The McClatchy Crayon Corps and those pesky labels !!!



Every time I think the McClatchy crayonistas have stooped to a new low, they surprise me.  Their dictation and overall propaganda skills have surely got the founders of the Soviet Union’s Pravda smiling proudly as they roast in the pits of Hell.

 Today, McClatchy printed a “news item” — rather more of a press release — detailing a poll declaring that nearly half of North Carolinians view the North Carolina General Assembly as a “national embarrassment.”  Really?  Who thought it was important to go out and take a poll on whether or not men, or women, on the street view Jones Street as a “national embarrassment”?  Are they really giggling and rolling their eyes about Thom Tillis and Larry Hall at Beverly Hills cocktail parties and Connecticut polo matches?  

Methinks not.  It’s oh-so-cute how they absolutely do not label Public Policy Polling — a political consulting firm based in Durham that is so far to the left that they check potential clients’ teeth for granola remnants before deciding to take them on.  Don’t believe me?  All of their polling shows things looking GREAT for Democrats.   And their “research director” is a former paid hack for teacher unions out west.  You know those public school teacher unions.  *Absolute hotbeds of conservatism. *

Hmmm. I guess it wasn’t so embarrassing when the speaker of the House was taking bribes in a restaurant bathroom.  (An interesting side note:  PPP says 45 percent view the NCGA as a “national embarrassment.  Walter Dalton got 44 percent of the vote in the 2012 gubernatorial race.  Jus’ sayin’.)

Also, John-Boy Frank pulls a twofer — neglecting to properly label his former media colleague Gerrick Brenner (WTVD NewsChannel 11) and being rather sly about defining Brenner’s current organization, Progress North Carolina (labeling it merely an “advocacy group.”  Advocacy group?  Yeah. So, is al-Qaeda.  And The Nation of Islam.Check PNC’s web site.  Of course, all Republicans are bad.  All Democrats are GOOD. 

McClatchy reporters have been breathlessly covering the arrests of the Chapel Hill-Carrboro patchouli fan club at the legislative building.  Who has time to spend their Monday mornings there?  Most normal people are working in order to pay all of the taxes to fund the government programs these professional agitators have demanded over the years.  We got a profile of one protester, a faculty member at UNC, who was portrayed as a wide-eyed novice at this political agitating thing.  (Never mind that his profile on the UNC web site features him hugged up to, with a big jackass-eating-briars grin, the King of All Agitators, Big Barry.) 

We get a real lack of interest in Blueprint NC and whoever is paying Bill Barber to do his, um, thing.  Yet, we get sneering commentary about Americans For Prosperity being a Tea Party group “founded by billionaires.” Yes.  That is *the most important thing* your readers need to know about AFP.

The citizens of the Soviet Union survived the ridiculous propaganda force-fed to them by state-run media.  And so will we.