The man behind THOSE fliers @ NCGOP convention steps forward, firing from both barrels






Todd Bennett of Farmville says NCGOP leaders interrogating and intimidating people about fliers passed out at the state GOP convention need to come see him:

  “I did not write the flier.  It was emailed to me by a dear friend.  I had them copied and I got them to some friends to pass out at the Republican convention.

The flier asked important questions that people in Eastern North Carolina have been asking for some time.   Instead of providing honest answers to these questions, Tillis and those guys came on like gangsters threatening some women.

How brave is that to go wag your finger in the face of a woman and threaten her?

With those fliers, the buck stops with me.  I will never reveal the name of my lady friend who wrote the flier.  I won’t have her subjected to the kind of bullying and threats Thom Tillis and his boys carried out at the convention.

The buck stops with me.  If they want to try to bully and threaten somebody else about those fliers, they need to come see me.

I’m not afraid of Thom Tillis and those guys.  They acted like bullies at the convention.  I don’t like bullies. ”

Bennett is active in both The Tea Party and The Republican Liberty Caucus. He is a supporter of congressman Walter Jones, and was initially a supporter of  Jeremy Adams in the GOP primary for NC House District 6.  When Adams failed to make the runoff, Bennett decided to support Mattie Lawson against Arthur Williams.

Bennett said he was disappointed to learn that Adams had endorsed Williams for the runoff.  He said Adams, in recent days, had been bragging about nailing down an endorsement of Williams by congressman Jones.

When news hit today that Jones had endorsed Williams, Bennett contacted the Jones campaign and the congressman’s DC office seeking answers:

  “I wasn’t mad at congressman Jones.  I wanted to understand how this had happened.  I hoped it was not true that Jeremy Adams had talked him in to this.”

Bennett said he got a return call from Jones campaign spokesman Jonathan Brooks this afternoon.  Bennett said he asked Brooks if Adams had talked the congressman into making the endorsement of Williams:

“Mr. Brooks told me that the congressman would not know Jeremy Adams if he bumped into him on the street.  He said Jeremy had nothing to do with the endorsement.

Mr. Brooks told me that Speaker Thom Tillis contacted the congressman and asked him if he would look into endorsing Arthur Williams.  He said that is how it all got started.

In other words, this happened  because Thom Tillis picked up the phone.”

Bennett said this whole issue is much bigger to him than Thom Tillis, Arthur Williams and the state party:

“I don’t give a hoot about running for office or getting on the executive committee or any of that.  I care about The Constitution and the concept of liberty.  We’ve got a lot of people in power who care most about enriching themselves and collecting power at the expense of the rest of us.  I’m all about fighting to restore freedom.

My kids asked me to stay in this fight until they’re old enough to jump in and take it over for me.   I promised my kids I would do that.  I’m going to keep that promise.”