Thom Tillis’s CAIR love affair

Thom Tillis has no credibility whatsoever on questions of foreign policy.  No one in these parts asked him to go to DC and jump headfirst into that world.  But damn if he didn’t. 

Tillis recently offered a public dissing of his much-more conservative colleague JD Vance (R-OH) for daring to suggest that we need to cut off aid to The Ukraine, audit what we’ve sent so far, and focus on our own southern border.

It seems just like yesterday that Tillis was on Tucker Carlson‘s Fox show blasting then-President Trump’s idea of a border wall. 

It seems that, every time Tillis steps out there publicly on a question of foreign policy, he’s dead-freakin’ wrong.  (Take Note, Ted.)

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is quite a controversial player in American politics.  Its director recently praised the October 7 terrorist attack by Hamas on unarmed Israeli civilians.

Fox News has been riding senator Bob Casey (D-PA) hard for a 2016 letter he wrote in praise of CAIR.  Fox must have missed the 2018 letter that Tillis wrote to the same group.

We – fortunately – did not.

Tillis’ broadside against the Trump border wall got him censured in 2017 by the Sixth Congressional District GOP.  In 2022, the Lee County GOP censured Tillis for “dereliction of duty” regarding THIS matter and some others.  In 2023, the state GOP censured Tillis for all kinds of malfeasance. 

The United Arab Emirates has officially declared CAIR to be a “terrorist organization” in league with the notorious Muslim Brotherhood.  Even the Biden White House is distancing itself from CAIR.

Meanwhile, Thom Tillis is attacking his much-more conservative colleague JD Vance.

I’m not suggesting Tillis is ready to scream ‘Olly Ack-bar’ and go all jihad on us.  As I have since he first rose to power in 2011 — I’m questioning his judgement.