The Tea Party is living rent-free in Bev’s head

The alleged mainstream media (MSM) spends a lot of time and energy trying to tell us that the Tea Party is an extremist fringe who should not be taken seriously.

The word “tea” is an acronym for “Taxed Enough Already.”  The activists who align themselves with the Tea Party — I am one — are demanding that the government bureaucracy get its fiscal house in order.  They want to see spending cut and waste, fraud and abuse aggressively attacked and eliminated.

Madame Governor did not want ONE penny cut from the bloated state budget.  She was demanding state-subsidized nursery school for EVERYBODY.  She has NEVER been a proponent of fiscal restraint. (Spending other people’s money is SO MUCH FUN.)

Suddenly, we are getting stuff like this, three days ago, from Madame Governor:

Gov. Bev. Perdue on Friday announced a project to overhaul the way North Carolina state government buys $4 billion worth of goods each year, in an effort to save money and discourage waste.

Administration officials outlined a multiyear project, already under way, that includes bulk buying deals with other states and more training of the estimated 1,000 state and community college officials involved at least part-time in purchasing.

“State government must be streamlined and nimble, finding every savings that we can, just as families and businesses across the state are doing,” Perdue said in a statement.

Why the change of heart?  Could Madame Governor be thinking about the polls showing her losing to a candidate who has not even announced, and is an unknown to about half of the voters?  Could she have seen the damage the Tea Party has done to political careers of big-spending Democrats nationwide, and locally to many of her friends in the legislature and to Bob “Who are You” Etheridge?

Maybe she is realizing that it’s no longer 2008, when Barry-O was demolishing McCain and dumping tons of street money in The Tar Heel State.  (It is clear that he carried her across the finish line that year.) Barry’s problems are just as bad — if not worse — than what Madame is looking at these days.  Bev can’t hide behind Barry, and she has a fired up Tea Party out there stirring up the voters in the hinterlands.

Don’t let the MSM fool you.  They, and their masters in the Democrat Party, are scared to death about all of these average, hardworking taxpaying Americans suddenly deciding to pay attention to what their government is doing.

Limited government earned a huge mandate in Raleigh and D.C. in November 2010.  Elected officials need to recognize that, or prepare to join a great many of our friends and neighbors in the unemployment line.