Tillis: “I’m not concerned about winning a primary, and I’m not concerned about getting re-elected”



Good for YOU.  Why worry about things that are UNLIKELY to happen?





Mark Walker — known to the US Department of Justice as “Public Official A” — is still enjoying his time in the sun as a potential  Tillis challenger.  The first time this talk went around –– it was a result of Walker’s office getting a local GOP official to leak it to the drive-by media.  That gave Walker a little free publicity, and a chance to be coy (and eventually to deny it).


Well, thanks to a little help from The Club For Growth, Walker is back in  the spotlight as a potential Tillis rival.  (The Club did such a bang-up job with Congresswoman Celeste Cairns.)


It’s a head-scratcher (just like the Cairns endorsement) WHY The Club For Growth would be promoting a Senate run by a guy mentioned in a federal corruption indictment. 




11 thoughts on “Tillis: “I’m not concerned about winning a primary, and I’m not concerned about getting re-elected”

  1. I got a text message from Thilli$$$ the other day…
    Tillis: It’s Thom Tillis. Yes or No: Should violent criminals and terrorists have voting rights from behind bars?
    AndyW: Hell no you flip-flopping moron! You should not need to ask. That among other things is why you will be voted out of office next year.

    I’ll be supporting Garland Tucker

  2. As Tillis’ staff told me a few years ago when I called asking him to support a bill, and he refused, you’ll forget about this at re-election time in 2020. Well, here it is 2019, and I’ve not forgotten.

  3. “I am not concerned about winning the primary. I am not concerned about getting re-elected.” Is this statement true?

  4. You’re going home, Tillis! We’ve had enough of you choosing illegals over the tax paying American citizens!

    1. You might be right. That’s the same comment I’m hearing around my county. Up until now, I had thought that Tillis revulsion was primarily confined to just us DHers.

  5. I don’t think I have talked to a single Republican I know who plans to vote for Tillis in a primary, and most not in a general election either.

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