Cooper: Stop bullying the school board


You heard the genius right.  Shut your mouth while the elected puppets of the unelected public school administrators continue to do the bidding of the superintendent and his staff –  NO QUESTIONS ASKED.


Ironically,  COVID helped raise the activities of school boards and school board elections from a political after-thought to the top of everyone’s minds.  The man-on-the-street began to see the COVID authoritarianism and the critical race theory nonsense up-close-and-personal.  People are getting upset over the fact that the folks they elected to be their eyes and ears are nothing more than rubber-stamps for unelected bureaucrats.

It used to be customary for voters to gloss over school board races if they didn’t have kids in the system.

Protests are apparently only a problem if conservatives do them.  (We don’t burn down cities like some on the other side like to do.)

Apparently,  according to Roy Cooper, demanding that  your elected officials actually listen to you and respect your wishes is bullying. (The folks in power sure do hate it when the little people start getting in the way. So, if that’s bullying, what do you call endangering people’s workplace promotions,  pay raises,  pay checks, and actual employment if they don’t get a vaccination you want them to get?)

Apparently,  the protests are making service on local school boards way too hard.  Apparently, a lot of people are bailing out of their posts on the various boards — fearing alleged “threats” and “intimidation.”  It’s actually not a surprise that people are getting angry once they’ve discovered what their elected officials have been doing to them and their children.  At least the liars in Raleigh and DC can use their geographic distance from their constituents as a safety / buffer zone.

School board members have to actually live and work among the people they are fleecing and lying to.