The demons of the 1960s resurrected

obama-fingerThe godawful disgrace in Dallas   got me thinking about a discussion I had not long ago with a friend who served in the Army during Vietnam.  He went overseas into the war zone itself AND found himself within a war zone over here.

The Black Panther Party — celebrated among contemporary leftists — and The Weather Underground — presidential buddy Bill Ayers’s group — teamed up to go to war against the US military.  They regularly staged armed assaults against US military bases and convoys stateside. Said my friend:

“I took more fire in California than I did during my entire two tours in ‘Nam. It was unreal.  You’re in a marked US Army convoy heading down a road in California and you come under armed assault.  Bullets are pinging off the hood of your truck and smashing through your windshield. IN California.  IN America.”

An awful lot of the freaks who took to the streets protesting and rioting during that decade are now in power across this country.  Bill Ayers is an honored guest of our nation’s First Family.  Former leaders of The Black Panthers have actually been elected to Congress.

Their modern-day cousins are the ones you see rioting outside Donald Trump rallies throwing eggs, and screaming obscenities at, women, seniors and children.  Their descendants were also found wreaking mayhem and murder in Dallas.   The suspects in the murders of police officers there claimed they were riled trump-rally-chicago-canceledup by driveby media coverage of officer-involved shootings of black suspects across the country.  In our 24-7 news cycles, two shootings in a nation of 350 million can be made to seem like an epidemic.  

Shamefully, opportunistic politicians — yes, I’m looking at you Deborah Ross — and other race pimps jump on these officer-involved shootings and prosecute them in front of the cameras, out on the streets, and in front of the mobs.  Instead of in the courtrooms where they SHOULD be dealt with in accordance to due process and the rule of law.

There are some political partisans who see gains from stirring up unrest.  There are also plenty of radical elements out there who will recognize an opportunity to wreak mayhem and violence and do just that. 

The 1860s AND the 1960s nearly tore this country apart.  Radical elements look like they’re trying to do it all again.

We’ve got big decisions in the upcoming months.  We need to stay strong and choose wisely.  The fate of our country, our society and our culture hangs in the balance.  Big Time. 

27 thoughts on “The demons of the 1960s resurrected

  1. I opened this post when you mentioned “disgrace” and “Dallas”, thinking that you were talking about someone else.

  2. “In our 24-7 news cycles, two shootings in a nation of 350 million can be made to seem like an epidemic.”

    “Two shootings”? No, this is after several years of unarmed black men being killed by police. And these two shootings happened within 24 hours, and were captured on video. Under color of authority, armed police took minor situations (selling CDs, broken taillight), and escalated them into killing black men who were no threat to them. The second one was simply trying to show the cop his concealed-carry permit, in the hopes of not being shot to death in front of his 4-year old daughter. Tough luck. You were executed for Driving While Black.

    40 years ago, Richard Pryor did a bit where he said, “I am reaching into my pocket for my license!!! Because I don’t want to be no m********ing accident.”

    I’m not an especially nice guy, and I don’t yammer about this stuff because I particularly love black people. I just don’t want to live in a country where black people can be murdered with impunity by police, because guess what – they won’t (and shouldn’t) put up with it forever.

    1. …And because you all have ensured that every American (no matter what color they are), no matter how imbalanced by rage they are, they can (and feel they have no recourse but to) exercise their 2nd Amendment Solution™ to whatever problem they have…

      This shooter in Dallas was an upstanding citizen, veteran, and gun owner, right up until the moment he pulled the trigger on those police officers.

      Yee haw.

      1. The shooter in Dallas was removed from his unit in Afghanistan and sent home for sexual harassment of a fellow soldier. Is that what you call outstanding? He has also gotten involved with the Black Panthers. He was a racist.

    2. Funny how the leftist media does not notice the percentage of whites and latinos who are shot. I guess since it does not fit the narrative it is a non-story. True, the one where the dude was reaching for his license was a tragedy, but I have yet to see another case where the person was not doing something the police told them not to do. It all boils down to at least showing respect while the dude with the gun is asking you questions. Some elements of society just do not seem to get that simple rule……or how to actually follow laws either.

    3. The fact is that more whites die in confrontations with police than blacks, but to read the politically biased American media, one would think the opposite.

      It is the politically biased American media that is stirring all this trouble by their race-baiting and biased reporting. They have an agenda which is to stir up the blacks so they will be motivated to go to the polls. They ignore police killings of whites and sensationalize police killings of blacks in order to do that. The media needs to be called out on what they are doing.

  3. Barry, son, upstanding citizens don’t lay an ambush for the police. This former Private First Class … after more than five years in the Reserves … !! … now THERE is a red flag, being in promotion limbo for more than four years … answered Barrack Hussein Obama’s dog whistles to kill cops. This brigadier general in the making likely thought he could get away with it, given our failed justice system. Sorry, son, the Dallas police properly blew his ass up! No more angry PFC.

    1. Barrack Hussein Obama’s dog whistles to kill cops

      Anyone who thinks Obama wants people to kill cops is hallucinating. Unless you secretly want a race war, and you see this as an opportunity?

      the Dallas police properly blew his ass up!

      I don’t disagree. They should be commended for trying to talk him down for several hours, after he had shot and killed so many of their fellow officers. But when someone’s that crazy and determined to keep killing, they were right to take him out.

      With a ‘robot bomb’ though? Yikes. Armed drones, here we come.

      1. Weak shit, Barry. Did you skip Troll Camp last summer … ?

        Reparations, Retribution, Redistribution … these all inform our Kenyan’s every policy and decision.

      2. Armed drones…what are you in the 20th century. We have had those for awhile. Ever heard of the Reaper? I would bet the SS style national police bho just proposed would be armed with those for sure.

        1. Yes, I’ve heard of the Reaper. I’m talking about domestic law enforcement or intelligence agencies using armed drones.

          BTW, have you heard of the MQ-1C Gray Eagle? This month, a squadron of them is going active 10 miles from the publisher of this website’s house. You want to be paranoid, look into that.

          1. Similar drones have been active in NC for for awhile. I see them frequently. Must be either at Bragg or SJ AFB as I am between both.

    2. The “dog whistle” is key here. I would not put it past the forces behind BHO to have a whole slew of Manchurian candidate types ready to do this kind of stuff. Heck, even that cop who shot the guy reaching for his license was acting kind of strange as well….I would not put it past them to have plants on both sides to get the war going. There is something fishy about current events, and they do not seem to be a coincidence. Those conspiracy theorists who spout that BHO is going to have to declare martial law are looking a little more sane every day.

      1. Heck, even that cop who shot the guy reaching for his license was acting kind of strange as well

        For that matter, “Doug” (if that is your real name). we don’t have any proof that YOU aren’t a stooge working for Obama. How do we know that you don’t have a Commie flag tacked up on the wall inside a’ your garage?

        1. Good job at the usual radical leftist projection there “Barry”, and kudos for keeping the usual leftist meme of insults instead of logic and reason.

          I would also suggest on this subject going to the Youtube channel of Paul Joseph Watson. He has some good statistics on who the police are actually shooting…based on facts.

          And yes “Barry” my name is offically Doug. Says so on my birth certificate.

          1. You’re speculating that the white cop who shot that black motorist might be part of some Obama conspiracy. That’s simply crazy. I’m sorry if that sounds like an insult.

          2. I am just saying that cop was acting strangely. Watch the Fakebook video and determine for yourself.

      2. George Soros, the evil socialist Hungarian billionaire and convicted insider trader, is the money behind Black Lies Matter and also a major force behind the Obama regime. He may well be the one calling the shots here.

    1. Yes, and completely supported by Obama, the Democrat party, Hillary and Durham’s finest (brought to you by Thommy Tillis and Dicky Burr) Loretta Lynch. From the highest levels of the government to fact challenged liberal foot soldiers like our friend Barry here, these people are gunning for the police. Did you not hear the words of the Dallas police chief!?! No support! If I were a cop, especially a white cop in a liberal city, I would hand in my resignation today. Let the libs, the racebaters and BLM figure it out for themselves (but be sure to the folks in Baltimore how well this anti-police environment works out).

      1. +1000

        The best thing for the cops to do is clear out of where they are not wanted. Let the race baiters figure it out among themselves.

  4. On the back of the last edition of RULES FOR RADICALS the current POTUS and the once Sec of State, being the same creature that is now lusting to be the POTUS, are acknowledged as students of of the title. I think it is safe to assume that their name mention would also be appropiate on the back cover of the COMMUNIST MANIFESTO.
    Read either of these books, Barry? I encourage you to do so. Having done so I think will move you toward correct reasoning and make it impossible not to conclude that America is under attack from within.

    Browny Douglas

    1. I have not read much Saul Alinsky, and am not much in a mood for it. He makes my head hurt.

      I just can’t take seriously the idea that conservative Democrats Obama and Clinton should be thought of as Communists. I know we are hammered with the assertion that they are radicals, socialists, etc. but I just don’t buy it. Hillary especially. Good lord, you don’t get to be the darling of Goldman Sachs by being a Communist.

      But I don’t expect to persuade you. Thanks for the suggestion on Alinsky, though. If I think I can stomach it, I might get around to reading it.

      1. Obama and Hitlary Clinton are far from conservative. Any democrap that admits to being “progressive” is a true beliver in the religion of socialism.

        Now if you are talking about Bubba Clinton then you may be closer. Heck, nowadays he would possibly be considered a true conservative.

  5. Oh my goodness!!!! Conservative Democrats!!!!! There is no longer any such animal left. Democrat Zell Miller from Georgia was probably the last of that species and upon retiring penned the book A PARTY NO MORE. The traditional Dem party gave way to the Devils movement a long time ago. Call the movement communist, Marxist, Socialist, or Progressive there is no difference in them except the spelling. Comrade Clinton publicly refers to herself as a “modern progressive”. She knows the not so informed are blind to the difference.
    It is all about the uncontrollable love of power, Barry. All collectivist minded politicians suffer from this mental disease. Huge amounts of muscle $$$$ are needed as the feeling of power feeds from it and vs/vs. Hillary proclaims her family was flat broke when she and Bill left the White House. But as is evident there was no lack of love for power so she used her administrative position to sell future favors to despicable foreign gov’t leaders. “The darling”!!!!!!????? Not hardly. Glad you seem to be somewhat open minded. “The most formidable weapon against errors of any kind is reason”.

    Browny Douglas

    1. Hmmm! He also calls Obama, who was the most left wing member of the Senate a ”conservative Democrat”. Whatever he is smoking must not be tobacco product!

  6. I made a somewhat incorrect statement in that there is no difference except the spelling. More correctly would be to say there is no difference in the desired goal of total control except how to achieve that goal AND the spelling of course.

    If one simply Googles the 10 planks of Communism and then earnestly ponders the matter with respect to today in America you will realize that this country is in serious serious trouble.

    Browny Douglas

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