That didn’t take long: Senator Thom Tillis already trying to cash in on his new DC gig

thomhandsThere’s a new player in the political cash-gobbling game: THOMPAC.  Yes, the FEC received a filing formalizing the creation of a leadership PAC called Together Holding Our Majority (T.H.O.M) Political Action Committee. (Turn to page two of the document and you will see the confirmation that this IS indeed a leadership PAC.)

What is a leadership PAC?  Here is the take from OpenSecrets, a government transparency group: 

A leadership PAC is a political action committee that can be established by current and former members of Congress as well as other prominent political figures. Leadership PACs are designed for two things: to make money and to make friends. In the rough and tumble political game, elected officials know that money and friends in high places are very important to winning elections and leadership positions.

Leadership PACs provide a way for candidates to fund their travel, office expenses, consultants, polling and other non-campaign expenses. Leadership PACs are also used to fund other candidates’ campaigns, usually new candidates or threatened incumbents. Politicians often use their PACs to donate to other candidates because they are considering seeking a leadership position in Congress, a higher office, or leverage within their own party as they show off their fund-raising ability.

Both Democrats and Republicans operate these PACs. Under FEC rules, leadership PACs are non-connected, meaning that they can accept money from other PACs, businesses and individuals. These PACs are considered separate from a politician’s campaign committee, providing donors with a way around individual campaign contribution limits. Individuals can contribute up to $5,000 per year to a member’s leadership PAC, even if they have already donated the maximum to that member’s campaign committee. Leadership PACs can contribute up to $5,000 per election to their sponsor’s campaign committee, so there are both direct and indirect benefits to a politician who has a leadership PAC. More than half of the funds for PACs now come, not frommomoneyindividuals, but from other PACs.[…]

National Journal describes leadership PACs as “an extra pocket to collect special-interest contributions and curry favor among colleagues.”    Peter Schweitzer elaborated on leadership PACs and other sordid practices in his fantastic 2014 book “Extortion.”  :

[…] To support his thesis, he leads the reader through a stunning array of activities that do, indeed, make one cringe, at least upon a quick reading. For instance, he claims that congressional leaders engage in a practice of setting up “tollbooths”, where they will not allow votes on crucial legislation until after corporate representatives make significant donations to their campaigns or political action committees. Elsewhere he notes practices like congressional or White House staffers entering the private sector to earn very high salaries advising businesses on how to comply with the laws and regulations they helped write. Perhaps the tawdriest practice that Schweizer exposes is the use of funds from leadership PACs, which are theoretically supposed finance campaigns of fellow party members, to cover trips—for instance, to sporting events—and for other high-flying expenses that are well beyond the reach of the average American. […] 

(HERE is some of our earlier reporting on Kay Hagan’s leadership PAC.) 

These PACs host receptions and dangle invitations to all kinds of lobbyists.  Special interests are sent a not-so-subtle hint:  If you want the politician in question to even give you the time of day, you need to seriously consider dumping some cash in the campaign AND this PAC.  (Still holding your nose?  I hope so.  Because the stink is STILL there.) 

14 thoughts on “That didn’t take long: Senator Thom Tillis already trying to cash in on his new DC gig

    1. Morgan and Tillis are NOT conservative Republicans. They are establishment Republicans, aka Big Government Republicans.

        1. Hey Junior, you’re a Senior Dumbass. The public had their choices served up to them to by the progressive media. It was a no win situation for the state they had to choose between Evil and Evil. There was no lesser of the two. Republicans lost again. Dumbass.

          1. In the “real world” Senator Tillis serves as a United States Senator representing the great state of North Carolina.

            I am more into reality than myth.

        2. Hey Junior, Bud is right, you’re a Dumbass. In the real world people could care less about who their politicians are and most believe politicians are PIGS. Tillis is a PIG feeding at the trough.

          1. I just do not understand how Tillis was elected to the US Senate when you folk knew all about him.

            What in the world happened to the conservative alternative? You knew about Tillis years ago.

            Why did you not send a true conservative to Washington? I beginning to believe that we have many big talkers here but few doers. Tillis waltzed through the Republican primary. Where was the strong conservative candidate? That is the question.

          2. Jr fails to understand that Tillis represents Tillis and his benefactors, first and foremost, not his constituents.

  1. Hope all you want, Raphael. The die was cast before Tillis left Cornelius. But I know you know that. Anyone with a brain did.

  2. It is time for the conservative to start forming their own PAC’s. If the Rino’s are doing it the conservative must put aside their pride and start forming their own conservative PAC’s. Where have the conservatives been while all these PAC’s were being formed? Time to get in the game or go home.

    Where is the conservative leadership?

    1. Junior, your ignorance shows all too often.

      Conservative PAC’s have been around for quite a while. The Conservative Victory Fund, organized by the American Conservative Union, has been around since at least the early 1970s and I think it goes back farther than that.

      The biggest players among conservative PAC’s are:


      The first one is a long active Reaganite PAC, and the second was organized by Jim DeMint when he was in the US Senate and is now headed by Ken Cuccinelli, former Virginia Attorney General. Beginning last year, the SCF also got involved in House races.

      1. Lord have mercy.

        You mean the Conservatives have PAC’s but Senator Tillis should not.

        What, pray tell, is the difference between the two? Or is that one PAC is noble and tells nothing but the truth and the other is blasphemous.

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