That Duke life flight crash and Bob Steinburg’s windmills

Tragedy struck northeastern North Carolina this week when a Duke life flight helicopter carrying a patient and a full crew went downwith no survivors. 

You notice something curious when watching video of the crash site.  Something that the drivebys don’t touch on.  The copter crash occurred within a few hundred feet of some of those giant windmills championed by the solar goons and their political allies like state Rep. Bob Steinburg. 

Here is some info from August where military authorities in New York expressed concern about negative effects on their aircraft radar systems (weather and guidance) caused by a nearby wind-power project.  

Here’s a key passage from the military presentation:

[…] Wind Turbines contaminate the low level angles or radio waves the Doppler Radar emits and contaminates the data collected by the radar. […]

I don’t have any inside info on the crash or its investigation.  But the proximity of the crash to those windmills, and the info from the military folks in New York, will hopefully factor into any investigation of the Duke crash.  And, hopefully, into the continuing debate in Raleigh about taxpayer investment into these kinds of energy projects. 



28 thoughts on “That Duke life flight crash and Bob Steinburg’s windmills

  1. Nobody currently in the North Carolina legislature, cares about the documented health results of wind farms on the people who are forced to live close to them or the results you mentioned in this post.

    The effect of the solar panels on land, the contamination of their parts when they no longer work, and the overall environmental disaster that they will be in future years is also of no concern to any legislator in North Carolina.

    This is all before you even get to the discussion of how these things have raised all of our rates in North Carolina. The poor are hardest hit.

    But that doesn’t bother, affect, concerned people like SolarSteinie.

    1. “Nobody currently in the North Carolina legislature, cares about the documented health results of wind farms on the people who are forced to live close to them …….”

      Obviously. That goes for hog farms, too, from what I hear.

      1. I do not agree re Hog farms. While there are some (manageable) drawbacks to hog farms, there are undeniable positives – real jobs and a solid food supply. Wind and solar offer no such positives. They are far more expensive than other energy sources – including nuclear, btw – they are not reliable – causing us to pay for an entire backup energy source – currently – many gas combustion turbines – and they actually harm the environment – by their potential as hazardous waste and the ruination of our farm lands. And please do not buy in to the lie re jobs – these sources employ practically zero workers (have you ever seen a car parked at one of the many solar farms you drive by in eastern NC?)

        1. To think you have to be a liberal to win elections is just nonsense, and it clearly marks you as establishment.

          While I am cerainly not Bill Cook, Bill always ran as an unabashed conservative, and he unseated a Democrat incumbent in the House and then a Democrat incumbent in the Senate. He also bested a more liberal Raleigh-backed primary opponent in his first Senate race. In fact, Bill conssistently took the opposite position of Steinburg on Steinburg’s signaure issue. Bill’s position is a winning one. Once the sportlight gets shown on Steinburg’s position in the primary, it will be a losing one for him. Steinburg’s best bet is to try to hold on to his House seat where he can keep his fingers crossed that no one runs in the primary to raise his signature issue against him..

          1. You are just a troll. All twenty of you in the state just complain and nothing happens.

            It’s fun to debate.

          2. While most of us here comment on a variety of subjects, supporting the conservative agenda and opposing the liberal agenda, you seem to have showed up with tunnel vision for just one – defending Solyndra Steinburg. Who is the troll?

  2. All the wind turbines in the state are not worth the lives of these four pewple. These dangerous and unsightly dtructures need to be removed from our landscape. The politicians, both state and local, elected and appointed, who have allowed these dangerous wind turvines to be built have blood on their hands.

  3. There is enough wind after Bully Barber consumes a Mexican meal to drive a windmill,or when the legislature is in Session.
    Even the now defunct NCSPIN could provide enough wind to power a small Prius.

  4. It is not just the danger to human life that these windmills pose, as environmentalists rarely care about humans, whether raising their electric rates or creating menaces to human life and health. with these windmills.

    They are also killing millions of birds and bats with the windmills.. The Obama administration gave each wind energy company an exemption from federal law allowing them to kill 4,000 eagles each per year, and that does not even account for other bird species. The wind energy companies will cause some bird and bat species to go extrinct

    Those who support wind farms and call themselves envrionmentalists or conservationists are big hypocrites. The environmental movement was largely launched by Rachel Carson’s book ”Silent Spring” about alleged threats to birds. Now one of the biggest actual threats to birds are the fake environmentalists who support the bird-killing wind energy companies.

    Another issue for these fake environmentalists is the massive amoung of pollution caused by building the windmills in the first place::

    We need to put an end to this moneygrubbing racket, forcibly subsidized by taxpayers and electric ratepayers, that kills both people and birds / bats.

    1. Here is a llink on Obama’s regulation, effective his last day in office, that allows each wind energy company to kill 4,200 eagles.

      Under federal law, killing an eagle is illegal and if an ordinary mortal, or say a fracking company killed just one, the government would come down on them like a ton of bricks. But this special interest is ”special” in the eyes of the Obama crowd. Wind energy companies have a bag limit of 4,200 eagles for each company they can kill with inpugnity.

      And that is just eagles. There is no bag limit on other species. The wind energy companies can kill as many as they want or is convenient.

      To save our birds, we should ban these giant bird (and bat) cuisinarts from our state. The moratorium should be permanent.

      And WindySteinie? He is accessoryj before the fact to eagle killing.

  5. This is THE stupidest thing I’ve ever read. It had nothing to do with the turbines. A friend of mine was a witness to the crash and said it was mechanical issue. He was a a helicopter technician and saw it happen all the time in Vietnam. There was smoke coming from the tail and it was hovering close to the ground then just dropped. The NTSB has already stated it was a vertical crash as well. They can tell by the debris site.

    1. Angela:

      Let’s say you were the pilot of a helicopter. Let’s say that all of a sudden there is a mechanical problem. Clearly the first thought on your mind would be: we need to immediately land.

      Now let’s say you look out the window and see that you are surrounded by a hundred 500 foot tall spinning turbines — where each blade weighs something like seven tons.

      Would this scenario (exactly what happened) make it easier or harder to land safely?

        1. Hmm! Which ”Jennifer Allen” are you? The SBOE website lists 113 registered in the state with that name, although none with an active registration in Solyndra Steinburg’s House district. Looking at the Jennifer Allens who are political contributors in NC, that narrows it down to seven, but again none with addresses in Solyndra Steinburgs House district. None gave to Steinburg although one gave to Roy Cooper. Curiously, one of those Jennifer Allens who is a political contributor in NC lists her occupation as Program Director of the League of Conservation Voters, a major environmentalist group..

          Oh, and Solyndra Steinburg’s role was promoting placement of the wind turbines.

      1. Hovering in one spot would also be consistent with the wind turbines interfering with the helicopter’s narvigation electronics.

  6. How do you spell asinine? Next thing we are going to hear is Steinburg was there twirling the blades to time the velocity and wind speed of human hand powered windmills. Dont blow on it Robert

    1. Steinburg’s role was promoting this deadly boondoggle coming into our state. The only ones it helps are the speical interests profiteeting off of it, and they only profiteer due to corrupt crony capitalist political shananigans that gouge the electric ratepayers and the taxpayers. Wind tubines are deadly to birds and bats, harmful to the health of humans living around them, and sometimes even deadly to humans. They raise our electric rates and mooch off of our tax money, local, state, and national. They cannot stand on their own two feet economically is a free market, and their corrupt special priveleges need to be eliminated.

  7. Senators Bill Cook and Harry Brown sure got it right on the need to put a moratorium on wind farms until they could be studied further. The House green energy mafia sure got it wrong. Thanks to the Senate, NC got its moratorium but thanks to the House, it is not as long as it should have been.

    Maybe Bill Cook standing strong on this issue contributed to his being redistricted out of his seat, shamefully, by Berger, who is now in cahoots with Big solar / Big Wind. Cook’s utility background made him a particularly important voice in opposing this special interest. It would be a travesty to replace him with green energy cheerleader and mouthpiece Steinburg.

    The threat of windmills interfering with aircraft electronics was an issue in the UK with attempts to put wind farms along the takeoff and landing corridors of Gatwick and Heatthrow airports in London.

    I am sure that the green energy mafia is doing all they can to whitewash this incident, like the global warmists did with Climategate.

  8. Sorry but your facts don’t add up. The study you cite has turbines spinning at 170mph. Clearly you haven’t been to Perquimans or Pasquotank Counties and seen the Amazon Farm up and spinning. Not to mention the eagle study you mention was done by “Save the Eagles International,” which is a pissed off former employee pretending to be an entire organization (sounds familiar…) and is more likely to be used on whiny blogs like this than in credible factual locations. The Audubon Society was created to protect birds (though I’m sure you’ll call them quacks too) and they fully support wind energy when cited properly, which this project was. I’ll let them speak for themselves.

    “Audubon has and will continue to oppose wind projects that we believe are poorly planned or sited in the state. It’s far more appropriate to look at projects on a case by case basis, rather than make broad claims about the impacts of a technology on wildlife.”

    If you’re so worried about birds maybe you should work on anti-housecat/windex legislation. And don’t blame this on the military either, they’ve spoken out in support of the project. And the radar everyone is so concerned about is in Virginia, and Virginia is fine with the project.

    The wind project is the single LARGEST TAXPAYER in two economically distressed counties. Do you want to go to the local elementary schools and take the textbooks right out of the children’s hands?

    Let me guess, you are still rooting for Amazon to chose NC as the location for it’s 2nd headquarters. Would those tax dollars and economic benefits be less offensive to you? Or do you want the $38 BILLION to go to another state? But here’s the thing: access to renewables is one of the things these big corporations look for during site selection. You take renewables out of the state you are going to take business and industry with it.

    Don’t murder our state’s economy just because you’re too good to look over facts and science to form an opinion of your own. You don’t have to oppose everything.

    1. The board is just filled with a few hateful Trolls like John Sneed. It’s not me John…a lady never will tell.

      I just love it. The same twenty guys, who may not even live in the state, try and put down anyone who does not agree with them 100%.

    2. No, you are not ignorant, just a propagandist for the Big Wind / Big Solar special interest.

      The Obama regime put out a regulation allowing EACH wind energy company to kill 4,200 eagles due to one guy? Nonsense. The Obama regime did that because Big Wind asked for it because they were killing lots of birds including eagles, and bats as well.

      Wind turbines killing birds and bats is a problem around the world.

      Then there is the other massive pollution from building the wind turbines in the first place:

      If this wind energy company is the largest taxpayer in a county, imagine what they should be paying if they paid their fair share instead of being parasites who mooch off of other taxpayers? Counties are required by state law to give renewable energy companies an 80% exemption on their county property taxes, meaning that other taxpayers have to make up the difference. This is an unconscionable ripoff of other taxpayers in the county and needs to be stopped. Average Joes should not have to subsidize the taxes of these out of state owned special interests.

      The military, like all federal agencies under Obama, had to dance to his ideological tune, so any pronouncement during his administration is nothing but an Obama ideological statement. They were fanatics for renewable energy, to the extent of spending money on electric car charging stations in the State Department instead of essential security at diplomatic facilities in Libya.

      Most companies looking to locate in a state look at practical aspects that impact the bottom line like the cost of electricity. Jacking up electric rates by pushing expensive renewables hurts economic develpment in terms of attracting companies that look at costs of doing businees instead of at ideological crusades. We are the only state in our region with a renewable energy mandate and that will make our electric costs higher than our neighbors. It is also unconscionable to burden our taxpayers and / or our electric ratepayers with the higher cost of electricity from these special interest source.

      Jacking up electric costs to pander to a demanding special interest that cannot stand on its own two feet in a free market is what will murder our economy.

      We also should never allow left wing ideologues among CEOs to dictate public policy in our state. It was shameful when Tim Moore and Phil Berger became surrender monkeys to corporate bullies on bathroom privacy. Our state’s economy was doing nicely in spite of those despicable bullies. We can do just fine by reinstating a free market in energy and deleting the obnoxiious special priveleges of Big Wind and Big Solar, especially those which steal from the pockets of our taxpayers and electric ratepayers.

    3. Here is the truth about Save the Eagles:

      ”Save The Eagles International is a platform regrouping bird lovers, ornithologists, and associations from 15 different countries, who think that we cannot count on mainstream ornithologists and bird societies to save bird life from the windfarm threat. These derive much of their income from the windfarm business, and that creates a powerful conflict of interest that clouds their vision and corrupts their conscience.
      Our bird life has thus become defenseless in front of windfarms and their power lines, which kill many millions of birds and bats a year, worldwide – see: a bombshell from Spain
      These victims are not comparable to those killed by cats and windows, for windfarms are often built in remote places or wilderness areas. This is where they do most damage to biodiversity, killing eagles, cranes, storks and other birds of protected or endangered species.
      There was therefore a need for a new organization, one that would defend the birds and bats instead of defending the interests of windfarm promoters as most ecologists, ornithologists and NGO’s are now doing, making money in the process. This selfless, truly devoted-to-nature organization is Save the Eagles International (STEI).”

      Save the Eagles International is a member of the World Council for Nature.

      Crony capitalism, which is what Big Wind and Big Solar are based on, comes straight from the playbook of fascist economics. Josef Goebbels would be proud of your propagandizing.

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