The NCGOP 2019 convention: The decline and fall of a political party.


It had all the chaos of the Venezuelan economy (and every bit of the integrity of that country’s elections).  But — once again — the crowd that gave us Eli Global, Robin Hayes, and those five criminal counts has managed to maintain its stranglehold on that renowned laundering mechanism for ill-gotten gains known as The North Carolina Republican Party.


For those of you honestly thought this crowd would do the right thing today, ponder THIS:  They wouldn’t even demand the resignation of their chairman Robin Hayes after he was indicted on five federal criminal counts stemming from bribery allegations.


Let’s recap today’s events, shall we?


Charlie Foxtrot.  This guy was all over the place today in Concord.  Dallas Woodhouse, in the wake of the April  bribery scandal, was given a short-term contract so he could work on ensuring the smooth conduct of the state convention.  Let’s account for  the f***ups:


  1. Parking.  The fire department had to be called in to force the removal of a bunch of illegally parked cars by convention attendees.  Apparently, the pint-sized cartoon character in charge of this masterpiece — over the last two months — couldn’t arrange for adequate parking. This foul-up resulted in the little cartoon character spending an inordinate amount of time at the microphone calling out license tag numbers.
  2. Credentialing.   The cartoon character and his team could not even handle verifying WHO was or was not supposed to be in the convention hall and voting.  It took hours upon hours to straighten it out.  Meanwhile, a bunch of college kids — on God Knows Who’s payroll — bumrushed the gate at the last minute and were allowed in.
  3. Electronic voting.  A new process got introduced.  Of course, it had no paper trail to allow for the auditing of election results.  (You know, in case a vote count came into dispute.)  It took ALL DAY to elect THREE party officials.


Meet the new bosses.  Same as the old bosses.  The same crew who sat around and enabled the situation that led to those April 2 indictments came out pretty much smelling like roses today.  Ma Cotten’s sweet, precious little girl got reelected to head something called the District and County Chairman’s Association.  She did very little during her last term.  There was next to no communication. But she got rewarded with another term.  Apparently, rewarding bumbling and failure at the NCGOP is the norm.  (Look at how long Dallas got to hang around.)


The chairman’s race was more puzzling.  You had John Lewis, the party lawyer who has been a staunch ally of Dallas and The Defendant;  Jim Womack, the very successful chairman of the Lee County GOP making his second run for the office; and Washington lobbyist Michael Whatley.


Lewis was part and parcel to the  embarrassment that has also coated the party in recent months and years.  So, he was a non-starter from the beginning.


Thirty days ago,  NO ONE had heard of Michael Whatley.  He has no record of recruiting candidates, promoting the party platform, running campaigns, or raising  money for party organizations.  (Womack had all that.)


Whatley could brag that he had worked on two presidential campaigns.  (For the record, SO HAVE I.)  Whatley apparently impressed a lot of people with his name dropping.


Whatley’s experience has been in influence peddling and greasing politicians’ palms.   That appears to clearly be what’s most important among the power players in the NCGOP.  And it’s the same preoccupation that spawned the environment that led to those five federal indictments on April 2.


“WEIGHTED” VOTES. I thought it was ironic that a certain pudgy Pat McCrory fanboy was the first to speak out tonight about “weighted” votes.   “It’s just like the electoral college!,”  he bellowed via social media.


Nope.  The electoral college goes much deeper than some sham dreamed up in a backroom by party insiders seeking to keep their claws sunk into all the shakedown proceeds.  This “weighting” system can be easily manipulated behind the scenes.  The electoral college CANNOT.


Here are the numbers for the chairman’s race:



As you can see,  according to the “raw” vote — Womack got more votes from the people actually in the room.  When this “weighted” nonsense kicked in,  the influence peddler slipped past him.


Saving the BEST NEWS for last.   Moore County’s Miriam Chu pulled 0ut a win in the vice-chairman’s race.  Miriam has done a great job over the years bridging the gap between Tea Partiers and party establishment types.  She’s got fans in both camps.  And she’s fought for issues near and dear to conservatives.

Sara Reidy-Jones has been the co-captain of the disastrous Mecklenburg County Republican Party.  (They won  a total of THREE races in their county in 2018.  One of those victors, Dan Bishop, is about to move from the state Senate to the US House.)


Most people resign in shame after a disastrous performance.


She just got reelected, inexplicably, to a  second term in Mecklenburg.  And she was attempting to simultaneously co-captain the state and county parties.


Amazingly, the delegates almost gave her that chance.  Here are the numbers:



Miriam won the “raw” vote.  But the “weighted” scam made the race a lot closer.  (Apparently, the powers-that-be couldn’t pull off one more piece of magic this day.)



Miriam Chu will be a breath of fresh air in that hot mess known as the NCGOP.  She asks questions.  She speaks her mind.  Some folks are not going to like that.  Some folks may try to harass her or try to shut her up over that “nasty”habit.



Vice-chairman is pretty much a worthless position.  (Kind of like lieutenant governor or vice president.)  But if that crew of villains and scoundrels who dominate that hot mess on Hillsborough Street decides to listen to Miriam and work with her, they just might avoid another April 2-like scenario.  


74 thoughts on “The NCGOP 2019 convention: The decline and fall of a political party.

  1. I dealt with Ma Chu on a campaign. She will do a great job if they don’t depose her. That is my only concern.

  2. The biggest shock of the evening was 1st District Chairman Thomas Hill giving an endorsement speech for John Lewis!!! What on earth has happened to Mr. Hill!!!! When he first came on the scene around 2013-2014 he was a Tea Party Darling and I thought for sure even in today’s race he would go and vote for Jim Womack.

    I also want to thank the majority of Delegates in these rural counties for voting against your best interest in Jim Womack: Bertie, Martin, Northampton, Randolph, Richmond, Robeson, Sampson, Wilson.

      1. And yet Henderson County went for Chu in the runoff. As a delegate I made an effort to meet the candidates, evaluate their positions and bona fides, and took the time to attend a head-to-head forum. I didn’t despise any but voted for the one I thought would do the best job. I assumed others did the same.

  3. I have another concern.

    My biggest concern was the revelation that the Credentials Committee had, over the past 2 months, added multiple people to the list of credentialed delegates who were NOT included on the lists submitted to the State party by individual counties. This is a violation of the State Plan of Organization, and was described as such by Billy Miller during the convention.

    This came to light because multiple people showed up today requesting to be added as delegates who were not on the original lists their counties submitted (including the Chairman of Bladen County), and Billy refused to allow them to be credentialed because it’s against the PoO. When a delegate asked from the floor if this had been allowed prior to the business session today, the Credentials Committee admitted that it had. Billy said that had he been consulted prior to today, he would not have allowed it, but there was nothing he could do about it now.

    So people who were not credentialed by their counties were added multiple times over the last two months in violation of the PoO, and were allowed to vote today.

    1. Shows how far we have allowed ourselves to be hoodwinked. I was there as a delegate and didn’t even get up to a mike to dispute the illegal ‘credentialing’ or voting system that leaves no trail. I think Womack and perhaps others might have cause to demand a recount and failing that a revote.

    2. I too noted the irregularity with credentials and wondered how it should have been addressed. Since it was revealed prior to officer voting, I suppose any of the candidates could have lodged a formal complaint requesting suspension of the vote. I don’t recall any such effort.

    3. Do you realize, with weighted voting, how many additional total votes could be mined by reviewing the county lists after the lists were turned in, finding out where there were no or few delegates and then getting some delegates for those counties signed up who would vote for your candidate? I am not saying it happened, but the possibility was there. And who was in control of all of this information? Remember, that no one cleaned house after the Hayes indictment. All his people were still in place the whole time. One candidate had enormous money behind his candidacy and would have the resources to undertake such an endeavor. I really do not mean that candidate individually, as that candidate was likely the pick of the little inside control group just as Hayes was when Harnett was deposed.

  4. Very, very questionable of Pat C. Smith, president of NC Federation of Republican Women, to second the nomination of Michael Whatley.

    1. I thought the same thing about Pat C. Smith seconding the nomination of Michael Whatley. It reminded me of the letter my county’s 1st Vice Chair sent out to delegates regarding Michael Whatley and ended with what amounted to a threatening statement that I considered “blackmail” for the consequences if we delegates did NOT vote for Whatley. My ONLY reason for attending the convention was to vote for Jim Womack and Miriam Chu. Jim Womack is “my” NC GOP chairman…and thankfully Miriam Chu is the NC GOP duly elected Vice-Chair for everyone!

  5. The Very Thing Jim Womack was running on, to fix the NCGOP Name, Perception, Credibility, and Reputation, is the very thing that showed its ugly head. It looks and smells like election fraud has taken over the NCGOP. (That may not be the case) but the perception is there was back door deals and manipulation of the votes to prevent Womack from being elected. This is the exact reason why members of the NCGOP has 5 federal indictments against them. So Instead of a bright new future for the NCGOP it looks like the party itself is corrupt. Jim Womack could have fixed all of this, instead the party is going to be fractured, we may potentially lose members, or people will no longer vote for or support the NCGOP because the perception is, we have continued to foster an environment of corruption within the party. It can be very damaging to anyone running on the GOP Ticket in NC. It will raise a simple question, “Is the candidate a legitimate candidate, or just another (Good ole boy) that the back door hidden agenda club wants in office?” , “Will the people actually have a voice in who they want to be GOP Candidates in the future or is the NCGOP going to pick for us and our votes don’t matter?”. There needs to be an investigation into yesterday’s events and a recount of votes including the alleged “missing 112”. Until that is done, the results of the NCGOP Chairman election should not be considered final. “We the People”, need to demand these actions to either show transparency and validate the election results, or have Womack declared the actual NCGOP Chairman.

    1. That electronic voting system was highly suspicious. There is no paper trail to determine if it was honest or if it was rigged. One county chairman took to the floor and questioned why 7 people in his delegation voted in the race for chairman but the announced results only showed five votes from the county. Whether the system was rigged or just faulty, it raises questions about who was really elected.

      1. The electronic system could have worked if it recorded the vote and who made the vote, as it stands right now, it seems like it only recorded votes and we have no idea who actually voted and if their vote was accurately recorded. there is already one county that had 7 delegates vote but the electronic system only counted 5. Since there is no paper trail there is no way to determine which 5 voted and which 2 were not counted so they can correct the results. There are also 112 delegate votes that were not entered because the Election controllers had so many meetings to fix problems with the convention that the delegates either didn’t vote or had to leave because it was getting too late in the day. Several groups are talking about initiating an investigation into the election because there are too many inconsistencies with the process and the outcome. So Again our party, the NCGOP is having potential integrity issues with a voting process that on the surface, at least looks fishy. If we are going to fix the credibility and reputation of a party with a huge black eye right now because of 5 federal indictments for voter fraud, then our internal election process needs to be completely transparent and beyond reproach. Otherwise we stand to be scrutinized as to the integrity of the party. My mother had an old saying, “If you don’t want to be scrutinized, don’t put yourself in a position to be scrutinized”. Right now, we are looking like we just ran a rigged election to replace people that got caught rigging an election. If you think the Democrats won’t jump all over this in the next election cycle, think again. We can never blindly support any political organization, we must be diligent in protecting the integrity of any Democratic process. FYI. Whatley claimed he was instrumental and a part of the Trump Campaign and got him elected in NC, many have fact checked this claim and come to find out, there is no record of him being involved with the Trump organization here in NC at all. So it looks like he is not telling the truth about that as well. I hope there is an investigation into this and they either factually and transparently validate or invalidate this election. This looks bad on the Party right now and many republicans are very upset.

    2. Excellent summary of the situation. Jim Womack really could have cleared up the perception of corruption and election fraud within the Party. I was there; it was like a huge ocean breaker swelling up and crashing right on you and you don’t have time to get away from it! I hope there will be a recount or protest.

      1. I would be shocked if there was any kind of investigation, recount, or protest. Now if Jim Womack had won, there would be all kinds of investigations and recounts until they found a way to get him out. Since Whatley won, the whole thing will likely be ignored and never brought up again.

        It seems that no matter how hard and long we fight for transparency and integrity, the establishment of the party will oppose us at every turn, often with underhanded means, no matter how good our candidate is. Just fixing the problems and moving on to victory as others suggest below has been ineffective so far. I am tired of beating my head against a wall trying to fix those problems. It’s a wonder anyone either wants to be or remains a Republican in NC.

  6. The party is not supposed to take sides in primaries, but with Dallas Woodhouse running the show, they blatantly did so at this convention. Now that we have multiple announced candidates for the US Senate nomination, they should all be treated equally, but they were not. Woodhouse gave Thom Tillis two, count them two, speaking opportunities, but did not give any other Senate candidate such an opportunity. Tillis was a featured speaker at the Saturday night banquet, and Woodhouse also added him to the agenda for a speech to the convention business session. Also, there were TIllis video ads run on the screen during the convention. This was absolutely outrageous. It was Woodhouse’s final abuse of party power to benefit his friends.

    After Tillis spoke, the convention took a ten minute recess, during which the other Senate candidates could have been allowed to speak. At least one of them, Sandy Smith, was present at the convention. They took her money for a table out in the hallway. I do not know if Tucker was there, but at least Smith could easily have been invited in to speak if there was the slightest degree of fairness in the party leadership. Somebody said Tucker was around the convention somewhere, too, but I did not see him. Perhaps they were both available, but neither was given the same opportunities that were improperly given to Tillis.

    I fully expect Woodhouse to go to work for Tillis’ campaign.

    1. Garland Tucker was also at the convention as well and could have been given a chance to speak

    2. It was interesting and telling to hear the marginally “polite” applause for Tillis…. which was far less than the candidate for the 9th

      1. I admit when he took the stage that was a good chance for a bathroom break and to refill the water bottle

      2. Folks around me must have been saving their energy when Thom Tillis was introduced because nobody clapped. My spouse and I gave our tickets to Saturday’s dinner away.

  7. Reminds me of the slick scheme the NC Senate and NCBOE used to steal the election from
    Mark Harris. Someone should go to jail and it’s not McCrae Dowless who will be found not guilty.
    What to do now….sit on your hands and check books until the truth comes out and Robbing Robin is in jail.

  8. 1368 people were credentialled at the convention. What happened to the 112 votes that did not get counted????

    1. simple the day went too long and they left or something happened at home and they had to leave maybe even on a Friday like one year when my parent was in ICU and I had to rush back home. Except this time I could have given someone my code and they could have gotten a device and voted for me and nothing would have stopped that.

        1. well did you get any of the negative flyers someone was passing out against one of the people running for chairman no integrity with who every printed those up and handed them out right before the session for elections was to start

  9. 1368 people were credentialed at the convention. What happened to the 112 votes that did not get counted????

  10. Whatley appeared to have capitalized on the glow from Trump. Asking supporters what the attraction was, it was all Trump, not his accomplishments. We got lucky w/ Trump being better than feared, can we be so twice?

    DCCA did not wish to sign new “members” at their meeting…. well they were willing to take their money but not allow them a vote. There were 15 in the stepchild section when Jim Womack made motion to seat them, and it passed.
    Apparently the linkserv for DCCA was allowed to terminate, so there was a comm link for County and District Chairs established 2 months ago outside DCCA
    NC GOP Chairs on fb. No Dues required.

    The electronic voting sys was introduced at the Excom meeting in which the PoO was changed to allow “party” endorsement of Judicial candidates after the fiasco of no primary for them. It seems Central Committee made the choice to enter into contract w/ the company…. Something Excom should have had a say in. (and that plus dilution of power back to Excom potentially corrected by JW)

    The flood of delegates showing up late….. and leaving early made a difference. Had the Chair vote been done with the same delegates for Vice Chair….

    I’m also very disappointed w/ Mark Walker not endorsing JW from his district. That was asked for early and the rationals for not providing it were telling then.

    The new chair rode coattails. I’m not certain at all that pays dividends for the state.
    I’ll be wearing my life jacket for the next few years just in case

  11. Washington lobbyist, Micheal Whatley, now big wig for the NCGOP. Makes me want to puke. I was hoping to have my faith in the NCGOP renewed but in my opinion, a Washington lobbyist will be another disaster for the party. As reported, it sounds, some voting should not have been voting. Sorda gives the impression things were a cluster. Please give us more info on the new chair, Mr. Whatley. Thank you.

  12. Interestingly, there were 1365 delegates on the floor, but only 1256 votes were registered, and multiple people queried the Chair about their votes not getting counted while the Chair just brushed them off. I have zero confidence in this election.

    The entire convention was more of a Charlie Foxtrot than any I have ever attended in 12 years.

  13. The credibility issues abound. Also, I’ve been thinking: Any organization that conducts its business last instead of first just may not be worth my time.

    1. many have had your same thoughts for years and years and years and because of that many good people are no longer active in the party and I will be honest at some point I will give up also cause one can only take so much. But then again I guess I am a glutton for punishment cause I went back and attended the Excom meeting as Guest more republicans in this state should do that every Excom meeting

      1. Lol. I must be a glutton for punishment, too. I also know a lot of good people that are no longer active; they think I’m crazy for hanging in there. When I think about the time and money spent on all of this, I do have to consider that they just might be right.

        I once thought that we should not be too critical of our party publically. I’ve long since changed my mind. All manner of shenanigans resulting in coup de tats, bribery, indictments as well as exposed misappropriations and pay to play aren’t things to be defended if one wants to retain any personal credibility.

        You’re right, we need more oversight, not less. Unfortunately, our convention and executive committee delegations seem to be more and more marginalized. Our convention delegation this year more resembled a stage prop than a working delegation. In my opinion, this formula will not produce a credible party in North Carolina.

  14. For those attending this “Event” the meter drops at $650-$750 per person. For this hit, one would expect the venue would comfortably accommodate all that wished to attend. The seating arrangement was horrible. It was almost impossible to exit your seat if in the middle of the row. It was worse that sitting in row 20 on a Boeing 737 in the middle seat.

    Rest room facilities were woefully inadequate for a crowd exceeding 1400 adults.

    The advertised capacity of Concord A- Concord E combined is 1300 in theater style seating. With all the space taken up by vendors in the hall way, it was a mess trying to get back into the venue for the Saturday afternoon session.

    And one more, the HVAC system was overwhelmed. It was HOT in this space.

  15. Womack lost partly because of his supporters. They were rude and overbearing. I watched them harass delegates who didn’t want a Womack sticker to wear. They berated people in elevators. They refused to accept that some people didn’t want any sticker from ayone. As for under votes, people LEFT. The process dragged on and a few people had to go home.

    I came to the convention unsure of my vote. I didn’t NOT appreciate the bullies who supported Womack. I ended up voting for Whatley. I don’t want bullies representing my party. When they lost, they pitched fits and stomped out. Good riddance.

    1. I would say that clearly you are a liar. I can say this cause I was one of those people working all weekend for Wolmack and I can say that it was not me that you came in contact with and I am 99% certain it was not anyone else that was also volunteering their time to try to help with the race

    2. I heartily disagree. I found there to be 10 people campaigning for Whatley for every 1 person of Womack. In addition, the Whatley campaigners, most noticeably & frequently the middle/aged blond woman with Whatley banners and t-shirts, was quite aggressive. This was a sham of an election. And now we will have more of the same. No wonder everyone continues to leave the party and wash their hands of this garbage.

    3. I wasn’t wearing any stickers and every time someone asked I just said “I’m trying to stay away from stickers” and they would say “ok” and that was that.

  16. An interesting question is whether John Lewis was a stalking horse to let Whatley appear to be an outsider, instead of the choice of the old regime. Whatley’s slate for the lower offices may give a clue to that. His slate kept two of the four voting positions in place from the Hayes regime, Kennedy at Finance Chair and Cumby at Secretary, Whatley also put MIchelle Nix from the old regime on his slate as Assistant Secretary, quite a comedown for her from Vice Chairman. He did make a change at Treasurer, but he probably had to, given what has come out about the current treasurer. Out of the eight lower officers on Whatley’s slate, three were from the Hayes regime, and not a one was connected to Womack. Whatley did announce he was creating a committee for Womack to head, but it conveniently had no Central Committee seat. Whatley’s legal counsel and assistant legal counsel were new names, and from what some were saying, not people who were well known in the party.

    Even though the deadline to apply for the ED job has expired and 102 people had applied, it was announced that Whatley was going to add some new names to that pool. It will be interesting to watch who emerges.

    Does anyone have a comparison of the counties that voted for Hayes last time and for Whatley this time?

    1. Forgot one! The assistant treasurer is also a Hayes holdover. That makes four of the eight people on Whatley’s slate of lower officers who are Robin Hayes Retreads. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

  17. Whatly misrepresented his support of Trump, and his involement with Trump 2016. He also said Michael Caputo endorsed him, when in fact Caputo had only seen his name and could not specify what-if anything- Whatley did for Trump or the party. Who knows what Whatly said that was true?? I am leaving the party for good after 14 years, with hundreds of hours of trying to work with them on voter outreach, and starting my own groups. We need people who are serious about Republicans winning. Look at how far Republicans have fallen under this bizzare cast of characters- and the NCGOP seems to be quite pleased with themselves about it.

  18. Not to enter an argument with FlynnFan above except to say he is delusional. As a member of the Womack support team for over two years I do not know any colleague who exhibited your allegations. Jim Womack was found greeting attendees after the Vice-Chair vote and attended both Sunday sessions as his character and personal standards dictated. I never saw any of his supporters, or his family, act any way other than the example Jim set for us. The slanderous campaign pieces, both by mail and handed out to delegates out Saturday noon by the biggest losing candidate, reached a new low in NCGOP Chairman races, at least since the anti-Fetzer campaign. I hope than Michael has great success for the party and regain the trust of the grassroots delegates. This Convention was the worst run I have ever attended per voting machine malfunctions and hotel lights and climate control, parking issues and credentialing issues to end all credentialing issues with too many questionable voters credentialed which may have effected the vote results. Who knows?, let’s deal with these issues again in 2021 and focus on winning the CD9 and CD3 Elections, the Governors Mansion, the Council of State and the regain the super majority in the NCGA.

  19. Agreed it was a horrible day. But, if the good guys leave then they really have won.

    1. Only in the short term, PROVIDED that the good gals and guys march straight over to the NCCP. They’re only 1600 people strong but their growth has been steady since they got ballot access last year and The way the NCGOP behaves, I predict they’re going to be a force for conservatism in this state that the gop can no longer ignore.

      1. The NCCP is not a viable alternative. They allowed candidates who lost in GOP primaries to run again, in the same election against the same opponent who previously beat them. That says ‘Lack of Integrity’ and makes them no better than what we currently have. Grab your spine, quit whining and fix the damned mess that we all allowed to happen when we didn’t stand up to those in the party who are supposed to be working for us! I’m not leaving the GOP, I will continue to work to get the derelects to leave!

        1. I don’t quite grasp how that qualifies as lack of integrity, nor do I grasp how the Ncgop has standing to speak of things like lack of integrity.

          1. Toxhandler – I have integrity, therefore I can speak of it as a Republican. Integrity means doing the right thing. Making any candidate run against the same person twice in the same election qualifies here. Because something is legal does not mean it is ethical.

        2. While I respect you and most of what you do in Raleigh, I disagree greatly about your view on the NCCP. Fix the Primary System. That was on the NCGA who left that open. Besides you know full well everyone is under the same rules for 2020 and beyond and that can’t happen again. Your just upset The NCCP won in court. Nobody thought we would sue much less win in court. We did both. The NCCP vetted and endorsed candidates based on their principles. Had we been on the ballot in the beginning of the year then at least one of the 3 candidates who lost a primary would have ran with us then. Primaries are costly to tax payers, and expensive for candidates. Allow parties to nominate by convention like many states do such as Virginia.
          We also, elected a county commissioner on our first election, and another polled 25% and almost out polled the democrat in a 3 way race. Give Us time. We are actually the fastest growing party based on percentage. I fully expect Greg Holt to do well in the CD3 Race with big endorsements to be coming soon some of which I am sure you would have loved to garner in the primary. I know of 2 Greg Holt is about to get of which one of the candidates in the primary runoff has been begging for. Of course, your going to push whom ever the republicans nominate. Just like you will push Thom Tillis when he wins the primary because after all party label is important. Your own party keeps punishing you in the NCGA and yet you keep supporting the ones who block good legislation. I’ll fight with you on good issues. We are on the same team on many and most issues. I hope one day you will come around and I am sure there is a breaking point for you just like everyone else.

          1. Kevin, you know better. I put in an Amendment to take out the prohibition on allowing someone to run again under your party banner. You know this because you were there. I didn’t like the idea of changing the rules in the middle of an election, even though I thought running again would be wrong. I talked to you and your State Chairman about how I hoped you wouldnt feel the need to scrape the bottom of the barrel for candidates who already ran as Republicans and lost. You did it your own way and went for anybody who would run under your banner. This, for the record, is not about Greg Holt, it is about your party. I don’t have a heartburn with you winning in court, I have a heartburn with your lack of standards. Of course you are the fastest growing party, when you have two people and you get two more you increased your membership by one hundred percent, but that means nothing. I don’t push anybody that I don’t believe in and you know me well enough to know that. Not sure where you get the “your own party keeps punishing you in the NCGA” but nobody has punished me, nobody pushes me into a corner, and I have no problems with how I am treated in the NCGA. Don’t believe everything that you read. I have come around, about twenty years ago when I decided to get active in politics and in the Republican Party. I don’t quit and look for another team when things don’t go as I would have them. I simply double down and continue to marck right through the obstacles!

          2. A little off subject but in reference to the NCCP, I had considered changing to the NCCP a little over a year ago. I am a staunch Constitutionalist and much of the NCCP ideas appealed to me, however after much research into the party I came to learn that the NCCP is very critical of supporting Isreal. As a Christian, this is an issue for me that is a show stopper. I have lived in Isreal for 6 months while I was in the US Army and I can tell you that if I was ever forced to leave the USA there is no other place I would want to live. Israel is our greatest Ally in the Middle East and in the world. I could never support a political organization that would threaten that alliance. I think the NCCP stance on Israel is something that will hurt their party in the long run. It is a young party and hopefully as they develop their identity and mature as a political organization they will change their position on our alliance with Israel. Until then, they are just a viable political party for me.

  20. Michael Speciale has it right. Fix the problems and move on to victory in every election ahead.

  21. And, R’s are the 1st to always criticize how the Dems cheat…(and they do, mind you), but any more than this?

  22. I have been to a world fair, lots of weddings, lots of funerals, and a zoo or two. I have never seen anything to compare to this convention.

    Let’s move forward in our mutual task to re elect the POTUS and elect those we deem most fit to assist him in saving OUR country and the preservation of freedom.
    Browny Douglas

    1. I agree with you 100%! Terrible convention – we left after the Chairman’s vote to check out of hotel and get on the road. I am not happy with the results BUT FOR ONCE – we need to stick together for the good of our country.

      1. Stick together? Not going to happen this time.. We don’t say no to the corruption, it just goes on. When it comes time to pull the lever for Trump, we will, but Tillis is worth the sacrifice of a senate seat just to get that particular cancer off the party, and it’s a fine way to strike back at the ncgop for its fraudulent chairman’s election as well.

  23. Total frustration. While trying to vote with our new electronic toys, mine would not work. So, I had to get in line for a new device. A nice lady had a new one for me and SHE punched in my number FOR ME. Big red flag. I have no way of knowing what she entered.

    When it came time to vote for the vice chair, again my device would not confirm. I get a new one, it will not confirm, I get another one, it would not confirm. Dallas tried to get it to work. When it failed he said to me… they don’t like you. True that.

    All I could do was laugh out loud, give up and leave.
    Also, why was number hand written when I pre registered a long time ago.

    Total joke !

  24. I was truly disappointed that my friend and mentor, Jim Womack, did not win the election. Whether it was fair or not, I am not technically qualified to comment on the topic. I know that he gave his heart, time and resources for the run for the office, and that we, his loyal supporters, did out utmost, and I don’t know anyone who acted in an obtrusive or obnoxious manner. I also don’t know anyone who was resentful or rude to those who supported the winner. We are all Republicans, and hopefully are all Conservatives who support the US Constitution and Donald J. Trump.

  25. I agree with FlynnFan. The final vote was tight. Womack could have lost because of supporters; rude, aggressive, uncivilized, cult like behavior. I live around, and have born again bible thumpers in my family. This is their normal behavior when they gather in numbers, like a tent bible revival. Instead of trying to witness you for Jesus, they were trying to witness you for Womack, like he’s a Warren Jeffs. Standing in registration line Saturday morning a Womack supporter tried presenting me with flyer. I had already met Womack months ago, know him, understand his stance on issues etcetera. Fine Gentlemen, intelligent, well spoken. So, I’m in line and this guy won’t leave me alone. I said, “I’ve met him and understand the issues/differences between the 3 canadates and I don’t need the flyer, I’m already decided.” Now this guy won’t shut up and keeps nagging me. Follows me in line for a good 3 minutes, finally I look him hard in the eye and tell him to move on to somebody else and leave me alone. Next encounter with Womack supporter was 30 minutes later at breakfast table in restaurant by elevator, little old lady rudely interrupting my family while we are eating and talking. Lady gets all huffy because we don’t want a womack hand fan, nor do we want to engage in conversation with her. Took 2 to 3 minutes to shoo her away from table like a common house fly. Lunch break in Concord F I moved around, introduced myself and small talked before lunch began. One lady asked me if I knew anything about the three candidates, she explained she did not know much of anything about the 3 for chairman or vice chairman. I briefly gave her the highlights of all 6, not preferencing anyone. Anyway, the lady made a comment, “those Womack supporters are pushy”. So there you have it, we snowflakes are sensitive, lol. Bible revival tent behavior and civil public behavior are different. They don’t mix well. A dozen votes from highly weighted delegates would have put Womack over the top. I believe you guys ticked some people off that may have voted for him. Womack supporters reach out and kindly talk to others across state over next few months and get some feedback. Learn from it; make tactical corrections, as to your personal approach to people. Remember June 18th at GOP headquarters 35$. Be there and lets get ready to Chu up the liberals for 2020!

    1. Either you’re a troll trying to stir up more trouble after the fact, or you are really, really stupid. Is it really valid to hold a candidate responsible for the actions , or alleged actions, of every individual supporter of his campaign?

      You actually sound like one of those urban Republicans who are disgusted by “those church people” — who, by the way, have made a huge difference in the GOP rise to power since 1980. Where the “church people” live, the GOP is on the rise. Places like where you live, the GOP is getting waxed and obliterated.

      You sound like one of those people who view the party’s relations with Democrats like the rivalry between the kiwanis and rotary. Just two different clubs.

      You people are screaming, demanding so-called unity. But you are using the aftermath of your victory to keep pounding on your perceived enemies. (If only you were this mean to Democrats!) To you, unity means conservatives shutting up, bowing their heads, and doing what you tell them to do.

    2. Well glad none of your interactions sound like any I had with anyone and I did not see any other Womack supporters act this way. Lots of the same people working the floor this year just as they did in 2017 because these people were delegates to NCGOP conventions way before Womack ever entered the state chairman’s race and never a complaint mentioned two years ago and I cannot believe your claims today. And yes I do know people that did not like when Jim said he is first and foremost a christian and if that caused him to lose the race then I am personally OK with that because thing founding fathers of the nation constructed it on the Judeo Christian Ethical Morality

      If you do not believe me and just want to call me a bible thumper and member of a cult then maybe you should take a moment and read Ben Shapiro’s latest book “The Right Side of History: How Reason and Moral Purpose Made The West Great” and get exposed to a different perspective of Life, Liberty, and the real meaning To the pursuit of happiness

  26. Brant, the NC GOP convention was as bad as you describe — and even worse.

    Jim Womack WON just as you said he did based on the votes of folks who cared enough to actually ATTEND the meeting, but HE MAY HAVE ALSO WON THE “WEIGHTED” VOTE! The chairman of one county’s delegation went to a microphone and told the chairman of the convention that his county had 10 people vote and ONLY 8 VOTES WERE OFFICIALLY SHOWN FOR THEIR COUNTY! The convention chairman ignored him and went on with business as if NOTHING had happened! HOW MANY MORE WEIGHTED VOTES WOULD THOSE 2 VOTES HAVE BROUGHT INTO JIM WOMACK’S COLUMN if they had been counted? We’ll probably never know now for the reasons you’ve stated. DISGUSTING !!!

    1. The fact that the Credentials Committee admitted adding names to county delegate lists is also a big concern. Adding a name to a county not expected to have big attendance would have cast quite a few weighted votes. We will probably never know who really won.

    2. Heard the ExComm meet revealed even more ridiculousness. Apparently, Woodhouse made a heartfelt plea that in the future, vice chair elections precede the chair election…he was right given that half the delegates left right after the Chairman election, but geez, it was so bloody obvious who his choice was, and it wasn’t Miriam Chu.

      1. That was one of the dumbest recommendations I have heard if you want to do something then do this Open nominations for chair then open nominations for VC then they all give their speechs and then the delegates vote for both at the same time on paper ballots or as someone else said optical scanning ballots that to allows to quick tabulation of both races at the same time

        1. That is a good idea, Patrick. The reason I left after the Chair vote was that it was almost 7 and I had to drive back to Raleigh knowing it would be raining and dark, which is a hard combination for my old eyes. I don’t understand why we continually have issues with credentials taking so very long. I think we need to have registration all during the morning sessions and have no votes and all the speeches in those sessions, then cut off registration at noon so that credentials should be about done when we start the afternoon session at 2pm or maybe earlier. Another thing that could help is to try to get most people to register ahead of time by increasing the fee substantially for those who don’t register before the convention. This problem has got to be solved! It is frustrating for all involved!

  27. Not many of us would play poker against a stacked deck. I wonder why we keep doing it against this stacked GOP deck?

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