The omitted details on the latest entry into the NC LtGov race

Campaign materials are identifying him as  “Iraq War Veteran and current North Carolina National Guard soldier” Greg Gebhardt.  But they left out some other important details:

  • He’s registered with the state as a lobbyist for the solar goons.

Soooooo  —   it appears a vote for Gebhardt for lieutenant governor is a vote for David Lewis, Dee Stewart, Dallas Woodhouse and the rest of the Harnett / Campbell mafia that has been running the NCGOP into the ground FOR YEARS.

6 thoughts on “The omitted details on the latest entry into the NC LtGov race

  1. He will never get my vote and day ago I reported his emails as spam cause if he added you to his list with out you signing up for it then lets call it what it is #Spam #Spam # Spam …….. when any person running for office signs me up for their email list without my requesting it they get reported as Spammers and I wish all others did the same

    Let stop Republican political spammers we need to set the bar higher for out party

  2. Maybe they think Renee Ellmers isn’t going to go the distance and he’s their fallback. As for characters like this and Grange using military credentials to cover for their less-than-conservative shenanigans, I concur with Medal of Honor recipient Pappy Boyington….”show me a hero and I”ll prove they’re a bum.”

  3. Very poor choices We The People have. Maybe this poor country boy may “ought” take a stab at political $$$ and fame. Renee Ellmers? I thought she was already bought and paid for long ago with left lobby money. Many listened to her rhetoric as the Tea Party movement was in its infancy twelve or so years ago. She then disappeared into the Potomac Ring of Insanity. Gebhardt is an unknown to me, but being from Ashville likely as not is or has been spun out to be a left leaner.
    Yessss sir: “Clint Henry” for Lt. Gov. Sounds pretty good to me. But that I was a highly educated attorney, physician, or one given to lifting the hard-earned $$$ from taxpayer pockets I might just have a chance. Alas, that likely will not be so I’ll just have to take my opinions to the ballot box with as many family and friends as possible.
    Blessings and peace for the USA!

  4. Who is / are the good candidates in this race? This guy is clearly a non-starter as is Renee Ellmers.

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