The Round Rev: ‘Decider’ of who IS and who AIN’T “Christian”

He’s done stuff like this before.  But our state’s really BIG bundle of, um, “joy” is exporting his socialist-stepin-fetchit act to the national stage:

A disturbing pattern has emerged since the Washington Post first reported that four women accused Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore of offenses ranging from the creepy to the criminal. People in Gadsden, Alabama, where Moore worked in the District Attorney’s office three decades ago, say it was “common knowledge” that Moore pursued teenagers when he was in his 30s. Locals told the New Yorker that they recall being told than the local mall banned Moore for the same reason.[…]

Aaah.  Small town gossip.  *That sure is mighty Christian to be repeating stuff like that.*

[…] Accusations of criminal assault are difficult to prove in court and the statute of limitations in these cases has since passed. But Republicans outside of Alabama have started to back away from Moore following the allegations; They have chosen to believe the accusers.

Moore’s base, on the other hand, continues to support him despite the evidence. For many of them, this is matter of faith. Jerome Cox, the pastor of Greenwood Baptist Church in Prattville, Alabama, told NBC News he would be supporting Moore because “he’s done a lot of good for the state of Alabama… Everything else is for the Lord to sort out.”

This is not Christianity. Rather, it is an extreme Republican religionism that stands by party and regressive policy no matter what. It’s not the gospel of Christ, but a gospel of greed. It is the religion of racism and lies, not the religion of redemption and love.[…] 

*Oh, so George Soros and the gang at Pullen Memorial shoving you out in front of the cameras to attack Republicans and conservatism while clad in your Sunday-best vestments IS NOT an abuse and misuse of Christianity?*


[…] It is unlikely that any of Moore’s accusers can definitively prove that he sexually assaulted them 30 years ago (a point the defiant former judge knows well). […] 

Can’t prove it?  Why dwell on it? People can SAY anything.  Being able to prove it in a court of law is at the heart of our democratic system.


[…] But even before these allegations made national headlines, it was clear that Moore’s policy agenda endangered the children of Alabama and this nation.This man, who wants to be Alabama’s next Senator, wants to repeal Obamacare, making it health care inaccessible for millions, in Alabama and elsewhere. He has said Islam is a “false religion” homosexual conduct “should be illegal.” and curtail equal protection under the law for gay and transgender people. Moore supports a tax plan that would hurt the poor and working poor.  […]

Um, opposing the radical gay political agenda hurts kids — HOW ????

[…] In short, Moore’s political agenda presents a credible threat to millions of vulnerable people in America.Yet Moore claims to be the moral and Christian candidate, using religion as U.S. slave masters did before him to justify actions which fly in the face of Christ’s teachings.[…] 

The Jesus I’ve learned about preached about neighbors reaching out and helping neighbors in need.  I never read anything about him advocating the government confiscating one person’s assets to redistribute them to others.


[…] Like segregationists, Moore imagines the struggle for equality inAmerica as a story of loss. At a revival meeting earlier this week, Moore complained that he was being persecuted. He also lamented the fact that the courts took prayer out of schools in 1962 and made a cryptic and confusing reference to “new rights” created in 1965, the year the Voting Rights Act was signed. Some members of the congregation responded, “Amen!”

Sooooo — it’s anti-Christian to advocate for prayer in schools ???

Wise men since the time of Christ spoke truthfully about how we are ALL created equal.  We are all — in the American system — deserving of equal protection under the law.

But that’s where the “equality” train stops.  Some people naturally accomplish more than others in life.  Some people make millions playing football or basketball.  Some people barely get by working four jobs.

Some people marry professional models.  Some people stay hopelessly single.

Some people win the lottery or win big in Vegas.  Many go broke trying.

This guy Barber is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  For thirty pieces of silver, he’s sold his vestments, his title, and his Christianity to political socialism.

Bill Barber doesn’t decide who is and is not a Christian.

I worship in a congregation that features conservatives and liberals.  Monday through Saturday we back different candidates and debate different issues.  But on Sunday, we’re together working toward the same goal.

We frequently expend sweat equity together helping others in need.  We look after each other in times of sickness or tragedy or despair. No government agencies or bureaucrats are ever involved.

St. Peter and the guy who runs things behind those pearly gates make the final call on this one. NOT BILL BARBER.