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State Rep. Jamie Boles has caught a little grief from us over the years. Much of his work in recent years has involved introducing legislation that directly benefits the funeral industry — in which he also happens to make his livelihood. ¬†He just escaped a…

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#ncga: STILL taking care of their (or SOMEBODY’S) businesses

You get up every morning From your ‘larm clock’s warning Take the 8:15 into the city There’s a whistle up above And people pushin’, people shovin’ And the girls who try to look pretty And if your train’s on time You can get to work…

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NCGA short session: Taking care of (his) business?

Well, the honorables are back at it on Jones Street for the so-called “short session.” So, we thought it would be fun to check out their¬†agenda for this week. House Bill 810 is on the list for consideration by the Senate Commerce Committee this week….