The Stupid Party sees its shadow. (TWO more years of Big Dummy and his grandson.)

Columnist George Will once labeled the GOP Establishment “the Stupid Party” for its penchant for blowing tremendous opportunities.  

By a count of 568-445, last year’s coup has been “legitimized.”   Of course, it took (1) weighted votes from elected officials, (2) hinky rules like letting the sole attendee from a county, who happens to be a Hayes supporter, have his vote count 15 times, (3) lots of lying and slandering, and (4) a good chunk of special interest money to once again keep the rubes beyond the Raleigh beltline at bay.

There’s nothing especially remarkable about Robin Hayes. (People saw that in 1996 when he suffered the worst beatdown in modern history for any GOP gubernatorial nominee.)  He’s coasted through life on his family’s money and connections.   He had no real accomplishments while a member of the majority in the North Carolina House.  (His mama’s money helped him get a leadership post.  His inactivity earned him the nickname of ‘The Old Porch-Dog.’) 

We were told he was a fundraising prodigy.  Yet, he got outraised in his previous term by former chairmen Pope, Daves, AND Harnett.  We were told he needed to be reelected due to his loyalty to Donald Trump.  (Never mind that Hayes served as state co-chairman for Marco Rubio.)  The party lost control of two of three branches of state government in November, yet the NCGOPe tried to sell us that we NEEDED MORE HAYES & WOODHOUSE.  

This year, Robin Hayes faced an impressive challenger in Jim Womack. A former county commissioner, long-time local party activist, and current chairman of the Lee County GOP.  A West Point grad and a decorated Army officer.  A successful businessman who got tapped for service to his state government.  Womack has been credited with making the Lee County GOP once again a formidable threat in a Democrat-dominated county.  Hardly a ‘porch-dog.’

Yet, the consultant-driven slander machine in Raleigh went to work on Womack.  They attacked his wife and his kids.  Painted him as a bigot.  Basically, they were meaner to him than they ever are to the Democrats.

The kind of shameful crap that went down in this race  is one of the biggest reasons you don’t often have people of substance offering themselves up for political service.

This vote was NOT about any strengths or accomplishments of Robin Hayes.  The NCGOPe was scared.  The RNC in DC thinks a lot of Dallas Woodhouse.  They’ve made his continued employment non-negotiable in keeping the cash flowing to the state party coffers from DC.  (Money running through the state party accounts makes it easier for certain consultants and other parasites in Raleigh to sink their claws into it.)  With ‘the old porch-dog’ still in charge, it makes it a lot easier for the RNC’s boy Woodhouse to run wild doing DC’s bidding.  (*Just remember to wake Robin when it’s over and time to “run” for reelection again.*) 

Jim Womack has established himself as a conservative leader in a state desperate for conservative leadership.  He’s got an audience — a heck of a following.  Hopefully, he won’t ride off into the sunset and leave them hanging.

The sharply-divided NCGOP dealt itself a serious blow today. They endorsed a leader who (1) served as Marco Rubio’s state co-chairman in the presidential race,  (2) advocated for training school kids to clean their privates with Lysol, (3)actively worked to kill an important industry here in the state while serving as state party chairman, (4) voted in Congress to ship a bunch of our manufacturing jobs overseas, jack up our national debt, and grow government (5) joined the Religious Right-bashing Ripon Society,  and (6) aided and abetted the sabotaging and watering-down of HB2. 

Once again, the message IS:  *You people outside the beltline need to just shut up and let us smart people here in Wake County do all the thinking.  Keep opening your wallets, putting out the signs, and working the polls when we call you and tell you to. *

Conservatism and the smaller government crusade, however, live to fight another day.  (Possibly under another flag?)