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Counting is HARD.

  McClatchy-Raleigh treated us to this fair & balanced headline today: Protestors cry shame on NC’s hands-off policy on new health law.   I see there are no quotes around any words in this headline over a HARD news item.  Now, how many protesters were we…

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The Left’s ‘Big Lie’ re: teacher pay & DHHS crony salaries MAY be getting some traction

    I was out at a social gathering last night, when I overheard a conversation that bothered me.  These were some folks I know — low info voters who are moderate to conservative in their politics — who I know voted for Pat McCrory…

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Running Like Hell from limited government

It would appear that an awful lot of NCGOPers in Raleigh are taking advice from Pink Floyd.  I am willing to bet that bus rides around our fair capital city are getting a little bumpy these days.  (People keep getting thrown underneath.) We had Gov….

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WELL. What do we make of THIS?

    Newly-sworn state HHS secretary Aldona Wos has tapped one of Louisiana’s top health care officials to run the Medicaid program in North Carolina.   Carol Steckel was the point-person for Gov. Bobby Jindal’s efforts to fight the implementation of ObamaCare-inspired health insurance exchanges…

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US, NC taxpayers to shell out extra millions to fix medicaid billing mess

      Poor decisions made by North Carolina state government appointees in the Hunt, Easley and Perdue administrations will likely result in a huge bailout from already-stretched-to-the-max state and federal budgets. Congresswoman Virginia Foxx (R-Banner Elk) took to the House floor on Dec. 14…