Speaker Tillis behind Walter Jones endorsement of ex-Democrat Arthur Williams?





Congressman Walter Jones (R-3) has endorsed former Democrat legislator Arthur Williams in the July 17th GOP runoff for North  Carolina State House District 6 in the Outer Banks.

Williams, who formerly served the area as a Democrat in the General Assembly, was a disciple of former senator Marc Basnight and an active supporter of the 2008 campaigns of Barack Obama and Beverly Perdue.   Williams switched to the GOP in late 2011 and filed for the House District 6 seat.  He is pitted against Dare County Republican, and Tea Party favorite, Mattie Lawson in the July vote.


A prominent Tea Party activist — and faithful reader of this site — reported to us on his conversation today with Jones campaign spokesman Jonathan Brooks:

“Brooks said  ‘The way this happened was Rep. Jones was approached by Speaker Tillis to look into getting behind Arthur Williams.’    I then said, ‘So Speaker Tillis was involved?’

Brooks then told me  ‘Yes, that’s how it started.’

Allegations of primary meddling have been rocking the state House Speaker at least since the NCGOP convention in June.   Fliers were distributed to convention-goers alleging meddling in primaries by — among others — Speaker Tillis, Senator Bob Rucho, and NCGOP vice chairman Wayne King.   Some delegates reported being confronted in a hostile manner by the trio AND the NCGOP attorney about the fliers.   Tillis reportedly denied being involved in recruiting Arthur Williams into the District 6 legislative race.

My source reports that he has been getting communications from Raleigh seeking his help in toning down the meddling allegations from activists:

The messages from Raleigh have suggested   ‘We must unite the party and that if  [the complaints against Tillis, Rucho and King, et al. are] not dropped, it could cost the Republican Party in the November election.’


Personally I do not agree with that reasoning, the suggested political harm, nor appreciate the appeal to emotion and ignorance.  Should it be the case that GOP candidates suffer losses as a result of the flyer uproar don’t look to those who authored or handed out the fliers.  It will have been a  direct result of local anger at the NCGOP’s and legislative leadership’s unsolicited  meddling in primary races across the state.
Instead of addressing the flyer civilly or with answers, the `transparent and accountable’ NCGOP leadership effectively responded ‘Shut up or we’ll sue.’





14 thoughts on “Speaker Tillis behind Walter Jones endorsement of ex-Democrat Arthur Williams?

  1. Former Speaker Richard Morgan also interfered in primary contests, defeated stalwart conservative legislators, and was then banned from the state party and lost his own primary. He exited the Legislature in disgrace. What should happen to Tillis?

  2. Mattie Lawson is behind Jones’ endorsement of Williams. Lawson’s venomous (and frankly ridiculous) attacks on Jones over the past several years undoubtedly play a big role. Lawson has been Jones’ biggest enemy and since I decided to run for an open seat, has been mine as well although completely undeserved.

    When you have someone who have been as deceitful as Lawson, it doesn’t take very much to push you to endorse her opponent.

    1. So let me get this straight Mr. Adams. Jones won his primary. He is sure to win in November. Lawson beat you and Williams. Why would Jones get involved in a GOP primary? Do you think he eats sour grapes like you do? I doubt that. He does not care a wit about Lawson and who she supported now that it’s over.
      You need to get over Lawson beating you. You look silly. Frankly I think you have cooked your goose in getting in bed with Williams. Bad choice. Williams is a democrat hack. Always has been, always will be. He would sell his mother if he had to. He has no future as a Republican. And you will soon see. He’ll throw you, Ashley and bill under the bus in a heart beat. Watch it happen. I’ll just be waiting to see how you try to blame Lawson for it.

      1. Adams just cannot get over pouting about running third in the primary. He is one of the worst sore losers I have ever seen. If his campaign he promised to support Lawson if it came down to Lawson and Williams in a runoff, but he is now whining so much about losing what he has broken that pledge and backed Williams instead.

        1. I promised support to Lawson (and her to me) when she agreed to run a clean campaign (after she had come out saying she was going to run two weeks after I told her I was going to run). She broke that within the first three days, so I don’t have to keep a pledge to a liar.

          I’m not whining about losing. I didn’t get as many votes. I lost. That’s how it works. I gracefully accept a loss.

          What I do not accept, is the vile way in which Lawson twisted the truth, flat out lied and spent all of her campaign attacking me.

          So yea, if you think that me not supporting someone with no honor is being a sore loser, then give me the title.

          But then again, you are supporting someone who is dishonest and only managed to win through dishonesty, so I guess… sticks and stones?

          1. Grow up, Jeremy. Campaigns talk about opponents. You are in a dream world if you think otherwise.

            Lawson’s campaign, like yours, spent a lot of attention on RINO Arthur Williams, as well they should. I saw very little in the way of her mentioning you. With your exceedingly thin skin, you obviously took even that little bit in a highly presonal reaction. If you are going to be in politics, you cannot survive with such a thin skin.

            The basic fact, Jeremy, is that you were never anything but a spoiler. Without you in the race,Democrat mole Williams would have gone down in the first primary. Whether you were intentionally a mole or did it blindly does not matter so much as the impact was the same. Your subsequent endoreement of Williams, however, suggests that it may have been intentional all along, as does the fact that if you were really so interested, you took a darn long time to file and get in the race. Before you came along, Jerry Evans, who is a friend of Williams, played the role of ringer for Williams.

            I would also note that most of the Republicans who are backing Williams received money recently from Williams. That includes Ashley Woolard, Bill Tarpening, Brinn, Tillis, and Walter Jones. They have sold their souls for thirty pieces of silver. I will be waiting to see if you got a payday, too, or if it is all a matter of a bruised ego in your case.

            Clearly, you are unfit for any public office as you put silly personal vendettas ahead of sound policy.

  3. Jones endorsement of Arthur Williams, a lieutenant in the corrupt Jim Black political machine is an absolute outrage. The response for conservatives in Jones’ district should be to vote Libertarian in November. Williams gave Jones $1,000 or so. Is Jones a cheap whore who sells his soul for so little?

    Activists need to crank down on Turncoat Tillis every chance they get. He needs to be stopped at every level possible, including reelection as Speaker and his ambition to run for US Senate. We need to condition contributions to any State House candidate on their voting against Tillis or Brubaker for Speaker, or pound sand.

  4. We in NC do not have a conservative republican party, we have a RINO party. The RINO’s include: Speaker Tillis, McCroy running for Governor, and all the US House members, Senator Burr. We can vote the Socialist Dems in and it would make a diff. Vote for the Conservative no matter their chances in gen election. S.C. has Conservative US House members so can we. Throw these RINO’s out.

  5. It’s difficult for good folks who’ve been lied to and misled by party leadership (of both parties, for decades) to realize they’ve been useful idiots of two legs of the same pair of pants. There is a paradigm shift underway. The “sleeping giant” is awake. He’s not happy with himself for sleeping so long, and he’s not happy with what he sees has transpired during his slumber. It’s not about left and right, but about right and wrong. If the leadership in both major parties expect to survive, they need to listen to the winds of “change,” return to the principles and values that earned them some level of respectability in years gone by.

    The same old political games will NOT be tolerated and forgiven moving forward. Our country cannot survive with our leaders behaving as lying, spoiled-brat children.

    We the People are to blame, and We the People, with God’s good graces, can restore Constitutional governance, and can make being an “American” the envy of the world… the example Reagan spoke of, the shining city on the hill.

    We must be resolved and determined as the Founders. This will take courage, a courage many of us have never exercised or expressed.

    We have to BE the home of the brave if we are to become once again the land of the free.

  6. The problem with the NCGOP is that it is a party of men and not of principles. Until we put people who will stand on principle the GOP will never be anything more than the Democrats have always been. At this point there is not a dime’s worth of difference between Republicans and Democrats in the House or Senate in Raleigh. But Tillis, Stam et. al. will learn that the GOP cannot win and hold the majority without Eastern North Carolina.

  7. One may ask, why are the NC House District 6 Republicans so ticked off with state Republican leaders? A few facts follow:
    1) District 6 Republicans had to endure three terms of the Jim Black, Joe Hackney, Marc Basnight lackey, Arthur Williams.
    2) District 6 Republicans worked hard in four elections to defeat Awful Arthur Williams. Republicans lost the first three elections and finally defeated Williams in the last election when Bill Cook won.
    3) Bill Cook was betrayed by House Republican leadership in the last redistricting. Rep Cook saw that he may as well run for the 1st Senate District seat this time around.
    4) State Republican leaders, like Thom Tillis, think it is a good idea to send Awful Arthur Williams back to the SAME SEAT local Republicans and citizens in general voted his corrupt, liberal Democrat, recent Republican pretender, yes man butt out of–less than two years ago!
    5) The same local liberals and corrupt elements donate to Republican Williams as they did Democrat Williams.
    6) Another defeated Democrat in the last election toady, Jerry Evans, registers Republican and with state Republican leadership support opposes Bill Cook in the Senate primary depleting Cook’s war chest.
    7) Williams and Evans, afraid to face recent Republican opponent activists, skip the 3rd US Congressional District Convention. It is held in Williams’ home town and Evans’ same county. Walter Jones no shows his own convention. Tillis, the keynote speaker, skips out at the last minute.
    8) Jeremy D. Adams plays the spoiler role in HD6 giving Awful Arthur an opportunity in a runoff with primary winner Mattie Lawson. Then the supposed conservative (Adams) endorses Awful Arthur in the runoff instead of fellow conservative Lawson.
    9) House Speaker Thom Tillis asked Congressman Walter Jones to endorse Arthur Williams over conservative Republican Mattie Lawson in the primary runoff. Lawson is favored by the Republican Committees of all four involved counties.
    10) The Awful Arthur Williams team is now sending out the same kind of ridiculous dishonest personal attack mailers against 2nd Primary opponent Mattie Lawson that he previously sent to registered Democrats in general elections against other Republicans.
    11) The Williams campaign team is attacking (at least) one county party in District 6.
    12) When local Republicans complain, they are either ignored or threatened by state party leaders.
    13) State party leaders call for local Republicans to go along for the sake of party unity.
    Conclusion: There is something rotten in North Carolina. Scheming, meddling, and dictating for personal gain is not good leadership. Leadership must earn trust to be respected. Enough is enough.

  8. Makes one wonder. Hopefully the R’s over there will be smart and vote for that lady. NC R’s are just like they are in NJ. Damn

  9. Anybody wonder why Jeremy D. Adams endorsed Awful Arthur Williams? Check the latest campaign expenditure reports or http://www.beaufortobserver.net and click Williams Outspends Lawson by 8 to 1. Jeremy, what about two $900.00 payments for a total of $1800.00? Wasn’t that first payment on your endorsement day?

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