be respected. 

Now that Mr. Big Boy Pants is in DC, I think conservatives can expect to see bigger and better things from the General Assembly.  Sadly, I think the crowd in DC is setting us up for one more disappointment and screwing-over.  

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  1. All those North Carolinians who held their noses to vote for this pa damed thetic excuse for a conservative had in mind opposing Obama, Reid, and Pelosi, not working with them.

    How in the hell did the state that produced Jesse Helms end up with Tillis and Burr. We might as well have elected Pee Wee Herman and Ernest P. Worrell.

    1. Anyone who had followed Thommy’s career would have known that Tillis would not recognize a political principle if one jumped up and bit him. All he has ever done has been to be a rent boy for the special interests. But he can’t exactly say that on a TV talk show.

  2. This must be very comforting to Obama & Co. Thom makes a good mouth piece for the zombie GOP, the cadaver that never stops giving. We are now down to the sludgy particulates in the Republican gene pool. (Schumer is so confident that the GOP has reached eunuch standing, that he is not afraid to apologize to America for Obamacare.) At least they’ve admitted it early on, saving us from enduring more GOP falsehoods. Time to bury the cadaver and start over. Start now by pledging NOT to contribute to any incumbent. They ALL have to be replaced. And, underscore that pledge by re-registering as Unaffiliated. Drain your assumed vote from the GOP swamp. Do it this week. We’ll build our own grassroots solutions, county by county.

    1. THIS.

      As long as the Republican party of NC can claim that they can retain their voter base despite people like Thom Tillis, Skip Stam, Fletcher Hartsell, and Chad Barefoot, well there’s not much reason for them to represent Conservatives.

      1. The GOP is not keeping an extremely firm grip on their voting base. Unaffiliated voters make up 27% in NC and still growing. While most probably vote republican, there is no firm commitment and they will cast a vote for a better candidate regardless of stripe.

    2. You are speaking too broadly. There are some decent incumbents, just not too many of them. I would certainly keep Ted Cruz, Jeff Sessions, Mike Lee, Walter Jones, Tim Scott, and maybe 30 or 40 House members in other states. There area few decent governors around, too, as well as some of our NC legislators like Larry Pittman and Mike Speciale.

      You are also premature in abandoning the GOP, bad as things are, and particularly since the establishment’s dirty tricks in Mississippi, things have gotten pretty dire. I think the GOP is hurtling toward the point of no return. If they take a pass on repealing Obamacare and stopping Obama’s amnesty decree, then I think the party is over for the GOP. Connected to that is Mitch ”Kentucky Kickback” McConnell’s senseless drive to block Jeff Sessions from the chairmanship of the Budget Committee. If the establishment goes bad on that entire list, then it is time to start thinking about another horse to ride for conservatives because there would no longer be any argument that the GOP was viable. They would have worn out their welcome with the voters who put them in office.

      What we have is a GOP leadership in DC which hates conservatives about as much as Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi hate conservatives. McConnell, who cannot seem to find it within himself to do battle with Democrats on anything, nonetheless vows to ”crush them [conservatives in his own party] everywhere”. I do not see how conservatives can continue to function in that sort of environment. Over the last two years the GOP leadership in DC has started a war on conservatives and conservative principles that is continuing. That war is on the verge of blowing up the party.

      One pushback, if we had enough conservatives with real backbone, would be that if the leadership persists on this path, when election of the Speaker of the House comes before the full House, a conservative block would vote ”present” with enough votes to stop the reelection of Boehner and stay the course until Boehner withdrew his name and the issue was sent back for choice of a new candidate by the House GOP caucus. It is going to take drastic action like that to shake things up to save the GOP as a viable party.

      The time to save the GOP is growing short. The easiest way is to beat some sense into the leadership on actually fighting the Obama amnesty and Obamacare with every tool they have, and that means no chicken shit crybabying about ”shutting down the government”. That means using EVERY tool to save the country. The GOP has NEVER lost a seat due to a government shutdown, so why do we have such pathetic weak surrender monkeys in leadership who are so terrified any time anyone even suggests that might happen?

      Registering unaffiliated accomplishes nothing except maybe a feel good exercise personally. It is a cop out. We need to stay and fight until that becomes hopeless. Then we need to find a new way forward. Perhaps a new party like the Brits are doing with UKIP. Maybe an organized conservative independent group to back good guys in three way races. But just taking our marbles and going home is not going to cut it.

      You do have a point on contributing to national GOP groups. NRSC, NRCC, and the RNC are all wound up in the anti-conservative campaign within the GOP. No conservative should EVER give them a dime. Give instead directly to dependable candidates and to dependable groups like Senate Conservatives Fund or the Club for Growth.

  3. Big boy pants? I don’t like Tillis has gotten that far. I think he would soil his diaper if he ever had to stand up for any principle. This guy is an embarrassment to North Carolina and to the Republican Party. The thought of having to endure six years of him is sickening.

  4. Why would the sunday shows even think about having tillis? Maybe they knew his message. Looks like thom knows how to advance himself. what will he do next?

  5. I’m a long time Republican CONSERVATIVE ACTIVIST and for TOO LONG watched how we’ve been ‘placated’ by moderates who think their way is the way for CONSENSUS! I gave up and joined the Tea Party. Thom Tillis is treading on dangerous waters if he thinks he can deal with a den of rattlesnakes which are today’s radical leftist democrats. Hope he’s a fast learner cause the hems will eat him alive.

  6. Tillis, as many of us paying attention knew, would be nothing more than a warmed over version of Burr who has made a career leading from behind. Hate to say it to some but…TOLD YOU SO!

  7. Thom Tillis has not even begun his term in DC and is already soft on the important issues and has hopes of Obama showing “good faith”. Read The Daily Haymaker’s article https://dailyhaymaker.com/?p=9870 about Tillis’ interview on CBS’s Face The Nation. Tillis, nor any elected representative should ever “lead” us anywhere, they should keep their oath and defend the Constitution! Thom apparently does not know what article in the Constitution that he is bound to. “The true keepers of the Constitution are the people.” -George Washington. Those that supported and voted for progressive statists are truly responsible. Greg Brannon wrote an amazing article titled “The Oath”. Maybe Thom should read it before he swears to uphold the oath so he knows what his job really is. http://static.squarespace.com/static/52436616e4b0a6b4ebaa9f63/t/53e823d0e4b021a99e501c44/1407722448452/Oath.pdf

  8. Tillis & Burr are the new breed of Republicans who will work across the isle to move the country forward. That is why we elected them.

    North Carolina should well be proud to have two such fine Senators representing us. They will make us proud and be of great service not only to North Carolina but to the entire United State and the world.

    1. Which ”isle” are you referring to, Mr. statist troll? Cuba, maybe? That would be fitting for the likes of Tillis and Tricky Dick Burr.

      Time is short to save the GOP from these Benedict Arnold Republicans. If we do not. then it will be time for conservatives to find a different horse to ride.

  9. To be totally fair, I think Tillis was pretty clear about how “Dem-lite” is his basic, underlying political ideology.

    That people voted for him because of the R next to his name… to get rid of D’s…. that’s just, for him, a happy, fortunate accident.

    It’s not surprising when the tiger continues to not change his stripes. 🙂

    We now have a GOP Congress… yay *waves little flag*

    Obamacare or the eventual legislative amnesty… I dont get the impression that “stopping Obama” is much on his radar.

  10. And Tillis gets to walk the halls of the Senate for the next 6 years. That is what happens when there is no credible challenger. You cannot beat a somebody with a nobody.

    Votes count more than rhetoric.

    1. Well, no, it is what happens when you have a political boss sugar daddy like Uncle Karl to dump in millions to buy the nomination for you when you are floundering in the polls.

    2. tillis just squeaked by in a state and year when he should have crushed the Dem. Had to spend millions to do it. *slow clap

  11. Moved to NC in July 2013. Just in time for all of the fun. We voted Brannon in the primary because you can smell a rat before you see one.
    I said from the get go if Tillis wins obama gets another yes man to replace the 97 per center already in office. We gained nothing but an R in statistics.

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