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#DNCinPHIL: The Round Rev Roars

The right reverend William Barber waddled up to Philly this week to show the world just WHY we here in North Carolina consider him such an important cultural, um, *treasure.*  His speech before the Democrat National Convention had the assembled freak show performers just giddy….

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#DNCinPHIL: Kaine & Un-Abel 2016

Get ready for the real political freakshow.  Leftists are already laying the groundwork for a fart-in and a urine fight at the soon-to-convene Democrat National Convention in Philadelphia.   Yep. This is the crowd that claims to be the true voice of Middle America.  (Middle…

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Downsizing the DNC in Charlotte

    Well, it looks like Barack Hussein Obama & Friends will be partying in Charlotte for ONLY three days — instead of four — over Labor Day weekend.  Of course, The Charlotte Observer dutifully took dictation, accepting the spin from Democrat officials that the moves…

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A DNC delegate arrives a little early in Charlotte

        First, he realizes he’s about 8 months early for BarryO’s big party in Charlotte.  Then, he makes a horrifying discovery in his hotel room’s bathroom: One man made sure a Charlotte motel was going to pay for him running out of…