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For UNC, Silent Sam = HATE, while Farrakhan is OK.

Leftists have been falling all over themselves to justify the vandalism of the “Silent Sam” war memorial statue in Chapel Hill as a way of erasing “hate” from UNC campuses. Meanwhile, let’s check out what’s happening at UNC’s Asheville campus: Women’s March co-president Tamika Mallory…

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Steinburg can’t GIVE tickets away to his tax-funded basketball fiasco

According to Asheville officials, tickets to the Battle for The Blue Ridge are — in fact — slower than molasses: The “Battle in the Blue Ridge” basketball tournament that Currituck County paid a state lawmaker’s company $50,000 to help promote starts Friday, and so…

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#ncga: Indicted Steinburg aide ALSO working on Steinburg Invitational?

Judging from this email, it would appear to be so. Most politicians who have aides under indictment send them off to go spend more time with their families.  Not Bob Steinburg. Steinburg has Diana London, currently under indictment for one felony count of embezzlement, (1)…

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Libs fighting to KEEP Asheville in the dark

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any kookier there — they DO. (I swear I think the kooky libs in Buncombe, Orange and Durham counties are in some frantic foot race — The Fruit-Loop pentathlon, if you will.)   Here’s the latest: In the…

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NCGA Boobs looking at Busting Broads for Baring Breasts

  There’s just something about Asheville and boobs.  The other day, we get the big boob himself from DC in town.  Now, we’ve got the NC General Assembly focusing like a laser beam on legislation aimed at banning the display of the female breast.  Really….