The N&O newsroom goes into overdrive to rehab Boss Bev

The newsroom at The Raleigh News & Observer appears to have taken over for Boss Bev’s war-weary Damage Control Team, which has been put through pure hell by their boss over recent weeks.

Longtime N&O columnist and Establishment suck-up Rob Christensen chimed in today to tell us Boss Bev is just not all that articulate, and meant no harm with her comments to The Cary Rotary Club about “suspending” elections:

Democratic Gov. Bev Perdue was Exhibit A last week of how fast a gaffe can turn into a firestorm in the age of digital Internet politics.

The governor gave a routine speech to the Cary Rotary Club at the MacGregor Downs Country Club and then opened the floor to questions.

Such speeches are so routine that reporters usually only show up for a chance to corner the governor afterwards to ask a question about the topic of the day. Several TV crews didn’t even have their cameras rolling. But luckily my N&O colleague, John Frank, turned on his tape recorder when, responding to an audience question about the economy, Perdue offered this gem.

“I think we ought to suspend, perhaps, elections for Congress for two years and just tell them we won’t hold it against them, whatever decisions they make, to just let them help this country recover. I really hope that someone can agree with me on that,” Perdue said. “You want people who don’t worry about the next election.”

Oh, where do I start with this?  Okay.  Initially, an N&O editor blogged about how her comments were clearly a joke.  He didn’t mention the paper had an audio tape which indicates otherwise.  The editor attributed the controversy to right-wingers trying to stir up trouble for Boss Bev.   The N&O newsroom staff then proceeded to dutifully transcribe every piece of spin — without question — from Boss Bev’s damage control team, who were trying their hardest to walk this thing back.

Today’s column is the first open, official admission from The N&O that they even had a tape of Boss Bev’s comments.  (A link is provided on the web site.)  It just took a week for them to cough up this info — well after The Daily Caller web site posted the audio with the caption “Captured by The Raleigh News & Observer.”  How did TDC get a copy of audio produced by The N&O?  Why did it take a week for The N&O to admit they had it, and offer it up to their readers?  Wouldn’t the most ethical move have been to immediately post the audio and let N&O readers decide for themselves about Boss Bev’s comments?  Why hide the audio and dutifully distribute Boss Bev’s spin?

Why does The N&O newsroom continue with this gaffe spin, when it is now clear that Boss Bev is only the latest in a series of leftist politicians — including BarryO and his former budget director — to muse about the subject of “suspending elections”?

By the end of the week, The N&O had stopped talking about Boss Bev’s comments, and dutifully published photos of her in The Outer Banks checking out hurricane damage from weeks ago.  Just what Boss Bev’s damage control team needed — an effort to change the subject.  Suspend elections? What’s that about?  Look at this instead … 

We’ll never get anything more than leftist propaganda from the N&O because it’s tough to teach an old dog new tricks.  Under the decades-long management of The Daniels family, the paper established itself as a propaganda outlet for The North Carolina Democratic Party.   The paper has been sold, but many of the same folks — like Rob — who learned their trade under The Danielses are still there. (The Danielses took their N&O money and bought our local paper here in Moore County — one of the more yellow-dog Republican counties in the state.)

It is a bit of delicious pleasure to see media businesses like this, who pay tribute to The First Amendment then dish out leftist propaganda and clamp down on opposing views, suffering financially.   The money from every paid subscription to The N&O and the local paper here in Moore County eventually goes back to benefiting the Democrat Party or some other leftist cause.

If you want to bleed causes like that of money, stop subscribing and start reading for free on the Internet.  Get out and talk to people.  Do some research and figure out the truth for yourself.  Stop patronizing these people who bend over backwards to lie to us and protect big government and its leftist nurturers.  Give them a true education about the power of the free market.