The Stupid Party sees its shadow. (TWO more years of Big Dummy and his grandson.)

Columnist George Will once labeled the GOP Establishment “the Stupid Party” for its penchant for blowing tremendous opportunities.  

By a count of 568-445, last year’s coup has been “legitimized.”   Of course, it took (1) weighted votes from elected officials, (2) hinky rules like letting the sole attendee from a county, who happens to be a Hayes supporter, have his vote count 15 times, (3) lots of lying and slandering, and (4) a good chunk of special interest money to once again keep the rubes beyond the Raleigh beltline at bay.

There’s nothing especially remarkable about Robin Hayes. (People saw that in 1996 when he suffered the worst beatdown in modern history for any GOP gubernatorial nominee.)  He’s coasted through life on his family’s money and connections.   He had no real accomplishments while a member of the majority in the North Carolina House.  (His mama’s money helped him get a leadership post.  His inactivity earned him the nickname of ‘The Old Porch-Dog.’) 

We were told he was a fundraising prodigy.  Yet, he got outraised in his previous term by former chairmen Pope, Daves, AND Harnett.  We were told he needed to be reelected due to his loyalty to Donald Trump.  (Never mind that Hayes served as state co-chairman for Marco Rubio.)  The party lost control of two of three branches of state government in November, yet the NCGOPe tried to sell us that we NEEDED MORE HAYES & WOODHOUSE.  

This year, Robin Hayes faced an impressive challenger in Jim Womack. A former county commissioner, long-time local party activist, and current chairman of the Lee County GOP.  A West Point grad and a decorated Army officer.  A successful businessman who got tapped for service to his state government.  Womack has been credited with making the Lee County GOP once again a formidable threat in a Democrat-dominated county.  Hardly a ‘porch-dog.’

Yet, the consultant-driven slander machine in Raleigh went to work on Womack.  They attacked his wife and his kids.  Painted him as a bigot.  Basically, they were meaner to him than they ever are to the Democrats.

The kind of shameful crap that went down in this race  is one of the biggest reasons you don’t often have people of substance offering themselves up for political service.

This vote was NOT about any strengths or accomplishments of Robin Hayes.  The NCGOPe was scared.  The RNC in DC thinks a lot of Dallas Woodhouse.  They’ve made his continued employment non-negotiable in keeping the cash flowing to the state party coffers from DC.  (Money running through the state party accounts makes it easier for certain consultants and other parasites in Raleigh to sink their claws into it.)  With ‘the old porch-dog’ still in charge, it makes it a lot easier for the RNC’s boy Woodhouse to run wild doing DC’s bidding.  (*Just remember to wake Robin when it’s over and time to “run” for reelection again.*) 

Jim Womack has established himself as a conservative leader in a state desperate for conservative leadership.  He’s got an audience — a heck of a following.  Hopefully, he won’t ride off into the sunset and leave them hanging.

The sharply-divided NCGOP dealt itself a serious blow today. They endorsed a leader who (1) served as Marco Rubio’s state co-chairman in the presidential race,  (2) advocated for training school kids to clean their privates with Lysol, (3)actively worked to kill an important industry here in the state while serving as state party chairman, (4) voted in Congress to ship a bunch of our manufacturing jobs overseas, jack up our national debt, and grow government (5) joined the Religious Right-bashing Ripon Society,  and (6) aided and abetted the sabotaging and watering-down of HB2. 

Once again, the message IS:  *You people outside the beltline need to just shut up and let us smart people here in Wake County do all the thinking.  Keep opening your wallets, putting out the signs, and working the polls when we call you and tell you to. *

Conservatism and the smaller government crusade, however, live to fight another day.  (Possibly under another flag?)


73 thoughts on “The Stupid Party sees its shadow. (TWO more years of Big Dummy and his grandson.)

  1. Brant nailed it! Hayes and Woodhouse are corrupt as the day is long. The establishment can not win races without cheating. Their “rule” changes and rule enforcement only motivates people with integrity to abandon the NC GOP.

    1. One disgusting thing was a major series of heavy handed top-down amendments to the NCGOP Plan of Organization to enhance central control of the party. They cut off debate on the floor and rammed this travesty through to prevent reversal of these changes. The way the changes were presented was designed to try to hide what they were doing by using a different manner of presentation than has been used in the past.

      Things like this, the corrupt misuse of party money to promote Hayes during the campaign, and the refusal to give Womack the delegate lists until very late in the game mean conservatives should have zero trust for the establishment hacks now in control of the party.

      1. Many of these were clearly directed us the Constitutional Cruz Crew(CCC) ~ Was shocked at some of our team that played us and voted for Hayes….

  2. I want to thank everyone that tried to do the right thing for the party today that is the people that voted #NeverHayes

    They say you should comeback together after elections but really there is nothing worth coming back too at this point

    nothing honorable happened today and it is reached a point that I will not longer judge the others in the past that have given up the the R beside their name on their voter card.

    #ConservitiveBeforeRepublican has even more meaning tonight

    The party has kind of turned into a church that the pastor is cheating on his wife and none of the congregants care as long as the coffee and donuts are waiting for them on Sunday morning and the pastor makes sure he stops preaching in time for them to make it home to watch the game

    if people do not care about fixing the problems then I guess the real problem is the people that want things fixed and lots have figured that out already and already left

    we need a new party maybe a H beside our name that would stand for the party of Honor the same kind of honor the Huguenots represented as they also battled to fight for what they also thought was right even while suffering a great loss

    1. The time has come for a conservative party in North Carolina. The time has come for an honorable party in our state.

      1. I honestly think we should go the way of New York State’s Conservative Party. They have ballot access and NY Republican candidates have to have their support to win close races (one candidate is allowed to be on both, Republican AND Conservative Party ballots). And there are so many Democrats in NY that Nearly ALL the races are competitive ones. We’d bring the NCGOP to its knees (and it’s Conservative sense) if we had that model. North Carolina Conservative Party. Sounds good.

        1. I totally support investigating what it would take to do this in NC. After almost 2 decades attending NC republican state conventions nothing is getting better in the structure of the party. I really do not want to part of a party that the delegates no longer seek the true, no longer demand transparency, and are so quick to sell their personal integrity

        2. New York is one of the few states that allows one candidates to run on two or more party tickets. North Carolina law does not currently allow that. To do something like the New York Conservative Party, it would be necessary to change the election law to allow for cross endorsements here in NC.

          1. That is quite correct but if Conservatives make a serious push to form such a Party, and then pointedly withdraw election day support for Republican candidates, they’d get the message fast. A pity that such an action has to happen just before the majority party, whichever one it is, gets to redraw the lines.

        3. Agree, Robin Hayes is not supporting NC Conservatives. I stopped donating to the state GOP. I only donate to the best Candidates running. Thanks Jim Womack for running. Now we have Hayes for 2 more years to cause more loses and corruption in NC

          1. The Libertarian Party is all-in for amnesty for illegal aliens which makes it a non-starter for conservatives.

    2. Well said. Party politics are largely a distraction – the system is rigged. The establishment can change or violate the rules whenever they so choose.

  3. Team Womack did an impressive job, expecially considering that they were competing in a game run by crooked people.

    Hayes’ campaign was calling delegates two weeks or so ago. Team Womack got the list of registered delegates and alternates just this past Tuesday, and all email address and telephone number information was missing.

    1. That is totally corrupt. No conservative should give a dime to these crooks now running NCGOP.

      1. It should go to individual campaigns that represent true conservative values, liberty, and freedom.

  4. Kind of sounds like Hillary Clinton excuses. I voted for Jim. I hate it, but we lost.

    1. it is not that Jim lost this was not a race between two people it was a choice between having a party that’s goal was to be honorable or not, a party that was going to be transparent or not, a party that was going to be for everyone or just a few

      if you had a friend that lied to you day after day about other things but always complimented you and made you feel good. would you vote for her to be your BFF. What kind of credibility would she have in your life

    2. I would refer you to the post by Rocco, Patrick, and Paul as well as the article itself. The issue is not that we lost, it is how we lost.

      Unfortunately, there is a ruthlessness in our party establishment that seems to be reserved more for grassroots and conservatives than for Democrats. It is difficult for a reasonable person not to conclude that WE are seen as enemy number one.

      In this scenario our party principles are lost, and yes all honor is lost, too.

  5. People didn’t show up. I fear it will only get worse from this point on. In reality, why do we even need them any more? I don’t receive any thing useful from them. The Tea Party cover the polls, and put out signs. Candidate info is just a click away. I believe in the platform, not this middle of the work week luncheon crowd. When the platform becomes unacceptable, then I’ll drop the R. I don’t need to be a member of their “Club”.

    1. I said we need a H beside our name for the party or honor but you know what that H also works well for Ham biscuts

    1. I agree , I heard from many that switched their votes or didn’t vote after Jim’s speech.

  6. It was obnoxious to have Woodhouse assure the assembly that the NCGOP staff was completely neutral, given the shenanigans he’s pulled. Statistically speaking, I find it pretty Improbable the Hayes/Woodhouse didn’t cheat the Party to steal the election when Womack actually won Wake, Guilford, and Durham Counties.
    However, I would differ slightly with Brant on the issue of the lone delegate from one one county voting for Hayes and being counted 15X. That’s the nature of the weighted vote. I watched lone delegates from four counties vote their county’s full delegate share for Womack so it cut both ways.

  7. Robin Hayes may have been reelected Chair, but Jim Womack is the new Republican LEADER in North Carolina.
    With almost no name recognition, and very little funding, in the space of 3 months, Jim Womack organized a statewide grassroots campaign that put the establishment into high defense mode.
    By preliminary estimates, Hayes, despite his high profile and name recognition, outspent Team Womack by a margin of 10 to 1 to retain his seat.
    The Delegates at this convention were offered a new energetic and dynamic paradigm yesterday; they chose the same old direction. This timidity does not bode well for the NCGOP in the fast paced and aggressively changing political environment of North Carolina.

    1. No. I am sorry so many of you are butthurt over this but Jim Womack is NOT the leader of conservative NC. Feel free to follow him. But someone that would demonstrate on the floor of the national convention AGAINST Trump who had sown up the nomination has NO BUSINESS running ANY GOP party apparatus.

      He, Cruzbots and all of the rest of the NC neverTrumpers should simply go away and start your party. Conservatives could have WON this contest against Robin Hayes but Womack wasn’t the person to do it.

      Really. If you guys cant see that then you simply don’t get that the party needs to unite ALL of the conservatives not just those of you who hated Trump and only got on board after the election.

      And for the record, Cruz and Bannon will NEVER win an election for President or any statewide office. Find new people so we can unite behind sensible conservatives instead of being stuck with the GOPe.

      1. Jim Womack stepped up to the plate for this…… Did anyone else more qualified or less qualified do this NO did they have a chance to YES…. instead you should be thanking Mr. Womack for his willingness to run and for setting out a clear vision to attempt to fix the problems in the party

        1. Womack is not the solution to the party’s problems. Anyone who attempts to strip the national presidential nominee of his votes after he has won the nomination fair and square and does it on national tv at the convention may represent you, Patrick, but does not represent me.

          I was on the Trump train from the beginning. He won fair and square. The GOPe as bad as they are, are ALWAYS better than ANY NeverTrumper.

          If you believe that the grassroots’ best leader to reform the party is Womack after what he did at the national convention, then we have bigger problems than Hayes and you, sir, are not interested in a strong united party but rather only in destroying the party.

          We need a good reformer to lead our state party, not some limelight seeker wearing a bag over his head on national tv fighting our GREAT President Trump.

          1. I am concerned that you have Jim Womack — a Trump supporter from day 1, confused with Robin Hayes — a nevertrumping Rubio supporter who worked to stop delegates who supported anyone other than Rubio. Your post is simply not factually correct.

            In fact, Womack is and has always been such a fervent Trump advocate that your attempt to label him as a never trumper is making me suspicious that your post is merely deceptive propaganda provided with full knowledge as to its fictitious nature.

            Mr Hodges, are you lying about Womack’s position on Trump in an attempt to spread propaganda, or do you actually BELIEVE this nonsense…and if you do actually believe it then whose word have you taken that has caused you to embarrass yourself this completely?

          2. It is my understanding that Jim Womack was at the national convention and part of the NC delegation that was chanting to “Free the Vote” in an effort to stop Trump. If I am mistaken, then I surely apologize both to him and his supporters.

      2. Jim Womack is not now nor has he ever been a never trumper. He was protesting Hayes. Robin Hayes is not Donald Trump.
        They are two different people. Anybody who has been paying attention knows this. You are not telling the truth. Why are you trying to deceive Republicans into believing that Womack is something that he is obviously not? Are you trying to paint a false picture to flip the narrative and claim that the GOPe’s are really the grassroots?

  8. People! You have tried hard to save the Party. It is now beyond savable. Drop it all and move on! Let the fat cats keep it barely afloat.

    Take your money, desire, conviction to a place they will be appreciated. That is NOT at the NCGOP. Dallas and Robin have proven time and time again to be weak, stupid, clueless, and the most useless two humans ever to cross the threshold of the NCGOP. Starve them by withholding all support. Let feckless Art Pope keep them alive to continue to do nothing.

  9. The establishment won again. This is another reason that President Trump should not count on the Republicans in Congress. In truth the Republican establishment are a greater threat to the President and his promises of making America great again then even the Democrats may be.
    The establishment elite have and will always call the shots.

    Hayes and company are the threat and problem, but all will remain the same.
    Until the gods and dinosaur leadership in the various Republican organisation’s are changed or voted out of office expect continued failure.

  10. I will no longer donate to state or RNC. I donate directly to the most conservative candidates or if I don’t know enough about the candidate, I donate to the Senate Conservatives Fund. When the Republican party contributed to Cochran in the primary in Mississippi, that broke me from ever contributing directly to the Republican party again. The Republican party has no business getting involved in primaries. They should save the money to fight democrats in the general elections.

  11. If this is the straw that breaks the camel’s back, then I wonder where you’ve been.

    Stay involved in the party apparatus or don’t; it really doesn’t matter.

  12. Fellow NC Republicans, this is not the time to give up.

    We are in a battle, are we not? Did you expect the old guard to go quietly? Ceding the battlefield to the enemy is not going to help us achieve long term goals toward a freer state. Our battle cry should be “Show us the audit”! Are you as curious as I am about who paid for those sleazy ads against our hero, Jim Womack? Big bucks was spent to keep the current leader at the helm. Hayes bought those votes. He lusts after the power, the title, the visibility. Don’t give him the satisfaction of watching us fade into the sunset.

    Saturday’s election was disappointing but hardly a decisive victory for the establishment. We showed them we are watching and will take advantage of the next chance to put a dent in their cronyism. Give no money to the NCGOP but instead support your local Tea Party or liberty candidate.

    About those Delegates who stuck with Hayes, what comes to my mind is the old “V-8” commercial where the actor slaps himself on the forehead when he realizes he made a huge error in his drink choice because “he could have had a V-8” instead.

    At some point between the voting that took place on Saturday afternoon and the next election for NCGOP Chair in 2019 many of those Delegates who cast their vote for “more of the same” by voting for Hayes are going to slap themselves silly because they could have had the real deal. They settled for a worn out, self-absorbed business-as-usual tainted politician. They could have elected a young, healthy, motivated, business trained, veteran and true patriot. They could have made President Trump proud by electing a man of character to represent the great North State.

    The election results is not the best news for the commercial fishing industry which has no friend in Hayes, though I doubt Cooper will depend on Hayes to destroy those folks’ livelihoods. The NC General Assembly has a good track record of standing up for all our small businesses. Let’s encourage them to continue to protect our noble working watermen.

    We are proud of Team Womack. Thank you for your efforts. It was a gallant attempt.

    1. Where were these nasty ads against Jim? I just saw nasty stuff against Robin here and other places. I could not believe when I saw him walk in because he looked like death walking in.

      I hate what happened, but this just seems like a bunch of excuses. You can quit. You can scream for audits.

      Jim’s people were walking around like Hillary this weekend. They thought it was in the bag. I know most of you can’t imagine it and will claim we were robbed, but we need to be better disciplined. We were Hillary and Robin Trumped us. You may not want want to hear it, but we learn and beat him in two years or we quit.

      1. You obviously weren’t in attendance if you beleive Team Womack importers were acting like Hillary. They were positive, happy, and united.

      2. You are not speaking for me, I never thought Jim had it won. I have seen too much shenanigans over the years at these party elections to ever believe we have it won. And for goodness sake, please don’t compare us to Hillary! I don’t think anyone in the NCGOP grassroots has ever sunk that low! What an insult!

        1. A few people have offered any solutions on how to improve next time, but most have not offered anything.

          It’s blame someone else, Dallas did it, we were robbed, the media did it to me..blah blah blah..

          Most everyone sounds like Hillary to me. Man or woman it up and say…we lost….we will work better next time.

          Now many of you attack anyone who disagrees with you, so let me have it. BTW…I voted for him. Do the same thing again next time and we will lose next time!

          1. It would seem pretty basic to not allow party funds to be misused for campaign mailings for one side, like the ”Shareholders Report” that was based on Hayes’ campaign theme and to give all candidates access to the delegates lists at the same time.

    2. Thanks for the reminder. I was just thinking that we DID succeed in electing very good people to the District Chairmanships of the 1st, 3rd, 6th, 7th, and maybe the 4th Congressional Districts. We should not undermine these reformers by hastily abandoning them.

  13. The establishment’s hatchet man in centralizing control of the party at the top by reducing the grassroots opportunities for input into the party has been John Lewis. The Haymaker exposed what a flaming liberal Lewis is on a variety of issues when he ran against Michelle Nix for vice chairman two years ago.

    Lewis made the comment that the changes he made in the Plan of Organization were the result of suggestions by ”staff”, which is likely another way of saying Woodhouse. A plan of organization committee that listens to the party bureaucracy instead of the party activists and elected party leaders is an outrage. What Lewis did was goose step all over the party activists to give more control to the central office.

    He seems to have gone even further with new rules for the executive committee that makes it more difficult to bring matters from the floor.

    One of the things that Lewis arrogantly did with no input was reverse the executive committee’s decision to proportionately split the delegates seats awarded in the presidential primary. Lewis’ version, which the Hayes people rammed through before there was much chance for debate, and with numerous people at the microphones trying to raise issues and debate, was making our presidential primary winner take all at the state level. Shame on John Lewis, a despicable establishment thug.

      1. How do you know he was not one of those in line at the floor microphones to raise many issues about the Plan amendments at the time the Hayes forces moved to end debate and ram through that monstrosity? One amendment needed to the Plan is to require a high supermajority to close debate on the Plan any time there are still people wanting to offer amendments.

  14. Believe it or not, the results of the shameless convention “election” (we were there watching and hearing quite a few anecdotes about the shenanigans pulled) has left me more motivated and invigorated to work that much harder to eliminate the possibility of a repeat of this tragic event. I am all in for supporting Jim Womack and any other honest and true leaders who are willing to tackle political behemoths for the betterment of our party and the state of North Carolina.

  15. Been hearing chatter about the fiasco that was the executive meeting on Sunday. Any details? Heard a few people were to have been mumbling that they may have voted for the wrong guy.

    Is it true Ma Cotten is back in power albeit with the lowest spot on the NCGOP totem pole?

    1. It looks like Hayes rewarded the coup plotters who put him in power. Cumbie was promoted to Secretary. Stark kept his job. Ma Cotton was moved to Assistant Finance Chairman. I understand that Hayes was visibly pouting that he could just not decree them all into positions by Obama-like executive order as the committee voted to at least consider each office separately and not just take a Hayes slate.

  16. While on the subject, newly elected DCCA chair Baby Cotten couldn’t even find it necessary to be prepared for her LAST exec board meeting as secretary.

    Do people think that this rube is going to do any better than what Lee Green has built?

  17. We have won and you get none. We want unity and our brand of unity is that we put our people in positions and shun your silly grassroots people and conservatives. You are supposed to listen to Hayes and me and do what we say. Sure we could have extended an olive branch and let some on the other side into the lower party offices, but why should we? We prefer to crush them or drive them out of the party.. Our goal is to reduce attendance at the next convention to no more than 600, but instead of activists we want sheeple who will do as we say. Why do you think we have systemaatically made it far more difficult for anyone to bring up anything other than what we have on the agenda?

    One of the big things our team wants is Thom Tillis as nominee for governor, not Dan Forest and the NCGOPe is now a vehicle for that purpose. We may be subtle but we will be working hard on that. The convention in Wilmington was the first round of Tillis versus Forest and Tillis won.

    Our message to the grassroots is – “Don;t go away mad; just go away!”

  18. The comments on this story are an interesting read. There seems to be a lot of misinformation out there. For ODW and Albert Hodges- I have absolutely no idea who you were referring to as someone who opposed our Prez at the 2016 national convention. I was not there! I was fully in support of Donald Trump as our Republican nominee from the end of the NC primary all the way to the present. No one worked harder for him in my county than I did. Ask anyone in Lee County. Shoot, I even promoted and sold his merchandise at our county fair to help finance school board campaigns.

    In fact, spent a half hour on the phone with the White House political office just this morning discussing steps we need to take to bring the disenfranchised conservative grass roots of NC fully into the fold for our President’s 2020 run for re-election. (My brother worked closely with the President and VP to raise $30M for the Congressional NRCC in the first quarter of this year. We have the right connections.) No one in NC supports our Prez more than I do.

    For Mrs. Allen- I did not authorize or condone any attack ads on Mr. Hayes. So, your accusation of me ‘turning nasty’ is puzzling. I was respectful and kind to Mr. Hayes in every venue I spoke and my only criticisms of him in debate pertained solely to his actual record and patterns of behavior. I never once mentioned his age, his health, or reports of his boorish and arrogant behavior during my campaign. Contrarily, he spent thousands attacking me with phone calls, emails and flyers sent to numbers and addresses I did not possess for confirmed delegates.

    As for being the leader of the conservative movement in NC- that is for the conservative voters of this state to decide. I am a loyal and energetic Republican. Unlike our present Chairman, I have been a committed Republican since I first was eligible to vote. I have worked the conservative trenches for over a decade and I do not seek titles, money, (jet fuel), or recognition for that work. I love my party and our platform. I cherish those who labor with me to elect conservatives all over the state.

    I am close to Dan Forest and his staff. I worked hard on his campaign in 2012 and 2016. I plan to do everything humanly possible to put him in the NC Governor’s Mansion. I am not out encouraging other lesser capable candidates to step up and run for that position, as our leadership is presently doing. If necessary, I will resign from all party leadership positions to ensure this great servant leader is our next governor.

    At Chairman Hayes’ request, I have agreed to lend my services to fix the credentialing and registration systems of the NCGOP for future conventions. (They were once again a disaster at this weekend’s convention.) I am willing to do that free of charge, but my assistance comes with a condition- that the NCGOP leadership first stops its heavy handed and unpatriotic suppression of the grass roots of this party. If Mr. Hayes continues to insist on banning the use of the term “grass roots,” I will withdraw my offer. (He is not the policeman for our political discourse.) If the NCGOPe bans those who disagree with them from party activities and leadership positions, they will lose my assistance as well, and likely the support of thousands in the party base. (Take heed NCGOP arbitration committee!)

    Right now, there is no seat at the NCGOP table for grass roots, conservative North Carolinians. Attempts to compel unity among patriotic, freedom-loving activists like me by threat or coercion, or by having your proxies in the NC Values Coalition challenge our Christian faithfulness, will not succeed.

    Frankly, the most tragic loss at the state convention on Saturday was the ouster of Lee Green as DCCA Chair. She had elevated that position and its digital methods for training our party’s base by quantum leaps this past two years. Her replacement, by contrast, had no credentials for that position and could not even manage to compile minutes for the Dec 2016 meeting of the party’s ExCom with six months time to prepare. This does not bode well for NCGOP training and education going forward.

    On the upside- there is cause to celebrate the newly seated District Chairs in the 1st (Thomas Hill), 3rd (Carl Mischka), 4th (Charles Hellwig), 6th (Lee Haywood) and 7th (Brent Heath) Districts. These Central Committee members are proven grass roots servant leaders and superb role models for the NCGOP leadership to listen to and follow.

    I greatly appreciate The Daily Haymaker in giving voice to those of us who love our God, our country, and our great state, but who would otherwise be suffocated by the liberal, left-leaning press and the autocracy of our party’s political leadership. We grass roots conservative activists are prepared and ready to work side-by-side with other conservatives towards the common cause of Christian, constitutional values and making America great again. We will do everything possible to elect those leaders who demonstrate true conservatism in their words and deeds; united in the common causes of liberty, freedom, and the advancement of our great Republic.

    Blessings to all!

    1. #MicDrop

      Would love to hear other reports on that thread about people regretting their vote

    2. I’ve known Brent Heath for some time, no one personifies the term “gentleman” better and I believe his principles and character will be good for the Party going forward. I know that he has been associated with more unsavory members of the Party in times past but that is because he was previously in another congressional district and he wanted to serve regardless of whom the leaders of that district were. Same for Lee Haywood though I don’t know him as well but some of my colleagues rave about him. I really would like to do that jump to a third Party but as Mattie pointed out, we have some legitimate victories here, and now is no time to abandon these new leaders until we’ve seen if they can make a difference in the NCGOP.

    3. Jim – Many of us wish you had done a lot more to expose Robin Hayes’ miserable record. If more delegates knew the facts about Robin Hayes, you would have won. Too many delegates were swayed by the misrepresentation of Hayes’ awful record by Hayes’ campaign.

      1. I am not sure I think is maybe better to lose honorably than to do things that would make us like the ones we were fighting against

        it is easy to fight dirty but hard to fight with honor

        but to me the convention never built any energy the whole weekend and I think that is part of the problem everyone seemed ready to get out the place the moment the convention started

        1. If you attack someone on personal issues such as being a drunk, or a womanizer, or a moron, that would be dirty, but in politics, one’s record in office is always a legitimate issue. Hayes had a lousy one which he misrepresented as good, and he should have been called out on it more.

  19. Bravo Jim Womack, you laid it all out for everyone to understand your position and why so many of us worked hard on your disadvantaged campaign, and I look forward to continue my support for you going forward. If Carolyn Justice can compliment me (thanks) by saying “that I talk the talk and walk the walk and am an asset to the party” I could say the same of you. I hope the Chairman accepts your offer to make things better because, in the end starting yesterday afternoon, that is what we are all about.

    1. Carolyn Justice, the sidekick and ally of Richard Morgan, the traitor who was thrown out of the party by the State Executive Committee for party disloyalty, the only time that has ever been done, being the one to nominate Robin Hayes was a telling moment. Either he was too stupid and ill-informed to know her history or he embraced that history.

      1. Carolyn was with us shoulder to Shoulder when she single handed Delivered every delegate from Pender County for Hasan! She has worked tirelessly for our cause. Carolyn, Joyce and Zan are three incredible women Liberty Leaders……

        1. How does one go from supporting Hassan, to supporting Hayes??? To me, that’s like saying, “I’ve always been a strong supporter of Jesse Helms, but I’m voting for Hillary.”
          That does not compute.

  20. Thank you Mr. Womack. I was disgusted by what happened at the convention Saturday. I left with the intention of leaving the party. But the truth is, if we grassroots patriots leave the RINOS will take over and I’m not willing to see that happen. I will instead inform every friend I have of what happened and convince them to join me in doing something about this. My plan is to refuse to support Hayes in any way, especially financial support. In short I will not fund the Republican Party until Robin Haynes is no longer the chairman, however long that my be, and I will not quit!! I will support only the good conservatives in my own county with my time and money from now until I see Hayes removed from that office!

  21. Bravo Jim Womack, you laid it all out for everyone to understand your position and why so many of us worked hard on your disadvantaged campaign, and I look forward to continue my support for you going forward. If Carolyn Justice can compliment me (thanks) by saying “that I talk the talk and walk the walk and am an asset to the party” I could say the same of you. I hope the Chairman accepts your offer to make things better because, in the end starting yesterday afternoon, that is what we are all about. To Hodges’s and ODW I would love to see your pics of Jim Womack protesting against Trump as he said he was not there.

  22. Those who say Jim Womack did anything in Cleveland are totally misinformed or just plain stupid. According to the NCGOP Convention booklet he WAS not in Cleveland. You folks should not base your hatred on heresay, especially considering where it comes from. If you go on the record be sure of your facts.

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