Thilli$$$: Standing up for the “little guy” (from the US Chamber & Mexico)

We just heard Thom Tillis passionately defend “the little guys” over at Goldman Sachs.  Now, check out what he  is up to regarding Trump’s immigration reforms:

Business advocates who want to import more foreign consumers and more foreign workers are developing plans to counter President Donald Trump’s popular call for a merit-based immigration reform.
The emerging strategy is to pair offers of minor concessions to Americans and Trump with demands for giveaways to business, including a bigger supply of low-wage workers and welfare-funded consumers. The immigration “pairing” strategy is being pushed by the industry-backed Business Policy Council, in cooperation with GOP Sen. Thom Tillis.[…]

Show of hands.  Who voted FOR this? (Anyone? *Bueller?*)


[…] The strategy collides with Trump’s emphasis on raising Americans’ wages via “merit-based immigration,” which is also backed by a new productivity-boosting immigration drafted by two GOP Senators, David Perdue and Tom Cotton. “Real and positive immigration reform is possible, as long as we focus on the following goals: to improve jobs and wages for Americans, to strengthen our nation’s security, and to restore respect for our laws,” Trump told Congress February 28.

The business push for “pairing” creates a risk for the many Americans worried about cheap-labor migration, said Mark Krikorian, the executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies. President Trump “has the potential to be taken to the cleaners by [Sen.] Chuck Schumer because [immigraton] is something he doesn’t know anything about… hopefully [Steve] Bannon and [Stephen] Miller will prevent this from happening.”

Tillis and lobbyists at the BPC described their emerging “pairing” strategy at a recent press event.

“We have to have border security,” Tillis said in a conversation with Haley Barbour, the co-chair of the BPC’s immigration advocacy task force, who also runs a lobbying firm, the BGR Group. Tillis continued:

To me, it is absolutely essential [border security] be one of the first measures that we pass. Now the question is what can we pair with it that will start creating some sort of consensus going … around a series of other things that we can talk about, but we are not going to put in the [first] bill because if it gets too convoluted, if it becomes too comprehensive, than it starts falling apart.[…]

Oh, gee.  Thom is teaming up with Haley Barbour on this TOO.  (*What could go wrong?*)


8 thoughts on “Thilli$$$: Standing up for the “little guy” (from the US Chamber & Mexico)

  1. The Republican Party establishment and the voters of NC who chose to put Thom Tillis in office are the ones to hold responsible for this disaster that now represents NC. We had a true, honest STRONG Constitutional Conservative man who ran for this seat. Greg Brannon would have fought with everything he has to repeal Obamacare, fight against amnesty, government spying, government controlled education and the courts making our laws. When I say he would fight with everything he has, I mean that literally. He and his wife have given everything they have for the fight for liberty. If we, as Americans, don’t put people like Greg Brannon in office to fight for our Constitutional rights and for our freedom, we will lose what freedom we have left. Remember who endorsed Greg, the same people fighting the establishment republicans:
    Sen Lee, Sen Paul, Ron Paul, Levin, Beck , Coulter, Woods and the other true Constitutionalists? And don’t forget the ones that supported Thom: ALEC, Big Pharma, the Chamber and big banks. The old saying is, “You get what you pay for.” Well…the GOP and voters of NC are now getting what they paid for! I think it’s time to demand our money back and put Greg Brannon in DC! My hope is that he will run again and take back MY country from these Cronies and liberals in DC!

  2. Haley Barbour is a real establishment scumbag and friend of Robin Hayes. Barbour has been a paid lobbyist for the government of Mexico, in which he pushed for amnesty for illegal aliens, and Barbour and his nephew were responsible for the dirty tricks in the 2014 Mississippi Senate primary runoff against the conservative frontrunner which included dishonest racebaiting radio ads and robocalls to stampede black liberal Democrat voters to improperly vote in the GOP runoff for the establishment candidate.

    This sounds like the Monkey Business Policy Council to me.

    The Ashcroft poll showed that 76% of of GOP voters and 55% of all voters believed that ”deportation of persons in the country illegally” should be a top priority of the Trump administration. That scoundrel Tillis is a paid prostitute of the corrupt special interests and he is an enemy of the American people and especially of Republicans.

    Tillis ought to change his party affiliation to Socialist tomorrow. He and Bernie Sanders are two peas in a leftwing pod.

    Tillis’ endorsement of Hayes at the state convention will be the kiss of death. If Tillis shows up in Wilmington, he should be booed off the stage.


  3. Everyone in the Swamp is for sale at some point; some sooner than others. Convention of States and six year term limits … that and the return to Saturday morning public hangings would go a long way.

  4. What a flip flop artist. In this utterance, Thom ”El Loco” Tillis says border security is essential and one of the first things to pass, but almost immediately flips to saying the border wall promised by President Trump should not be built. Tillis is against border security now.

    The problem is that Tillis is deep in the hip pocket of the corrupt special interests and has already announced that he cares nothing about what his constituents want. The voters of NC need to give Tillis the heave ho in 2020, and we need to do that within the GOP to his little dog Woodhouse even sooner. The NCGOP needs to openly shun this traitor Tillis. Perhaps a resolution to censor and rebuke him at the state convention would be in order.


  6. Do a search on ”Business Policy Council” and it turns up nothing under that name, but it turns up quite a bit under ”Global Business Policy Council”, so one wonders if this is a recently concocted fly by night front group too new to have any search hits or is it the Global Business Policy Council? If it is the latter, it is clearly a leftwing group. All one has to do is look at its staff, which is headed by a former Senate staffer for Joe Biden and is full of people from liberal think tanks and even the liberal media. The bios of the staff do not reveal anyone with a conservative background. Is this whom Thom Tillis is buddying up with?

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