The two JOHNs and the 50-year pass

By the logic of the driveby fake news crowd and the political establishment, good works done 50 years or more ago immunize you from any and all criticism.  The two best examples:  Senator John McCain and congressman John Lewis.

We’ve all heard about John McCain’s unsolicited stay at the nefarious ‘Hanoi Hilton’ prison camp during the Vietnam War.  (I’ve got mad respect and appreciation for anyone who can survive a hell like that, without bending or betraying your country, and walk out with your head held high.)  Former US senator Jeremiah Denton (R-Ala.) didn’t get the same level of respect.  He also was a “guest” at the Hanoi Hilton. But the Democrats didn’t seem to mind beating the hell out of Denton in 1986 to get Democrat Richard Shelby elected.  (Shelby switched to the GOP after the 1994 GOP wave.)

The difference?  Denton was a fire-breathing conservative who refused to lean left to make friends with the fake news media and the establishment.  McCain has set himself up as THE GO-TO REPUBLICAN for the drivebys to go to get negative quotes against the GOP and the conservative agenda.  It’s earned him a pass for his involvement in the Keating Five S&L debacle in the 1980s.   The media loved McCain when he hit at Trump during the presidential campaign.

McCain recently contributed to the burgeoning fake news industry by admitting that he passed that bogus intelligence report about Donald Trump and “golden showers” over to the intelligence community.

Now, on to John Lewis.  He gets props for working with MLK to bring about the Civil Rights agenda.  But since getting elected to Congress, he’s been a sure thing for: (1) smearing someone as a “racist” right when the DNC wants him to, and (2) voting for and promoting the Marxist-Leninist agenda.

Breitbart came up with a great example of SIX notorious lies that Lewis has publicly promoted while in office.  Here’s a summary:  (1) smearing McCain and Sarah Palin during the 2008 presidential campaign as “racists,” (2) claimed Tea Partiers screamed the nasty n-word at him while walking to the House floor to vote for ObamaCare, (3) claimed at the 2012 Democrat National Convention that the GOP wanted to take America back to Jim Crow, (4)  compared Trump to George Wallace, (5) called Trump illegitimate, and (6) claimed Bernie Sanders played no role whatsoever in the civil rights movement.  

(Regarding that whole “illegitimate” thing regarding Trump — More than half of America’s voters chose someone other than Bill Clinton in 1992 and 1996.  Clinton took the Electoral College.  THAT was OK with Democrats.  Republicans were not hollering about illegitimacy then. )

It’s funny that Lewis is immunized against criticism.  The descendants of Medgar Evers and Roy Ennis decided to cast their lots with conservatism and the Republican Party.  They and their families sacrificed a lot during the civil rights struggle.  And they’re dismissed. 

James Meredith — who I worked with in Washington — integrated the University of Mississippi.  A platoon of National Guard had to escort him into classes at the Oxford campus in the face of an angry mob.  Meredith is a proud conservative Republican.  Yet, he’s denounced and dismissed as a kook and a traitor.

Mr. Meredith, the Everses and the Ennises were all right on the front lines of the civil rights movement with Lewis. They get trashed or dismissed.  Lewis decides to ‘Stepin Fetchit’ for his liberal plantation masters, and is summarily upheld as an “icon” by the fake news media.

It’s great that McCain and Lewis did these noble things 50 years ago.  They are to be commended for that.  But they don’t give you a free pass for what you’ve said and done 30 years ago or yesterday, for that matter.