They’re CAVING. (Um, SURPRISE ?????)

mcconnboehnerRemember the bill of goods we got sold about the CRomnibus vote? Every North Carolina Republican — except Walter Jones and Mark Meadows — followed right along with leadership in giving Barry Obama the funding he needed following his amnesty decree.

‘We’ll get him early in 2015’ was the promise we got from our fearless representatives in DC.  Well, it’s Zero Hour.  The House has passed a bill denying funding to the agencies charged with implementing amnesty.  The Senate is preparing to throw in the towel and give Obama everything he wants.   We’re hearing word about behind-the-scenes fights between allegedly frustrated House leaders and the Senate leadership.  But, in the end, we’re going to get a CAVE – -in the interest of avoid thissellout allegedly traumatic “government shutdown.”

The mentality of most career politicians is to not push for something if you are not 100 percent sure the votes are there to avoid a veto.  Unfortunately for them, we sent a loud message in November: Stop Obama and all of his agenda by any means necessary.

At least, act like you’re trying. 



4 thoughts on “They’re CAVING. (Um, SURPRISE ?????)

    1. Obama could not have said it more plainly when he said that his policies were on the ballot although he was not. His policies lost BIG TIME.

  1. The RINOs aren’t caving. They’re helping the Dems pass what they all want. (Hint: It’s the same thing.)

    At least, the Dems are upfront about it. The RINOs have to fool their stupid voters into believing they’re putting up a fight.

    Got a problem with that? Then, shut up and write Reince Priebus a bigger check, ’cause it’s expensive to take a stand on this hill and fight for you rubes! Well, not THIS hill, obviously, but there has to be one, somewhere. We promise!

    McConnell’s-Boner: “Look, if we tell you the truth, you won’t vote for us.” (*snicker*)

  2. This betrayal of Republican voters has been in the cards at least since the CRomnibus debacle. CRomnibus surrendered most of the GOP’s power of the purse for most of this year, and therefore its leverage to reel in Obama’s excesses. Boehner engineered CRomnibus, supported by McConnell, and all NC Repubicans voted for it except Walter Jones and Mark Meadows.

    This betrayal creates a huge problem for the GOP in 2016 because it greatly disillusions GOP voters. According to the calculations of Almanac of American Politics co-editor Jay Cost, three million Republican voters who had come out for McCain stayed home in 2012 for Romney. There is already a malaise among GOP voters when they look at the extraordinarily weak performance of Washington, DC Republicans. This makes it much worse because polls showed that in 2014 stopping illegal aliens flooding the country was the single issue of most concern to GOP voters. Betraying the GOP base on its issue of biggest concern is not likely to end well for the GOP in 2016-

    The GOP’s best potential solution to this problem is to dirch as many of the weak links as possible. Dumping our Wrong Way Corrigan leadership in Congress and replacing them with real leaders would be the best bet. Nominating a presidential candidate whom the GOP base can trust is also critical. A Jeb Bush or a Chris Christie just reemphasizes the miserable failures in DC because they represent the same policies. A Ted Cruz or Scott Walker nömination, however, could reenergize the base.

    Republicans also need to äddress the pröblem in the primaries. We need to replace our own weak link politicians here in NC. That means a new Senate nominee. That means quite a few new House nominees. That will be difficult but that is what is needed to turn things around so that the GOP does not go the way of the Whigs.

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