Tilli$$$: Illegals not the problem, unvaccinated Americans ARE


Thom Tillis has barely won two Senate races, yet he continues to thumb his nose at his party’s base —  instead of, you know, trying to patch things up.  Tilli$$$ managed a two-fer when he spoke recently to an Asheville business group — defending illegal border crossers, and taking a swipe at Trump supporters:

Sen. Thom Tillis told a conservative local business group that anti-pandemic measures should focus on getting North Carolinians vaccinated, not on migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border.

“If you look at a state like North Carolina, even absent the possible threat of spreading through illegal crossings, we’ve got a real problem here with people not getting the vaccine,” Tills said Aug. 26 to the Council of Independent Business Owners.

The recently reelected Republican’s statement in the Zoom meeting with CIBO flies in the face of right-wing claims that the surge of Central American migrants is driving the country’s current COVID-19 spike.[…]

Thom and his pals are so busy tying CBP’s hands that I am sure there is not much in the way of COVID testing going on.  All of these people with no documentation whatsoever swarming over our border from disease- and poverty-stricken Third World countries are nothing to worry about?


[…] Tillis told CIBO members he was alarmed about the record number of immigrants and the asylum process that he said was likely allowing people from a “criminal element” to slip into the state. But he pushed back when Carrol asked whether immigrants were exacerbating the state’s pandemic situation.