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EIGHT pay increases in FIVE YEARS ???

Wow.  Where do I sign up for THAT JOB? The recipients of said pay raises were in Raleigh this week clad in red, skipping out on their jobs, and demanding MORE MONEY: While covering the teachers union-led protest that occurred at the North Carolina General…

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NCGOP and the politics of teacher pay

Republican leaders in Raleigh are hoping to make political gains by getting behind Gov. Pat McCrory’s call for a teacher pay raise: Saying it was time to start showing respect to our teachers, Gov. Pat McCrory on Monday proposed increasing their base pay by $4,400…

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Teacher pay, job satisfaction and the politics of public education

The Round Rev and his rabble regularly showed up at The Legislative Building in Raleigh over the last year demanding that education spending and teacher pay be elevated to at least match “the national average.” Lt. Gov. Dan Forest and other Republican leaders have hinted…

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The Left’s ‘Big Lie’ re: teacher pay & DHHS crony salaries MAY be getting some traction

    I was out at a social gathering last night, when I overheard a conversation that bothered me.  These were some folks I know — low info voters who are moderate to conservative in their politics — who I know voted for Pat McCrory…

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DPI’s Atkinson: teacher pay turning teachers off to NC. (Your beloved common core isn’t helping much.)

June Atkinson (D), our state’s superintendent of public instruction, is turning to that old saw that proves to be a winner for politicians again and again:  Teachers need to be paid more. Let’s see.  A Democrat-controlled legislature paid no attention to her on this subject….