The perils of not paying close attention to your local school board


A board of directors is meant to give direction to an  organization’s paid staff.  Not to sit back and wait for the paid staff to tell them what is going to happen.


Unfortunately, the latter is most often the scenario you find in  local school boards across our fair state — and nation.   A board of education is meant to represent the wishes of parents and taxpayers in the community in the management of a school system.



More often than not, those elected are often left sitting back and waiting to be told what’s next by school system staff.  And, sadly, our elected representatives follow the edu-crats like sheep.  Local drive by media often compound the problem by either minimizing or largely dismissing the action at the local school system administrative office.


Hence, our problem here in Moore County.  A few years ago our board actually grew a pair and tried to fire our too-big-for-his-breeches  superintendent.   The superintendent cried on-camera, in a manner that would have made Oprah and Dr. Phil beam with pride, and you could literally hear his job security lock firmly into place.


Now, on a yearly basis,  the superintendent and his team scare the hell out of parents about how we’re just not coughing up enough money to properly educate their babies.  Those terrified mommies then run screaming to the county commissioners and our legislators with the local drive by media dictation pool in tow.  Before you know it, we’re hit with yet another bond issue and / or tax increase.  (The Crying Man wins again.)


Now, we’ve got major school construction projects underway.  Of course, they’re over-budget.  Instead of  taking responsibility and trying to cut some cost internally, the superintendent and his team ran sobbing to the county commissioners seeking even more money to cover cost over-runs.



Oh, along with those new schools, we’ve got some redistricting coming along.  The superintendent and his gang of edu-crats scared parents and other local pols into approving these new schools.  Now, we’re told some kids are going to have to be moved around in order to fill up the new schools.  


The problem?  Many parents in the county made home purchases based on the school district that parcel of real estate was in.  Now, that could all change.  Their kids could be moving from their high-performing highly-rated school to a  much lower-performing one in a neighboring town.  All thanks to the machinations of unelected edu-crats and their dreams of “diversity.”


I’m not hearing anything about checking immigration statuses of students currently taking up slots in our schools. (There are plenty that need to be checked.)  Nor am I hearing word about weeding out kids from outside the county / district  taking up valuable space in our existing schools.  (Also plenty to check on.)


School board races in our county are usually genteel affairs.  Usually they are uncontested.  Usually the winners are the people voters most remember from the Southern Pines – Pinehurst cocktail party circuit.  Voting for Ed Dennison or Bruce Cunningham because they are so gosh-darned fun at those after-five shindigs  has turned over our kids’ futures and the economic future of our county to the same crowd marching under the raised fist logo on May 1 in Raleigh. 


It is the fault of edu-crats that we have a mixture of really bad and really good schools.  It’s patently dishonest to try and juice the scores by shifting kids from wealthier neighborhoods over to less wealthy ones.


Shifting kids around like this will create uncertainty that will hurt real estate sales and likely damage residential property values.  Stuff like that was kind of what we hoped you folks on the school board would be debating and considering AS OUR DULY ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES ON THE MOORE COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATION.


Want to put the brakes on the mayhem in Moore County public schools?  Toss out some of that dead weight on the current board and elect some folks who don’t mind making the superintendent and his team of edu-crats squirm.