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Judicial Watch to NC: Clean up your voter records or be SUED!

In the wake of an audit that found ineligible voters casting votes in the state’s 2016 elections, an advocacy group called Judicial Watch is stepping forward with a pretty serious demand for state elections officials: Dear Director Strach: We write to bring your attention to…

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#ncga: House majority whip getting HIS day in (federal) court?

It appears a dispute involving his private business is catapulting Rep. Dean Arp into the ucomfortable confines of US District Court:  […] This action arises from the Defendants’ unlawful conduct in obtaining copies of computer files containing detailed engineering drawings and plans developed by Hunter…

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Obama-appointed federal judge critical of NC counties’ voter list clean-up

We told you earlier about The Round Rev’s lawsuit in federal court over efforts in some North Carolina counties to clean up their voter lists.  Well, it’s in court, in front of an Obama-appointed (and black) judge, who is not happy with the counties:  North…

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The Round Rev: Stop checking ID. Stop purging voter lists. (START bringing PIZZA.)

We here in Moore County were blessed by the presence of His Roly-Poliness yesterday.  Bill Barber has fought long and hard against requiring ID to vote. Supporters say it helps clamp down on fraud.  Barber says it is a racist practice that singles out minorities….

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From “A boy named Sue” to “A drive-by rag named SUED”

Somebody finally got the chance to tell The N&O to stick it where the sun don’t shine BIG TIME.  (Mr. Cash, as you can see by the graphic accompanying this post, is pretty happy about this.) : A Wake County jury returned a $1.5 million…

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#ncpol: THREE COUNTIES join NC Fisheries Assoc. in suing THE STATE re: job-killing regs

We’ve written previously about this scuffle between state regulators and commercial fishermen along the North Carolina coast.   Now, it appears things have spilled over into the courtroom. Just in time for a big statewide election.  The North Carolina Fisheries Association, The Carteret County Fishermen’s…

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#ncga: House GOP’s chief fundraiser, a deadbeat?

THAT is what a lawsuit filed against state Rep. Charles Jeter (R-Huntersville) appears to insinuate:  A state legislator from our area is accused of not paying his bills– to the point where a small business owner says he’s about to go under. A lawsuit filed…

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Leadership. Anyone? Anyone? (Bueller?)

Gov. Pat McCrory is firing back at the US DOJ for their ridiculous demands to drop gender restrictions on bathrooms, locker rooms, and dressing rooms. (Who knows if this would be happening were he not locked in a tough reelection effort.  It would have been…

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State court lets a 2014 civil judgement against Greg Brannon stand

The February 2014 political earthquake that hit US Senate candidate Greg Brannon is still emitting aftershocks more than two years later: A state Court of Appeals panel on Tuesday let stand a jury decision finding congressional candidate Greg Brannon liable for making false and misleading…

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#ncga: A redistricting Lawsuit-palooza ??? (Unleash the ambulance chasers!)

I talked with some Jones Street insiders today who have an interesting take on where this whole congressional redistricting kerfuffle might be heading.  The consensus?  It’s unlikely that we will be voting anytime soon in these new districts unveiled yesterday. The three judge panel struck…