The Pinehurst Hot Mess: The tale of Sanborn’s e-mail

Our recent post about the turmoil at Pinehurst Village Hall has evoked quite a bit of commentary from around the community.

A few friends slipped us copies of an email making the rounds apparently sent out to senior village staff and village council members by village manager Jeff Sanborn, that appears to validate what we reported in the earlier post:


There’s nothing like a Jeff Sanborn email to help us get to the bottom of all the hijinks at Pinehurst Village Hall.  It sounds like political supporters of Patrick Pizzella, John Strickland and Jane Hogeman — aka “The Friday Group” — are doing a great job of running off senior village staff and killing morale in the building.

(And to think Patrick Pizzella told me with a  straight face that he didn’t know anything about a “Friday Group” and even doubted its very existence …)

What does the Terrible Trio think about the information señor Sanborn has laid out for us in this well-crafted communique? According to Sanborn’s email, the turmoil at village hall has been common knowledge among the governing body and the manager for nearly a year now.  How has it been allowed to come to this?

(By the way, Pinehurst has local elections coming up in 2023.)