Tholl roads. Thime Warner. Thom Tillis. (THROUBLE ???)

tillis mouthBig Barry in DC and Speaker Thom are getting a real taste of what Tricky Dick Nixon went through in 1974. * It sure blows when people start raising a stink about your heavy-handed iron-fisted management style. *

For some reason, Speaker Thom and his Cornelius cronies are working overtime to shove toll roads down the throats of the people in Mecklenburg County.  Something sure changed ol’ Thom’s mind since last year — when he was filmed making THESE anti-toll statements.    Instead of listening to his constituents’ concerns about the proposed tolls, Speaker Thom and his crew have worked hard to shut them up and shut them out.

Tillis put the word out that the decision on tolls would be left up to a regional organization called MUMPO — which just happens to be stacked with Tillis cronies from the Cornelius area.  Wednesday night, MUMPO rammed through approval of the toll roads over the loud objections of local residents.

Theam Tillis also pushed through a bill allowing tolls on I-95, and worked hard to kill an amendment forcing the House to vote on implementation of ANY new toll roads.

Also, this week, we had ANOTHER GOP legislator publicly criticize the Tillis regime on Jones Street.  State Rep. Larry Pittman (R-Cabarrus) first made headlines a few weeks ago with an on-camera critique of Tillis’s management of the state House.  A short time later, Pittman issued a statement apologizing for the manner in which he made the remarks — but not for the substance of the remarks.  Even though Pittman issued the apology, Theam Tillis is aggressively promoting a GOP primary challenger to Pittman for 2014.

Now comes state Rep. Bob Brawley (R-Iredell), chairman of the House Finance Committee.  Brawley made headlines for publicly criticizing the toll road plan for I-77 being promoted by Theam Tillis.   Then, Brawley has the *gall* to issue a letter criticizing The Supreme Leader and his management of the House:

One of the chairs of the House Finance Committee resigned his chairmanship on the House floor Wednesday, alleging that Speaker Thom Tillis has mishandled legislation and aggressively confronted him on a bill the speaker personally opposed.

Rep. Robert Brawley, R-Iredell, also accused Tillis of going back on previous opposition to toll roads and killing a de-annexation bill in the Troutman community “under the pretense we do not want to create conflicts with towns” while cutting into local control of the state’s western water system. Brawley’s resignation follows a public outcry last month from Rep. Larry Pittman, R-Cabarrus, who said Tillis had held up his bills on guns and religion.

Brawley, in his tenth term after a 13-year hiatus, said he’ll stay on as a representative but was forced by Tillis to resign as a chairman because he publicly accused the speaker of having ties with tolling companies. The House recently passed a bill opening the door for new toll roads if the state also maintains the same number of free lanes that were previously available.

Tillis spokesman Jordan Shaw said the decision for Brawley to relinquish his leadership post was mutual but wouldn’t point to specific reasons why the speaker wanted him to do so.

“I think it’s just a reflection of several different things,” he said.

Shaw said Brawley won’t likely be replaced at this point in the legislative session. He was one of two chairmen and a senior chairman.

Brawley also claimed Tillis slammed his office door and demanded to know about a bill he sponsored this session carving out exemptions from a 2011 law that limited local governments’ ability to set up public broadband networks. The law’s passage was seen as a major victory for Time Warner Cable, which Brawley accused Tillis of representing when he entered his office.

“You and I both know the bill stifles the competition with (locally owned provider) MI Connections in Mooresville,” Brawley wrote in his letter. “MI Connections is being operated just as any other free enterprise system and should be allowed to do so without the restrictions placed on them by the proponents of Time Warner.”

Brawley’s bill was filed in April but hasn’t moved through any committees. A deadline requiring any bills that don’t raise money or taxes to clear at least one chamber expired last week.

Shaw said he doesn’t know of any business relationship between Tillis and Time Warner. A regional Time-Warner spokesman said Tillis has no ties to the company.

Brawley also criticized Tillis’ handling of a 2012 bill making the N.C. Bail Agents Association the only group allowed to provide training to licensed bondsmen. He called it a “monopoly” benefiting the family of Rep. Justin Burr, R-Stanly and a bail bondsman whose father is president of the association. A Superior Court judge in Raleigh issued an injunction delaying the bill last year.

“The bill never should’ve come up to start with,” Brawley said. “It’s been struck down. I’ve tried twice to simply quietly get it done, get rid of it so we don’t have a monopoly.”

Shaw said it’s not fair to draw a broader connection between criticisms from Brawley and Pittman that House leadership is stifling their voices.

“We have 77 people in our caucus,” he said. “It’s pretty clear we’re going to have a difference of opinion occasionally.”

I am not going to cry a lot of tears for these GOP legislators.  They knew that Tillis was like this going into the 2011 session.  They voted him in as speaker.  He had a track record from 2011-2012, and they unanimously re-elected him.   THIS web site heard a lot of off-the-record and on-background trash-talking, from folks who have a vote within the GOP House caucus, about how we could stick a fork in Thom Tillis — he’s done.    When it came time to vote for House leadership, an awful lot of spines turned to linguini, and Thom Theriffic was back in the saddle again.


I have to say that Pittman and Brawley are profiles in courage among a caucus of wusses.  Instead of examining the concerns the two brought up, their colleagues bashed them for making the party and Speaker Thom look bad.   (It’s sad that our mainstream media focuses more on an apparent personal conflict than on whether Speaker Thom has a business relationship with Time Warner, and what  — if anything – -that relationship is.) 

An awful lot of this stuff leaking out sounds like deja vu all over again — a rerun of the Black, Morgan, Basnight, Rand era. There is an awful lot of political posturing and positioning for future elections.  (For what it’s worth, PPP’s latest poll shows ol’ Thom  [5 percent] polling behind Dr. Greg Brannon [6 percent]  and just ahead of former Charlotte mayor pro tem Lynn Wheeler [3 percent] in the 2014 US Senate GOP primary.)   With Tillis, we are seeing what the House would have been like if Richard Morgan and Jim Black were smarter and smoother. 

It’s not about the Republican Party.  It’s about saving our state and our country.  If your top concern is making yourself or the GOP look good to McClatchy and WRAL and their low-information readers and viewers, YOU NEED TO GO.

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  1. Praise God for the Daily Haymaker. This is scary stuff. When does an ethics investigation occur?

    1. Ethics? Ethics? We don’t need no stinkin ethics. What’s really amazing is the shock that the House is run the same as the previous two years. What did they expect?
      I’d really like to see more back bone in the GA. I’ve said it before, we elect people to represent us, not support some other elected official. If that’s too hard, show some “ethics”. Go home.

  2. Could someone check the personal welfare and safety of Representative Debra Conrad from the Winston Salem area? Did Tillis take her for a swim off a short dock?

    She’s the representative that acknowledged committee assignments are for sale in the legislature. We never heard publicly what happened to her. She didn’t apologize for making critical comments about the pontiff Speaker. Tillis has a history of intimidating the female gender for making critical comments about his excellency. Think FlyerGate.

    Given the level of coercion, extortion, and intimitation by Tillis and his goons that is starting to become very public now, just like the House operated in the days before Jim Black was indicted and sent to prison, it might be nice to know she’s not on the bottom of Jordan Lake.

    Debra Conrad made statements indicating that as far as committie assignments in the NC House go- Money talks under the administration of Republican Speaker of the House Thom Tillis.

    “Unfortunately, the more money you raise and give to the speaker, the better committee assignment you get,” Conrad said. “I don’t like that situation.”

    If you think the NCGOP is riding in on the white horse to save the day from Tillis and the bad guys. Sorry, they’re accomplices to the crime. Tillis takes the first whacks to work over the House members and extort them for money, and then “the party bosses” come in to finish the job on non-benevolent members who thought they were coming to Raleigh to serve their constituents.

    “The party wants the money funneled to a central source, which is the speaker as head of the caucus.”

    The white horse the public should be looking for to ride in and save the day and North Carolina from the likes of punks and thugs like Tillis and crew? The US Department of Justice. That and only that will end it until the next snake slithers into the swamp.

  3. Tillis is nothing but Liston Ramsey in an elephant mask. He is even more of a strongarm legislative dictator than Basnight was. Tillis is a huge embarassment to the Republican Party. But we have to remember where he came from. Tillis got into politics by being recruited by the corrupt Jim Black / Richard Morgan team to challenge an incumbent conservative GOP legislator in a primary. The Morgan / Black team then funneled the money to that race to buy the seat for Tillis, who became a loyal foot soldier for Morgan and Black. Why our caucus ever selected someone with such an odious background as Speaker is beyond me. We simply cannot put this loser up as our Senate nominee.

  4. Two things…one, if I’d never heard a negative thing about Tillis before, I’d be concerned about him now, because Bob Brawley’s reputation is pretty solid from what I here…ironically, I heard Tillis praising Brawley not all that long ago.

    Second, pay no attention to that PPP poll…they’re practically an arm of the Democrat party and of course they’d like to promote the GOP candidate THEY’D LIKE to face off against Kay Hagan. That’s not Tillis simply because he has lots of campaign cash and name recognition as well. Not that I’d support him just because of that….far from it, unless Berger jumps into the race, I’m completely behind Brannon and maybe even if Berger DOES declare.

  5. No political scandal is complete without a Zamboni. Just gotta throw in a Zamboni to make the deal worth the time.

    A member of Thom Tillis’ NC House Leadership Team faces up to 90 years in prison if convicted. Did the Speaker give Time Warner cable a Zamboni machine too?

    The Kinston Republican’s trial is expected to last several weeks, and puts the one-time lawmaker in N.C. House Speaker’s Thom Tillis leadership circle at risk of going to prison. If convicted of the dozen charges he faces, he could end up with a prison term of more than 90 years.

    The non-profits LaRoque founded and ran received more than $8 million in federal dollars since 1997 as part of a U.S. Department of Agriculture program to seek to combat rural poverty by offering loans to struggling small businesses. The non-profits essentially serve as middle men for the anti-poverty program and manage the loans to businesses on behalf of the USDA.

    LaRoque received more than $2 million in compensation over the years and is accused of using the non-profits to partially finance his own lifestyle, including buying $5,000 reproduction Faberge eggs for his wife, an ice-skating rink, a car and a Zamboni ice resurfacer.

  6. I must say it is refreshing to see real informed comments calling it like it is, even though Thillis is Republican, and this blog is certainly leaning. You guys have hit the nail on the head with every comment. Especially Brawley having courage. I know for a fact he did try to handle things quietly. Thillis just bumped into a real man who wouldn’t be bullied. The arrogance of our elected just amazes me. Thillis needs to go. Apodaca needs to go. There is no room for bullies and tyrants in our state officials. We have plenty on a local level already.

    Look in the underground parking deck at Jones street and you see Thillis’ bright blue truck in the absolute best space, six feet from the door. He’s got a mountain bike mounted in the bed for all to see. I bet Brawley could kick his butt and he’s seventy.. Sorry, had to go redneck for a moment.

  7. Interestingly, the video linked above was scrubbed from YouTube last Wednesday morning. Rep. Robert Brawley was asked on the House floor Tuesday, May 21, how he knew that Speaker Tillis opposed the toll road scheme. Brawley said because there’s a video on youtube of Tillis saying he opposed it. That video, under the Truckers Assn account, was scrubbed sometime between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.


    Thankfully, someone at Widen I77 had saved a copy for the record.

  8. I cruised the halls of the ugly buildings today, the parking lot was nearly empty. Tillis’ blue truck was there though. And then I hear there is an official announcement coming….that explains it. A reporter camped outside his door, steno pad in hand. But those are just obvious signals. When I connected with my ace sources, only two were working….here is what the scuttlebutt is…
    There is growing interest in an ethics complaint’s emergence on Thillis, presumably from the lastest implications of biz relationships. Many are expecting some fallout which is most ironic at the same time Thillis is going to announce for US Senate.

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